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65+ Best Free and Premium Digital Clock Fonts

Every day you see digital numbers. Yes, it’s true if you have a digital clock. Given this, there are many digital fonts available and it’s a good opportunity to start a project with digital clock fonts that people see every day. Beautiful textures with futuristic and sci-fi are good examples, to begin with. Prepare encoding and technology lightweight movie posters with a ...

11 August 2020

3D 80s Text and Logo Effect Vol.3

You do not need to spend a lot of time to create effects to design a great logo and text. By presenting these 80s text effects, we will bring you closer to your goal by several steps. Thin and horizons strips in the background are like big concert halls. Use bold and shiny effects for the logo of car brands, home appliance ...

11 August 2020

80+ Best Free and Premium Watercolor Fonts

As you know, every art has an ancient background back to many years ago, so watercolor is also from ancient times, a result of which the European Paleolithic cave paintings and Egyptian inscriptions have been achieved. In general, the date of use of this color can be traced back to the Renaissance, which began and continues since then. Watercolor is one of ...

10 August 2020

Watercolor Text and Logo Effect Vol.3

Through this Watercolor text effect with the mood of ship anchor, we showed unmatched creativity. Most often, we observe the view of the cloudy sky and try to replicate that through this text effect. It is an imaginary design. We try to make it look very realistic with just smart objects in Photoshop. This is a very unique watercolor text effect you ...

10 August 2020

Retro Futuristic 3D Text and Logo Effect Vol.2

If you’re a fan of 80s retro designs, this text effect is an excellent choice for you. It allows you to give an 80’s retro look and feel to your titles. In this text, the most amazing effect with infinitely natural and retro colors is waiting for you. So, the text with brush style at the bottom is like being dominated. And ...

10 August 2020

Newspaper Close Up Mockup Vol.1 PSD Template

Are you going to create a promotional plan for your sponsor and print it in a newspaper? But don’t know this is the right design and all the details are right? Then you should opt for the best mockup ready on the web. This newspaper mockup is available in the Premium section. Any designer without any professional help can use this mockup ...

09 August 2020

25+ Best Free and Premium Arcade Fonts

I think my interest or better to say my arcade addiction started when I had been collecting coins for about a year and then the first place I decided to go to experience all the fun and entertaining games were casinos with big coin-operated machines. The variety of games made me not only spend my entire day at the Casino, but the ...

09 August 2020

Watercolor Text and Logo Effect Vol.2

We used mainly large, round brushes and an excess of water and paint to craft this mesmerizing piece of art that is so expressive, fresh, and vibrant. This watercolor text effect captured the mood of a grunge atmosphere beautifully. This Photoshop text effect allows you to create a realistic watercolor art-like design. It includes 2 different text styles with various styles of ...

09 August 2020

45+ Best Free and Premium 1920s Fonts

There is an undeniable fact that many fonts used for display and advertising decades ago will come along with humanity for many years due to the particular beauty used in their attractive characters and styles. The 1920s fonts were born in the mid-1920s in Paris in the cabaret, lacquered and modern style. The rich materials used in these fonts, for example, the ...

08 August 2020

Jackpot Text and Logo Effect

This casino text and logo effect needs no introduction. It basically makes your text and logo look like the title from the casinos. The gold sheet on the edge of the 80s text effect, has given it a very attractive and luxurious three-dimensional dimension. The square in the background with neon lights recreates exactly the casino scenes. you can use this bundle ...

08 August 2020

80s Cyberspace Text and Logo Effect Vol.2

The 80s text and logo effect locates on a grid ground with phosphorescent. This text effect is like a retro unique painting on the lozenge. All of these elements take a long time to design from scratch, but you will have it in the blink of an eye. Give your text designs that old 80s look using this pack of retro text ...

07 August 2020

40+ Best Free and Premium Snow Fonts

What a beautiful winter day, the snowflakes are slowly miles away from the cloudy sky, passing a cold space and creating white spaces on the ground. Footprints of Snow could be found on streets, trees, roads, and sidewalks as well as snow fonts. It’s pretty cool to design a winter design with snow fonts. Winter holiday posters, winter sports such as hockey, ...

07 August 2020

80s Metallic Text and Logo Style Vol.2

Sometimes you have a lot of ideas for design. For example, a beautiful background that fits your design, but after hours of time to add effects to the text effect, you will not get results. The good news is that with this gorgeous 80s text effect, your time will save. Also, you can relive of thinking concerns. In this design, the shadow ...

07 August 2020

80s Fire Text and Logo Effect

This text and logo effect is like a winning piece of metal in the heart of the fire. The flames are burning wildly. The interesting thing about this design is that we also designed the effect inside the geometric text effect in accordance with the sharp style of the flames. This text effect helps you to design logos that are far from ...

06 August 2020

60+ Best Free and Premium Royal Fonts

Royal fonts have features that use charm to appear in different shapes. The neat and aristocratic appearance of the classical, attractive, and sometimes feminine form is very much liked and favored for purposes such as logo design, branding, music concert invitations, party invitations, designing luxury t-shirts with crown, wedding invitations and more. Best Royal Fonts I’m also one of those people who ...

06 August 2020

80s Black Friday Text and Logo Effect

Create a retro 3D design in one click with the 80s text effects in this template. The mesmerizing thing about this effect is the scattering of red neon light in all its dimensions. So, this makes it suitable for many people using black and white designs, but their designs did not come out well before. We designed this magnificent font according to ...

05 August 2020
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