90+ Best Free and Premium Cartoon Fonts

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Best Cartoon Fonts

Characterized by chubby letterforms and rounded style, cartoon fonts jump out at you, giving off cool, playful vibes. They’re full of the joys of spring, boasting happy vibes that can be shared with your invitations, T-shirts, and social media content. Simply put, they’ll be your single step toward a more dashing design that turns heads outright.

With such a nice cheerful mood to establish, cartoon fonts are also best used for kids-related designs, websites, and gaming, but the list doesn’t stop here! As long as you’re after something breezy with a zestful touch, choose your favorite cartoon font, and you’ll get what you want in no time at all.

Best Cartoon Fonts

Apart from dazzling fonts, Hyperpix houses a rich collection of text effects, too, ideal for more flashy lettering. But for now, let’s find you an energetic cartoon font, free or premium, whichever you prefer, and get you sorted out immediately.

Unpack Family

unpack family cartoon font

this soft and inviting typeface is designed by PintassilgoPrints.  The font is available in two cuts; upright and slanted. All caps option is available for this cartoon font.

Price: Premium

Les Paul

les paul cartoon font

This font which is made by Vintage Voyage D.S. is inspired by the postcards from 50’s and 60’s. Les Paul with seven styles will be a perfect choice for you. You can combine different styles of this cool font to get the best outcome you want. this typography font will be great to use for your book titles, posters, T-shirts. Etc. have a great designing with Les Paul!

Price: Premium

Cuddle Bunny

Cuddle Bunny Font

Cuddle Bunny font is one of the cartoon fonts used in the animation font collection. With this font, in addition to being used in the cartoon, animation, and children’s designs, you can also use it for personal designs, diaries, and social media posts.

Price: Free

Milkman Family

sale! milkman family cartoon font

This playful font comes in three weights; light, regular and bold. The full feature Milkman Sans serif font is made By Haäfe & Haph.

Price: Premium

Cheese Burga

cheese burga cartoon font

Cheese Burga is an ultra-bold condensed cartoon font made by Alex. This is an all caps cartoon font and it is free for personal designs only. Check out Cheese Burga!

Price: Free


yesterday cartoon font

Yesterday Font presented by Salt & Pepper Designs is a cute typeface that can be used for modern and cool designs. This font can be easily paired with script fonts. Get it, you will enjoy this font!

Price: Premium

Koala Family

Koala Family Font

Koala Family font is designed in a very fancy way. This font has more than one hundred and eighty characters and is great for those who like baby design and animated t-shirt designs.

Price: Free

Klose Slab

Klose Slab Font

Klose Slab Font Family has four different types, including bold and expanded. Since this font can be one of the suitable options for designing animated posters, you can also use it in designing T-shirts and brands for children.

Price: Premium

Dirty Cartoon

dirty cartoon font

Dirty Cartoon is a handcrafted font designed by Gleb Guralnyk. 4 font variations are available for this typeface. This font includes only Latin characters and it fits many designing projects. Try it!

Price: Premium

Patchy Robots

patchy robots cartoon font

This cartoon font comes in two styles and is created by Darrell Flood. The cute decorative Patchy Robots will provide you with numbers and uppercase letters. You can use this font for mechanical toys and cartoon robot themes.

Price: Free

Funkie Bunny

funkie bunny cartoon font

Funkie Bunny by figuree studio is a fancy font that is inspired by the rabbit’s joy and also the joy of Easter.   This font has an awesome illustration and it is an ideal choice to be used for labels, badges, T-shirts, quotes, and packaging. Consider this font in your next design.

Price: Premium

Cosmic Blaster

Cosmic Blaster Font

Cosmic Blaster font has a fancy design. If you have seen cat and mouse animations, they are almost designed with this font, and you can design different animations. In addition to this, it is also suitable for designing T-shirts and stationery brands.

Price: Free

Balgin Font Family

Balgin Font Family

Balgin Font Family has a nostalgic style of the nineties. This font is for people who do fun design and like to have a different and colorful design in the background.

Price: Premium

Tricky Jimmy

Tricky Jimmy Cartoon Font

Tricky Jimmy font has a fat cartoon font, and one of its features is a character like T that looks like a hammer or a G character that looks like the number nine and does not have a hollow part of the letter G. It is suitable for designing posters, animations, T-shirts for boys.

