50+ Best Free Coronavirus Fonts

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Best Free Coronavirus Fonts

As you know, a new virus has been discovered these days that has spread to almost 50+ countries around the world, with the power that the Coronavirus has and the people affected by it to be in contact with either a healthy person or a person with respiratory illness it will lead serious and even death.

As a member of the big society, we have always been a supporter of many organizations and we would like to share our contributions with Coronavirus fonts that can help you spread flyers and information and many who are not aware of the news Or the correct way of cleaning, for example, washing hands or stay away from sick people, and most importantly, prepare the main symptoms of the disease, which usually resemble the flu or the common cold, and run a health campaign throughout your city. So, because with this job, you will lift a huge weight from doctor’s and nurses’ shoulders that are working 24/7 to make everyone aware and take care of patients.

To find out more about what to write in your city posters and banners, here are some examples of them, and you can visit https://www.who.int (world health organization) for more information.

  1. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water or an alcohol-based disinfectant gel.
  2. Avoid close contact with those who have a cold or have flu-like symptoms.
  3. If you have a fever, cough, or have trouble breathing, be sure to see a doctor.

Best Coronavirus Fonts

Like any other problem, this Coronavirus will completely eliminated only by your cooperation, confidence, safety tips and most importantly ignoring fake rumors, so pay close attention to the Coronavirus Fonts that you can use on flyers, Social networking posts, health Infographics. We believe in you and you will exterminate it.

Cluisher Brush Font

cluisher brush coronavirus font

Thank You Kobe

thank you kobe coronavirus font

Sunrise International

sunrise international coronavirus font

Smooth Fantasy Font

smooth fantasy coronavirus font


bombing coronavirus font

Army Buster

army buster coronavirus font


payback coronavirus font

Vanrott Destroy

vanrott destroy coronavirus font

The Skinny

the skinny coronavirus font

Doctor Glitch Font

doctor glitch coronavirus font


crushed coronavirus font


insomnia coronavirus font

True Lies

true lies coronavirus font


bonaro coronavirus font

Tudor Victors

tudor victors coronavirus font


run! coronavirus font

Godzilla Font

godzilla coronavirus font

Outrun future

outrun future coronavirus font

Headliner No. 45

headliner no. 45 coronavirus font

Glitch City Font

cf glitch city coronavirus font

Dark Tales

dark tales coronavirus font

Coronavirus Font

virus coronavirus font

ChunkFive Font

chunkfive ex coronavirus font

Universal Serif

universal serif coronavirus font

Adora Chalie

adora chalie coronavirus font

Red Delicious

red delicious coronavirus font

Big Ten Block

big ten block coronavirus font


typoster coronavirus font


blaak coronavirus font

Blax Slab XXL

blax slab xxl coronavirus font

Positive System

positive system coronavirus font


equalize coronavirus font

Inversionz Font

inversionz coronavirus font


coalition coronavirus font

Rawhide Raw 2012

rawhide raw 2012 coronavirus font


ledlight coronavirus font

Vehicle Breaks Down

vehicle breaks down coronavirus font


decrepit coronavirus font

Made By Bears

made by bears coronavirus font

Finger Printed

finger printed coronavirus font

Dirty Old Town Virus Font

dirty old town coronavirus font


amateur coronavirus font

Harabara Mais

harabara mais coronavirus font

Simply Rounded

simply rounded coronavirus font


sketchy coronavirus font


pinecone coronavirus font

TS Block

ts block coronavirus font

Plateia Virus Font

plateia coronavirus font


coluna coronavirus font

MADE Soulmaze Virus Font

made soulmaze coronavirus font

DK Lemon Yellow Sun

dk lemon yellow sun coronavirus font


The spread of coronavirus or COVID19 has become very serious these days, and the dead people have increased thousands. The good news is many infected people have also improved. But it does not mean that we do not respect the health tips and do not share them. We urge you to continue publishing Health Tips and Health Campaigns using Coronavirus Fonts to raise awareness.

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