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What font is used in the Fendi logo?

“Swansea Bold” is the font used in the Fendi logo. You can use the font in your personal projects. Simply download it from the link below.

The Italian brand logo “Fendi” is one of those symbols that will always be remembered and not forgotten: two letters “F” inside each other: one flat, and the other upside down, which together form a rectangle.

During the ninety years of the Fendi brand, the logo font, designed by Carl Lagerfard in 1965, once appeared with minor graphic changes to the brand’s products, but still when it comes to the Fendi brand and its products. The initial design of the logo plays a role in the minds. And the idea of ​​this logo can be used for all brands starting with any letter.

About Fendi

The Fendi brand, one of the luxury brands in the fashion industry, was founded in 1925 in Rome, Italy. The brand mostly produces bags and shoes, perfumes and colognes, leather accessories. Most fashion lovers know Fendi for her women’s handbags and, of course, her fur products.

The story of the Fendi brand begins in 1925 with a piazza in the city.  there were a small boutique and a small leather shop. The two shops belonged to Al-Dawardo and Adele Fendi. In the 1930s, they expanded their trade significantly. But the brand’s main heroes were their daughters, Piola, Anna, Franca, Carla, and Aldar, who made the Fendi brand name all over the world.

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