Price: Free

Plant Mama A Fun Handwritten

Plant Mama A Fun Handwritten Font

Plant Mama A Fun Handwritten font is designed to be playful and childish. The characters are very smooth and circular in design, and this simplicity makes them suitable for many children’s designs.

Price: Premium


rabbito cartoon font

You can use Rabbito by Figuree Studio freely for your personal use. This cartoon font has two different styles. This funny fancy font inspires the cuteness of a rabbit. This cool typeface is suitable for T-shirts designs, labels, animation, logos, YouTube channels, etc.

Price: Free

Luducudu Layered Typeface

luducudu layered typeface cartoon font

This font is inspired by television cartoons. Funny characters are provided by this font. You can use Luducudu Layered Typeface by Bdstrd Std to make titles, cartoons and kid’s stories.

Price: Premium

Jack’s Candlestick

Jack's Candlestick font

Jack’s Candlestick font Designed by Icons Fun. This cartoon font has seventeen different types. Each of the characters is designed in bold and puffy and animated form for packing chocolates, snacks, chips, and even designing animated posters.

Price: Free


nincompoop cartoon font

The next design we are going to talk about is a Font Fizzling with Quirkiness and Joy which is created by RetroSupply Co. this font has a friendly tone and it comes with high readability. Some gorgeous looking Heads as special characters are also included in this font. alphanumerics, custom glyphs and alternate letterforms are all included in Nincompoop.

Price: Premium

Pleasantly Plump

pleasantly plump cartoon font

James Fordyce designed this cartoon font named Pleasantly Plump. This fancy font is 100% free. This balloon shaped display supports different languages. Pleasantly Plump is a cool design with rounded childish casual style.

Price: Free

Beebzz. Child kid fun

beebzz. child kid fun cartoon font

The black color is one of the favorite colors of everyone; this font comes in black and has elegant shapes. This typography font can return you to your childhood time. This font is perfectly designed for headlines, titles, and subtitles and it can be used for animation. Beebzz with its unique style is perfect for display.

Price: Premium

Candy – Vector Cartoon

candy vector cartoon font

Candy – Vector Cartoon Font designed by Gogo Imago comes with sweet bonuses. This font is such a great choice for typography designs, cartoon posters, apparel, cards, quotes, and many more designing projects.

Price: Premium

The Bomb Sound

The Bomb Sound Font

The Bomb Sound font has a geometric style as well as fun. If you like to use this font to design T-shirts and toys, be sure to have a suitable background for it.

Price: Free


candyhouse cartoon font

This bold playful font is designed by Sam Parret. This font will bring bubbly energy to your work. Candyhouse contains a complete set of lower case characters and also all caps fonts. You will also get swashes and arrows. This hand drawn script will make your design pop!

Price: Premium

Angry Birds

angry birds cartoon font

This fun font is based on the Angry Birds title logo. Angry Birds is from comic category. You will get alphabets, numbers, and punctuations.

Price: Free

Balloon Typeface

balloon typeface cartoon font

This colorful cartoon font is a by design Andrey Sharonov. A two-layered font which is perfect for cartoon logos and titles and children books. Upper and lower case letters, numbers and punctuation are included in this typeface. You can create amazing artwork with Balloon Typeface.

Price: Premium

Colenak – Funny Layered Typeface

colenak funny layered typeface cartoon font

Colenak is a Funny Layered Typeface created by Heybrinc Studio. This font is inspired by games and cartoons and it is an ideal choice for cartoon book designs, covers, cards, quotes, logos, titles, and many more.

Price: Premium


suti cartoon font

Suti is a casual script which comes with upper and lower cases. This font was designed in 2010 by Mika Melvas.  Suti will provide smooth and round forms and letters will be clean to read.  It can be used for logos and titles, animations and anywhere else that you want to create a sense of sympathy and fun.  

Price: Premium

Ice Age

ice age cartoon font

Ice Age is 100% free. This design by Florian Doyen is a Sans Serif typeface.

Price: Free

Bobby Jone

bobby jones cartoon font

Tom Chalky is the designer of this loud and proud font collection. There will be 16 quirky handcrafted fonts available for you. With this font, your projects will take the center stage. You can use Bobby Jones for printed stationery, logos and all other good stuff that this font will cover for you.

