20+ Best Free and Premium Cloud Fonts

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Best Free and Premium Cloud Fonts

When it’s the matter of sharing dreamy vibes, nothing comes close to cloud fonts and the whimsical touch they reserve, agreed? It’s like they’re developed to provoke a fresh, trendy feel in all your cheerful artworks, adding lovely hints of playfulness to the equation as well.

Most of the time, it’s through a bunch of smooth chubby characters that cloud fonts leave their mark. Now whether you want them to be cartoonish or super realistic, the choice is all yours. No matter what, your typography will be eventually full of inspiration, thus bound to wow your audience. So let’s create some charming website graphics, banners, or kids-related designs together, shall we?

Best Cloud Fonts

Grab any one of these cloud fonts we’ve collected and perk up your next project in line in a fun modern fashion. They are available as free and premium options, so you’re good to go anyway. Let’s get started now!

Hyper Cloudy – Convert any font or logo to a cloud effect

Meet the most hyper-realistic Photoshop action ever made. Make your design pop, in the easiest and loveliest way, only with a single click. Works well with any font or language you want.

Price: Premium

Sky / Cloud Letters

sky / cloud cloud font

Sky / Cloud font presented by GK Creative is one of the beautiful all-caps fonts. This PNG font features A-Z and 0-9 and is very easy to use. It is a very clean and impressive font and has 6 amazing backgrounds. Check out this awesome quality font.

Price: Premium

Soft Clouds Family Typeface

soft clouds family typeface cloud font

Soft Clouds Family Typeface by SmartDesigns contains three matching fonts that will work great together and provide you with a wide range of variations in your designs. This typeface is one of the highly readable cloud fonts and it is suitable for print and digital. The full set of letters, numbers, punctuation, extension, and symbols are available for this font. Multilingual support is also provided by the font.

Price: Premium


alphasmoke cloud font

AlphaSmoke font that is made in 2002 by Beeline is a lovely bubbly font. This font is totally free for personal and commercial use. Check out this fancy decorative font.

Price: Free

Fluffy Clouds

fluffy clouds cloud font

Fluffy Clouds by Phantomhive Company is a soft font free for non-commercial use only. Take a look at this fun font!

Price: Free

Hyper Cloudy

Price: Premium


fat cloud font

Fat is one of the cloud fonts with three styles created by Honey & Death. This is a creative font free for non-commercial use only.

Price: Free

The Clouds Family

The Clouds Font Family

The Clouds Family font has five different styles, each of which alone or in combination with hand-written fonts can be a fancy greeting card for a birthday party. You can also implement your different ideas with this cloud font.

Price: Premium

Cloud Candy

Cloud Candy Font

Cloud Candy Font is one of the fantasies that every child wants to have on his notebook or stationery. Because the characters are fluffy for children’s animations, the package of sweets and donuts is great.

Price: Free


Cloudier Font

The cloudier font is similar to the clouds of windy days. This font with vintage texture is similar to children’s comic books. In addition to the design of T-Shir Children’s brand and story, books are suitable.

Price: Free


spacy cloud font

Spacy by Honey & Death is created in 2002. This outlined font is free of cost for personal use. Get the font for your next creative artwork.

Price: Free

Annie’s Clouds

annie's clouds cloud font

Annie’s Clouds typeface by Annie Things Possible is a perfect hand-rendered font that can make your perfect thoughts and ideas about any project come true. You can use this simple font to make rasterized color elements for different designs such as greeting cards, textile prints, and more. If you are looking for billowy fun, this is your font.

Price: Premium

Clouds of Despair LSF

clouds of despair lsf cloud font

Clouds of Despair LSF font is created by Jester Font Studio. This chalk font is for personal use only. Try it, it is a full-featured font!

Price: Free


alphaclouds cloud font

Another one of the fonts that you need to check out is AlphaClouds font by Beeline. This soft font is made in 2002 and is a completely free font for commercial and non-commercial use. Try this font for your next design; you will love it!

Price: Free


ponyrides cloud font

One of the cloud fonts that I want to recommend you to check out is PonyRides by Xerographer Fonts. This girly font was created in 2012 and it only is free for non-profitable use. You will absolutely love this nice font.

Price: Free


cloudstorm cloud font

cloudstorm is a decorative font published by Xerographer Fonts. this fancy cartoon font features only capital letters and can cover many designs.

Price: Free

Vaporized BB

vaporized bb cloud font

Vaporized BB by Blambot is one of the unique cloud fonts with two amazing styles. This liquid font is only free non-commercial use.

Price: Free

Clouds of Hope LSF

clouds of hope lsf cloud font

Clouds of Hope LSF typeface is created by Jester Font Studio. This puffy font comes with a full set of characters, numerals, and punctuation. Check out this decorative typeface!

Price: Free

KR Cloud Nine

kr cloud nine cloud font

KR Cloud Nine is a bold sharp font created by Kat’s Fun Fonts. This typeface is only free for non-profitable use. Get the font and create a cute look for your design.

Price: Free


milkdrops cloud font

Milkdrops by Fontmaker is a beautiful display font made in 1999. This typeface is 100% free for both commercial and non-commercial use.

Price: Free


technology cloud font

The last one of the cloud fonts that will be on our list is technology by weknow. This fancy font comes with a bold strong style and can draw attention to your artworks.

Price: Free

Overcast Skies

overcast skies cloud font

Overcast Skies by KC Fonts comes with the full set of alphabets. This bold font is for personal use only. It is sharp and strong, Try it.

Price: Free


bomb cloud font

BOMB is a decorative font designed by Billy Argel. This cool font is free for personal use only and it features many designing needs and looks good on your artworks.

Price: Free


turds cloud font

turds font by Xerographer Fonts comes with two different styles and it is called a baby font. if you are interested to use this font commercially you need to get a license.

Price: Free


poocorny cloud font

PooCorny is an outlined font with two different styles created by Gaut Fonts. the font is free and can create a unique fun look for your designs, try it.

Price: Free


Hopefully, you enjoyed this list. If you think we need to add any other fonts to this font let us know. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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