45+ Best Free and Premium Embroidery Fonts

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Best Free and Premium Embroidery Fonts

Going through embroidery fonts, the first thing that manifests itself is that they all share a nice fancy touch. Not only do they promise something easy on the eyes as a result, but they also reserve a note of artistic playfulness that stares you in the face.

They can easily convey a modern feel or even dive right into a retro flair, but it’s their well-crafted nifty style that never backs down. Due to them being creative and versatile, they’re easily applicable to a variety of designs, from branding and fashion to quotes and watermarks. Long story short, with embroidery fonts, a charming contemporary design will be in the bag.

Best Embroidery Fonts

Simply spice up your typography with playful details, courtesy of embroidery fonts, listed below. Lucky for you, the bundle carries artistic selections of both free and premium options, and our text effects make quite an impression once coupled with them.

Stitched hand written

Stitched hand written Font

Stitched handwritten has a stitching and sewing style. This font, due to the lines that look like handwriting, you can try this font for your clothes before you design your clothes, and according to the colors. Set different outfits with any outfit and background color.

Price: Premium

Aaron Script

aaron script embroidery font

Aaron Script is a highly legible and beautiful typeface. It is perfect to be used for designs such as logos, wedding invitation, signage, news, flyers, badges, etc. this embroidery font features different glyphs and alternate characters and also supports swash, ligatures and multiple languages.

Price: Premium

Kingthings Embroidery

kingthings embroidery embroidery font

I want to introduve you of realistic embroidery fonts that you can use for both commercial and non-commercial projects free of cost; Kingthings Embroidery by Kingthings that is a fancy all caps design and with it you will get the best results in your designing projects.

Price: Free

Bespoke. A Tailored

Bespoke. A Tailored Font

Bespoke font. A Tailored is a hand letter. And you can design each of the characters on different clothes, including jeans, in a very skillful way. It is also used to design denim t-shirts and suits.

Price: Premium

Snitch Typeface

Snitch Typeface

Snitch Typeface is one of the sewing and stitching fonts that you can see according to the letters that some of the threads were designed in a very professional and natural way. And it looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring.

Price: Premium

Rope MF

rope mf embroidery font

Rope MF is designed by Richard William Mueller. This fancy decorative font comes with both upper case and small letters. This font will be a good choice for many different projects that you want to work on.

Price: Free

Morenthya Script

morenthya script embroidery font

Morenthya Script is a stylish calligraphy typeface that can create an elegant feel. This embroidery font comes with different glyphs and alternate characters. OpenType features and different languages are supported by Morenthya. For designing logos, heading, t-shirt, letterhead, label, flyers, badges, wedding invitation, and signage this font will work awesome.

Price: Premium

Dellisha Script

dellisha script embroidery font

With Dellisha Script Typeface you can create an elegant look for your designs. This Modern Calligraphy font is great for designing printed quotes, image overlays, product packaging, greeting cards, and also cards, book cover, or any designs that you need to create a natural and personal look and touch for. With a combination of alternates, you will be able to send your message to your audience an attractive way.

Price: Premium


bykars embroidery font

Bykars by EvasUniqueFonts is a fancy and curly machine embroidery style font. There are two font files for this embroidery font that you can use freely for non-commercial projects. Upper and lower case letters are both provided by ByKars.

Price: Free


Suture Font

Suture is very bold as if they designed this font with an automatic sewing machine. This font can be used to design jeans covers for fashion magazines.

Price: Premium

Billowing Script

billowing script embroidery font

Billowing Script is a modern handmade font that can create a natural, personal and classic and realistic touch. Stylistic Alternates and Standart Ligature are provided by this calligraphy font. Billowing is an ideal font for designing greeting cards and also Painting design style.

Price: Premium

Meetha Script

meetha script embroidery font

The next modern and beautiful calligraphy font that I want to introduce you is Meetha Script. This font which has an italic style is sweet and simple. This style is perfectly usable in logo designs, branding projects, quotes for mugs, book covers, invitation cards, etc. Meetha Script comes with a complete set of lower and upper characters and multilingual support is provided by it.

Price: Premium


baduy embroidery font

Baduy created by Docallisme HAS Feat Dutsky is a comic font free of cost for personal usage.

Price: Free

Delight Script

delight script embroidery font

Delight Script is a fresh and modern style. This handmade typeface with its decorative characters can be used for designing beautiful invitation cards, business cards, flyers, quotes, etc. Open Type features like Swash, Stylistic Sets, Stylistic Alternates, and Contextual Alternates are all provided for the user with this embroidery font. Delight script also provides Uppercase/Lowercase characters, International Language and also Symbols Support, Punctuation, and Numbers.