Price: Premium


zoinks cartoon font

This happy font is designed by Comicraft Fonts. This typeface has 3 styles and family package options. Uppercase and lower case alphabets are also available.   Zoinks has been able to push its way through movie posters for kids, candy bars and toy packages.

Price: Premium

Spongeboy Me Bob

spongeboy me bob cartoon font

Spongeboy Me Bob by Eye Of The Lioness is free for your personal projects. We can’t recommend this font for commercial use.  

Price: Free

JollyGood Proper

jollygood proper essentials cartoon font

This font is designed by pixilate. This fun friendly design can be used for long texts and the letters are clean enough. All your needs will be covered by four different styles of this font. JollyGood Proper is an ideal font for packaging and also children’s books.

Price: Premium


chery rush cartoon font

This fun, cute and smooth design comes from D& K_project. Cherry Rush provides a lot of combination possibilities; upper case and lower case characters are available. This perfect display can help you to make fun of kid signs, logos, and stickers. Numbers, basic punctuation and 40 ligatures are also available with this font

Price: Premium


kraash cartoon font

Kraash is a fancy cartoon font by imagex which comes in two styles. The high-quality Krassh is only free for personal use.

Price: Free


lovebus cartoon font

This amazing design by Gleb Guralnyk includes 26 automatically replaceable ligatures so you get to make a more original text. Seamless pattern for Photoshop and Illustrator is provided by this font.

Price: Premium

Bjola Sans Serif

bjola sans serif cartoon font

This bold friendly font will bring a sense of playfulness to your design. Letters are chubby but they look modern. This is the great cartoon font you can choose for your kid’s books or logotypes or funny greeting card. This playful font was created by Andrey Sharonov and contains Uppercase, lowercase, numbers, punctuations and provides support for multilingual.

Price: Premium

Brady Bunch Remastered

brady bunch remastered cartoon font

Brady Bunch Remastered by Insanitype is a fancy cartoon design which is free for personal and commercial use. This font refers to an American comedy Brady Bunch which was broadcasted from 1969 to 1974. This typeface provides both uppercase and lowercase letters as well as most punctuation marks and diacritical letters

Price: Free


fat boy cartoon font

This decorative font is designed by alekseiderin. Fatboy will look good both in large and small sizes. Symbols, numbers, uppercase and lower case characters are all included in this font.

Price: Premium

The Jungle typeface

the jungle typeface cartoon font

This fun and simple handcrafted design is strongly inspired by children books and also street typography. Upper and Lowercase glyphs Numerals Punctuation Alternates are all the characters included in this typeface.

Price: Premium


grobold cartoon font

Grobold by Guy Buhry is a fancy cartoon font with just one variant. Full set of alphabets, numbers, and punctuation are provided by Groboled.

Price: Free


jazzyb cartoon font

Jazzy is a simple and twisted and funny design by Youhhou. This design is a font with a lack of readability. Two styles; thin and bold are available. You can combine these two styles and make amazing designs.

Price: Premium


heartbreaker cartoon font

 Heartbreaker is one of the fancy cartoon fonts designed by Fontalicious. This comic fancy font is free for personal use but for commercial use, you will need a license.

Price: Free


destone cartoon font

Destone font presented by Garisman Std has two different styles; Regular and Slab Serif. The font is designed with attractive curves and is guaranteed to create an eye-catching look for your designs such as packaging designs, quotes, cartoon logo designs, and many more. Multilingual support is provided by the font.

Price: Premium


tangled cartoon font

This high-quality font is available for personal use. Upper case letter, lower case letter, and special characters are provided by this font.

Price: Free

Kids Play

kids play cartoon font

Kids Play by Jonathan S. Harris is free for personal use. It contains alphabets, numbers, and punctuation.

Price: Free


desigers cartoon font

Desigers is a fancy cartoon font which includes alphabets, punctuation and numbers.

Price: Free


chunq cartoon font

This comic cartoon font is designed by Bud White and is free for personal usage.

Price: Free

Pocket Monk

pocket monk cartoon font

This typeface by Chequered Ink comes with full alphabet and numbers. You can use this fancy font for your personal projects and make your creation pop with this design.

