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White Affair Flyer Template premium

The choice of typeface, color scheme, and whitening impacts give this party flyer an enchanting fairytale style. There are lots of combinations with white and we chose the beige color for this flyer item. There are many white colors around us, such as pigeons, snow clouds, white clouds, and so on. So if you think, well you can see that we weren’t very far from real objects, we just put them together in a way that was fantasy and dreamy.

Try it out and create a mysterious design for a fantasy celebration. Only with a few circles around the model does it make sense to be in space, yes this flyer is even a good idea for airline advertising, an airplane flying in the middle of the clouds.

We have a different conception of the circular shape that this flyer shows on the front window, and the lines reflecting the sunlight bring it to the ultimate. This vast area of the sky was so wide that there is plenty of room for any text.

Insert a photo of a hot model with a white dress. What is the color combination you like in this space with white?

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  • Adobe Photoshop CS3 and above