Price: Premium


sweethart embroidery font

Sweethart Font is a fun font presented by Vector Extras. The font has an imperfect baseline which makes the font to be an aesthetic style for designing, invitations, logos, prints design, and typography. Capitals and lower case letters, punctuation and language support are provided by this typeface. enjoy Sweethart!

Price: Premium

Shilfa Script

shilfa script embroidery font

Out next modern and bold calligraphy font will be Shilfa Script which can be used for cheerful and fun themes projects. OpenType Features, Uppercase/Lowercase, Numeral and Punctuation, PUA Encoded, and multilingual support are provided by this typeface which is one of the embroidery monogram fonts.

Price: Premium

Delighted Script

delighted script embroidery font

The next embroidery font that we are going to talk about has a brush calligraphy style and decorative characters. Delighted Script is modern and fresh. You can use this typeface for a range of different projects such as greeting cards, flyers and logos, branding materials, quotes, and more.

Price: Premium

VTKS Embroidery

vtks embroidery embroidery font

VTKS Embroidery typeface by Douglas Vitkauskas is a decorative beautiful calligraphic embroidery font. VTKS Embroidery is a font free for personal usages.

Price: Free

Everything Calligraphy

everything calligraphy embroidery font

Everything Calligraphy features different baselines and is a modern font with a depth of love. You can use this beautiful font various designing purposes such as wedding invitations, signature, t-shirt, signage, posters, badges, etc. this handmade typeface has a handwritten style.

Price: Premium

Brignola Elegant Calligraphy

brignola elegant calligraphy embroidery font

Bringola is one of the elegant calligraphy fonts designed by Adam Fathony. Some of the letters of this embroidery font have more alternated than others. The font is easily readable and highly legible. Full character set and different glyphs are available and you get to create a perfect looking design. Bringola contains Contextual Alternates, Stylistic Alternates, ligature, discretionary Ligatures and it can be used for flyers, logos, covers, etc.

Price: Premium

Sushi Omelette

sushi omelette embroidery font

The next embroidery font is Sushi Omelette by Lemoncraft.s that is a hand-written font with different amazing glyphs. Ligature Characters are packed with this machine font that you can use for your different projects such as packaging, children apparel, greeting cards and many more!

Price: Free

Summery Handwritten Calligraphy

summery handwritten calligraphy embroidery font

Summery Handwritten Calligraphy Font comes with unique characters that will look flawless on flyers, wall prints, invitations, and greeting cards. With this font, you will have a vivid touch in your design. The decorative elements and beautiful swashes of this font make it a perfect choice for your designs. Catchwords are also contained in this pack. Western and Central European support is provided by Summary Handwritten calligraphy.

Price: Premium

Chamelia Script

chamelia script embroidery font

Chamelia Script that has dynamic swashes is a modern calligraphy embroidery font that is highly suitable for various purposes like newsletters, flyers, badges, logos, titles, invitations, etc.

Price: Premium

One Starry Night

one starry night embroidery font

One Starry Night is a curly fancy design by Brittney Murphy Design. this beautiful calligraphic font I free for personal use.

Price: Free

Octavia Script

octavia script embroidery font

One of the amazing embroidery monogram fonts that I want to tell you about is Octavia Script. This typeface is a combination of classic and modern styles. It features Contextual Alternates, Discretionary Ligatures, and Stylistic Alternates. You will enjoy creating artwork with this font!

Price: Premium

Levitte Script

levitte script embroidery font

Levitte Script is presented by Flavortype. This lovely font which has a handmade style can create a natural look for you. You can use this cute font for different designs such as flyers, printed or digital Ads, logos, invitation, etc. for bonus floral ornaments are packed with this embroidery font.

Price: Premium

Hello Morgan

hello morgan embroidery font

Hello Morgan font is designed by Jen Jones. This beautiful and modern calligraphic font is packed with upper and lower case alphabets, numerals and punctuation which make it a perfect font to be used in your designs.

Price: Free

Albertyna Script

albertyna script embroidery font

Albertyna Script is a lovely and elegant calligraphy typeface presented by Solidtype. This font is recommended t be used for modern designs such as Ads, social media text, branding, flyers, etc. all the small caps come with end swashes and alternates and this is one of the reasons why this font is fabulous.

Price: Premium

Natalia Script

natalia script embroidery font

This modern calligraphic font has pretty swashes which make this embroidery font perfect for a wide range of designs letterhead, signage, labels, newsletters, flyers, signature, title and many more!