Price: Free

Skater Dudes

skater dudes cartoon font

Skater Dudes is a fancy cartoon design by Pizzadude. This font has just one variant. You will definitely have fun with this playful typeface.

Price: Free

Joint by Pizzadude

joint by pizzadude cartoon font

This typeface by Pizzadude includes 95 glyphs / 97 characters. This serif chunky display will be a great option for your kid’s related projects.

Price: Free


floraless cartoon font

The fancy Floraless is created by Gaut Fonts and is a free font for personal use. It comes with 214 glyphs / 219 characters.

Price: Free

Ed Wood Movies

ed wood movies cartoon font

This font is a high-quality typeface by Imagex. For the commercial use of this font, you will need to get a license. Try this font. your creation will pop with it.

Price: Free

Good Girl

good girl cartoon font

this free and comic typeface is made by Cathy Davies in 2000. This typeface falls into the regular font family.  This decorative font comes with just one variant.

Price: Free

The Bubble Letters

the bubble letters cartoon font

The Bubble Letters by The Bubble Letters can make your project so unique. This font is free of cost for both your private and commercial projects.

Price: Free


goonies cartoon font

This typeface is a design by Filmhimmel and is a fancy font free of cost for personal use and with just one variant.

Price: Free

HoW tO dO SoMeThInG

how to do some thing cartoon font

HoW tO dO SoMeThInG font was created in 2012 by Jonathan S. Harris. Graphic designers can use this cool font to present their work in a professional way.  Designers will be amazed by this font.

Price: Free


vlump cartoon font

This cartoon typeface with two different styles is a design by Imagex.  Vlump is free for personal non-commercial use.

Price: Free


splatch cartoon font

Splatch is a nice design by imagex and is only free for personal use.

Price: Free

Sugar Bomb

sugar bomb cartoon font

Sugar Bomb is free for personal use and is created by DM Letter31. This unique and funny display can be used to make T-shirt , Card Name, Banner, Quote, Food Product, Packaging and Crafting.

Price: Free


bubblegum cartoon font

BubbleGum by Thomas W. Ziller has a digital shaped style. BubbleGum is distributed as shareware and if you want to use it for commercial use you need to get a license.

Price: Free

Snake in the Boot

snake in the boot cartoon font

This cartoon font and fancy typeface by imagex comes with full alphabets and numbers.

Price: Free

Good Morning

good morning cartoon font

You can freely use this font which is a design by Imagex for personal use. This cartoon category font will help you to make amazing designs.

Price: Free

Richela Kids

richela kids cartoon font

This cute script has some smooth letters. Lower case and upper case characters are all available and they will give you a sense of playfulness. This high-quality Cartoon font is designed by 7NTypes.

Price: Free


minnie cartoon font

This comic cartoon font comes with just one variant. Minnie will provide you playful alphabets, Numbers and also punctuations.

Price: Free

Supersonic Rocketship Minnie

supersonic rocketship minnie cartoon font

Supersonic Rocketship by imagex is a fancy and free font for personal usage. This font has only one style which is very ideal for different projects.

Price: Free


kartoons cartoon font

Kartoons font was created in 2009 by Iconian Fonts. It is an outline comic cartoon font which is free for personal use. The font has two styles and you will get capitals, numbers, and punctuation with this cool design.

Price: Free

Comic Kings

comic kings cartoon font

This font is created by Darrel Flood and is free of cost for personal usage. This cute and high-impact is incredibly stylish and can be used for fun themes.

Price: Free

Comical Cartoon

comical cartoon cartoon font

This fancy font is another design by Darrell Flood which needs no license for personal use. This funny display will provide you letters, numbers, and punctuation.

Price: Free

Ave Fedan

ave fedan cartoon font

Ave Fedan by Måns Grebäck is an in script and old school font. Ave Fedan is only free for personal use.

Price: Free

Spider Monkey

spider monkey cartoon font

Spider Monkey is a cool fancy cartoon font by dcoxy – Greg Medina. For the commercial use of this font, you will need a license.

Price: Free

Cartoon Marker 

cartoon marker cartoon font

This cartoon font is designed by Darrell Flood. It Is a colorful lovely font with energetic strokes which can bring charm to your designs.