Price: Premium

Alesandra Modern Calligraphy

alesandra modern calligraphy embroidery font

Alesandra Modern Calligraphy is a new elegant font that can be used for any awesome projects. You can use Alesandra for wedding designs, packaging, social media posts, ads, labels, and photography or any other projects that you want to create a handwritten feel for.

Price: Premium


brainlove embroidery font

Brainlove is a beautiful and modern Calligraphy typeface. This stylish font is perfectly ideal for those who are looking for a feeling of love and modernity. This embroidery font can be used for various purposes like headings, signature, invitation, logos, t-shirt, letterhead, badges, etc.

Price: Premium

Beautiful Friends

beautiful friends embroidery font

This embroidery font is published by Darwinoo. Beautiful Friends is a fancy curly typeface free of cost for personal use.

Price: Free

Fresh Script

fresh script embroidery font

Fresh Script is the next one of embroidery monogram fonts that are going to be on our list. This elegant typeface is perfect for different designing purposes with different themes such as logos, invitation, heading, t-shirt, signage, badges, etc. alternate characters, initial and terminal letters, ligatures and multiple language support are provided by this font.

Price: Premium

A Yummy Apology

a yummy apology embroidery font

A Yummy Apology by GemFonts is a 100% free embroidery font. This nice design is packed with upper case and lower case letters and also numerals and punctuation. Enjoy using this fancy font!

Price: Free

Doodle Gum

doodle gum embroidery font

Doodle Gum created by imagex is a decorative typeface. This cute font is free for personal use and includes all caps and small letters. let’s be realistic this is an awesome design.

Price: Free

Glyph Stitch

glyph stitch embroidery font

Glyph Stitch by Miranda Lee is a fancy decorative font. This modular typeface was designed based on the symbols that were used in knitting patterns. You can use Glyph freely for personal projects.

Price: Free

Stitch’n School

stitch'n school embroidery font

Stitch’n School font is created by imagex. This old school machine embroidery font is free for personal use.

Price: Free

Patchwork Stitchlings

patchwork stitchlings embroidery font

Patchwork Stitchlings is presented by Darrell Flood. This fancy decorative typeface has two font files and looks like a machine font. If interested in the font you can use it freely for your personal designs.

Price: Free


ropest embroidery font

Ropest is a cool calligraphy embroidery font by Måns Grebäck. This decorative design comes with two font files and you can use it for different designing projects.

Price: Free

Wizards Magic

wizards magic embroidery font

Wizards Magic presented by SpideRaYsfoNtS is a curly font. The creator of the font has designed it after reading the magical Harry Potter. This magical font is free for personal use.

Price: Free

Strawberry Whipped Cream

strawberry whipped cream embroidery font

Strawberry Whipped Cream by Emily Spadoni is one of the curly embroidery fonts that are free for commercial and non-commercial fonts.

Price: Free

Cute Stitch

cute stitch embroidery font

Cute Stitch designed by Darrell Flood is a fancy cartoon font. This typeface contains two cool font files. You can use Cute Stitch free of cost for personal use.

Price: Free


wednesday embroidery font

Wednesday designed by Vanessa Bays is a decorative and cool embroidery font. If you like this fancy typeface and want to use it for your commercial designs then you will need a license.

Price: Free

Curly Shirley

curly shirley embroidery font

Curly Shirley is a curly font free for personal use. This font is designed by Vanessa Bays.

Price: Free

Sweety Cheese

sweety cheese embroidery font

This decorative fancy embroidery font named Sweety Cheese is created by Docallisme HAS Feat Dutsky. Sweety Cheese comes with all cap letters and numbers. It contains two cool font files and is a good font to be used for many different designs.

Price: Free

Kawaii Stitch

kawaii stitch embroidery font

Kawaii Stitch by Darrell Flood has two font files and is a cartoon fancy typeface free for non-commercial designs. Kawaii Stitch is a bold all caps font.

Price: Free


fabrics embroidery font

Fabrics is a decorative design by Cloutierfontes that is an all caps free typeface for personal usage,

Price: Free

Mesh Stitch

mesh stitch embroidery font

Mesh Stitch by Fran Board is another one of fancy embroidery monogram fonts that is free of cost for non-commercial projects. This fancy embroidery font includes a full set of characters, numbers and punctuation set. That is an amazing design to make a unique looking design with.

Price: Free


We wish you likes and enjoyed our list of embroidery fonts and hopefully, they can be useful for you. If you have any comments on our work and gathering these fonts let us know in the comment section. Hearing from you can help us improve.

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