Price: Free

Cartoon Relief 

cartoon relief cartoon font

Galdiono Otten has made this font. Cartoon relief is an outlined crooked display which is only free for personal use.

Price: Free

Comic White Rabbit

comic white rabbit cartoon font

This fancy cartoon font by studio Typo comes from a regular font family. This cool design is reminiscent of the characters which are displayed on old text-based screens.

Price: Free


equestria cartoon font

This irrelevant font is inspired by character logos of Hasbro’s My Little Pony line which is an animated television series. There are four different cool styles available for this font. Equestria contains alphabet, extended characters and punctuation, and Euro. You will also get regular, bold, italic, and bold-italic faces with this font which is made by Pixel Sagas.  

Price: Free

Royum Bread

royum bread cartoon font

This cartoon font is designed by 7NTypes and it is free for personal use. With Royum Bread you will have complete alphabets and numbers. This sweet scrip has clean letters and it makes this font ideal for large designs. Bring the sense of playfulness to your projects with this font.

Price: Free

Tiki Tako 

tiki tako cartoon font

Tiki Tako by Woodcutter is a cute fancy typeface. This funny font is free for personal use.

Price: Free


caveman cartoon font

This rustic font is a design by Fontalicious. This font has a shadowed graffiti typestyle. Caveman comes in four styles and also includes two sets of very decorative dingbats.

Price: Free


foo cartoon font

This font comes with a license that allows you to use it freely for commercial use. Typodermic Fonts is the designer of this fancy cartoon font. This fat funky type font will be a great display for your headlines.

Price: Free


funhouse cartoon font

Funhouse created by Darrell Flood in 2017 is free of cost for your personal use.  

Price: Free

Tiki Tropic

tiki tropic cartoon font

Tiki Tropic font was created by sharkshock. This typeface comes from Sans Serif font family and there are three styles included in this font.  

Price: Free


pineapple cartoon font

The fancy Pineapple is designed by Måns Grebäck. Pineapple is free for personal use and it’s needed to get a license for commercial use.

Price: Free

Whimsy Dhimsy

whimsy dhimsy cartoon font

This fancy cartoon design is made by Rvst. Wonderful and playful characters of this font can be freely used for personal projects. This dorky and fun design can be used for branding, social media posts, animations, advertisements, logos, and product designs.

Price: Free

Super Mario 256

super mario 256 cartoon font

Super Mario 256 by fsuarez913 is 100% free. The regular style font includes our needed glyphs.

Price: Free


dimbo cartoon font

The fancy cartoon Dimboo is inspired by ‘Senorella and the Glass Huarache’. This font has two styles and is created by Jayvee D. Enaguas.

Price: Free


bloomer cartoon font

Bloomer is made by Hanoded and is a rounded, hand-made and fancy cartoon font. This font will look absolutely good on product packaging. If you need a design with some authenticity then Bloomer is yours.


stella cartoon font

Stella by Good Java Studio comes with two different styles. This font has a bold and fun style. Amazing designs such as poster, logo, branding, label, quote, headline, banner, t-shirt design, packaging, magazine and many many more can be made with this font.

Price: Free

Wicked Mouse

wicked mouse cartoon font

This playful display font is a design by Sharkshock. The full version of this font includes Basic Latin, punctuation, extended Latin and also diacritics.  This fancy cartoon font is a good choice to be used for kid’s book, web pages, animations, a fun logo or typography design.

Price: Free

Cherry and Kisses

cherry and kisses cartoon font

Cherry and Kisses by Billy Argel is partial and free for personal usage.  This Script needs a license for commercial use.

Price: Free

Safir Script

safir script cartoon font

Safir Script by Måns Grebäck is a Script category font which can freely be used for personal designs and projects. This happy typeface has a vintage look. Safir Script supports different languages and contains contextual alternates, swashes, and ligatures.

Price: Free

Pocket Monk

pocket monk cartoon font

This typography font was created in 2016 by Chequered Ink and is a comic and cartoon category font which is free for personal use.

Price: Free


In the list above we gave you so many options that you can use for your creative designs. for sure there are other amazing cartoon fonts that can be added to our list. If there are any other fonts that you think we should add to the list then you can leave a line for us in the comment section.

In the end, we hope you enjoy this list. If that is so then why not sharing it with your friends?

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