25+ Best Free and Premium Fishing Fonts

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Best Free and Premium Fishing Fonts

Bringing together an organic feel with a quaint style, fishing fonts enhance the look of your artwork in a playful manner. Their cold round design, sometimes coupled with marine patterns, develops aquatic vibes to perk up your text and grab attention in short order. It goes without saying that a mystical tone kicks up your artwork a notch, right? And so do the fishing fonts in a similar fashion.

It’s not a tough one to figure out how awesome they work for advertising seafood restaurant business or things like that, but not exclusively. They’re actually adventurous enough to perfectly suit your logotypes, T-shirts, cheerful games, and artworks as such.  

Best Fishing Fonts

Simply scroll down to browse our stunning list of fishing fonts, and no matter what you choose from, free or premium, the output is bound to amaze you and your audience. 


aquarius fishing font

The good thing about Aquarius – A Tropical Font Family font is that it reminds you of both fish and sea waves, and since the two are related, it’s great for the brand of restaurants and seafood, which is almost popular in the summer, and at the end, it’s a different design.

Price: Premium

JLR Waves

jlr waves fishing font

JLR Waves font is an interesting fantasy design where all the letters are moving like a ship on the waves. Usually, this doodle style used for animation and coloring books and teaching objects and creatures that are in the sea or place that are by the sea.

Price: Free


squidink fishing font

Squidink font graphics designed by Gleb Guranyk. The inking style makes it suitable for many personal purposes, for example designing posters for seafood restaurants, boat brands, multi-hour cruises. And also fishing equipment brands.

Price: Premium

AEZ goldfish

aez goldfish fishing font

When you have such an AEZ goldfish font, you seem to have caught a fat fish with every word. This fishing font is great for fish brands, fishing supplies, and restaurants whose main food is fish.

Price: Free


adequate fishing font

Adequate font has a contour style. Many of the fish brand logos, such as fisheries, seafood restaurants, with this font can bring a sense of sea, waves, and fish to life for the audience.

Price: Premium

Mister Fish

mister fishing font

Mister Fish font is designed by Maellekeita. The delicate shape of the lines that can be put together can be used for fishing brands, selling fish accessories, and even for special and happy invitation cards and themes.

Price: Free

Otter Font Family

Otter Fishing Font Family

This fishing font has characters with thick and thin lines, brings a sense of humor to your overall design, and is also suitable for a birthday invitation card.

Price: Premium

Mermaid Font Duo

mermaid font-duo fishing font

Mermaid Font Duo font designed by Salt & Pepper Designs. The good and interesting feature of this fishing font is that it has all the elements of the sea, like starfish, seashell, bubbles, and acts as a ready-made postcard. Just write a beautiful text and put it in the background next to the photos you took of the beach and the sea.

Price: Premium

Wisdom Words

wisdom words fishing font

Wisdom Words font has a handwritten style and has interesting curves like sea waves, which makes it suitable for posters of pirate movies, t-shirt designs, and restaurant menus.

Price: Free

Boatswain Fonts Family

boatswain fonts family fishing font

Boatswain Fonts Family Extras font is for those who design Illustrator of the sea, pirate ships. Just place this font on the wall or flag of the ship and finish the design work. This font has a light, light italic, italic, regular, bold, and bold italic styles.

Price: Premium


cinderela fishing font

Cinderella font has a fantasy style and, like the font name, can be seen in many Walt Disney animations. You can use this fishing font for different brands of dolls, mermaid theme designs for birthdays and summer cosmetics such as lotions.

Price: Free

Coral Reef script

coral reef script font fishing font

Coral Reef script font is designed by Vozzy Vintage Fonts. This font is reminiscent of the sea waves in smooth letters and suitable for many logos of beach restaurants and coffee shops and summer flyers.

Price: Premium


fillet o fish fishing font

BEGINS O FISH font created by weknow and has regular, bold, italic, bold italic styles. You can use this font for sports classes such as surfing, swimming, boat rental brands as well as blue parks.

Price: Free

Odd times

odd times fishing font

Odd times typeface bonus graphics font has a medieval and retro style. This font is suitable for many marine brands, pirate movie posters as well as typography for T-shirts.

Price: Premium


la truite a papa fishing font

LA TRUITE A PAPA fonts has condensed and chuck styles. You can style many social media posts to advertise seafood, restaurants, and even the beach menu with this style font and have a good and great day.

Price: Free

Big Fish

big fish fishing font

Big Fish Script Caps Extras font has a Cyrillic style, and due to the bold letters. You can apply it in the fishery logo and brands of seafood restaurants and the sale of large and delicious fish such as carp and sardines.

Price: Premium

Touch Of Nature

touch of nature fishing font

Touch Of Nature font is really a piece of nature. Beautiful fish swimming in the characters create the feeling of being in a restaurant and aquarium and will be great and natural for such brands.

Price: Free

Coral waves

coral waves fishing font

Coral waves- Font and clip arts have hand-lettered and feminine style. It is an interesting logo for many beach sports such as surfing, or water parks logo.

Price: Premium

Sea Waves

sea waves fishing font

You could always make beautiful names or designs with the sand by the sea. But this time the Sea Waves letters were made with sea waves. These beautiful waves are suitable for many brands of seafood restaurants, boat rentals, and motels.

Price: Free

Shark Bite

shark bite fishing font

Shark Bite Shark font doodles font designed by the Freeling Design House. The designer has made a special surprise for this handwritten fishing font and has added doodle elements from the sea elements, i.e. fish, drops, and waves, along with some letters, for many purposes such as marine brand logo, animation, and fantasy games and packaging of seafood products.

Price: Premium

Lost Fish

lost fish fishing font

The lost Fish font is used for animation Finding Nemo. But with the sea style and wavy lines under the letters, you can use a lot of sea posters, aquariums, and deep ocean video games.

Price: Free


squishy fishing font

Squishy A Fun Beach created for many purposes such as the kindergarten logo, children’s toys, beautiful glass aquariums due to the summer, and sea style.

Price: Premium

Make Summer Fun

make summer fun fishing font

For Make Summer Fun font, the name of happiness has been chosen and in terms of concept, it can be used for many summer designs such as flyers, birthday themes, postcards, and you can spend a happy and fun summer.

Price: Free

Gone Fishing

gone fishing fishing font

Gone Fishing a fishing line font has a handwritten style and designed like a fishing line attached to a fishing stick. You can use it for fishing brands, cruises, and fishing games.

Price: Premium

Marina Sundaland

marina sundaland fishing font

Marina Sundaland font designed by Feri Fauzi. For the end of uppercase letters, the doodle is made similar to a fishtail, which makes this font cute. You can also use this fishing font for cute tasks such as posters of ocean fish animations, an underwater city.

Price: Free

Mermaid Astramadea

mermaid astramadea fishing font

Mermaid Astramadea font designed by Afterthem Studio. The font has a gothic style and can be a good choice for many people who want the logo of seafood brands, restaurants, and even fish dishes.

Price: Free


pwbubbles fishing font

Letters of PWBubbles Font are like bubbles that are seen at the bottom of the sea and the ocean and sometimes at the edge of the waves. This font is for those designers who like to prepare an attractive and adorable theme for their summer party, birthday party.

Price: Free

Zilap Marine

zilap marine fishing font

The designer of Zilap Marine font has given an interesting and adventurous dimension by adding wavy curves to the letters. This fishing font is suitable for showing the summer heat in posters and brands such as juice and water parks.

Price: Free


It is not difficult to design a space where fishermen are fishing and holding fishing rods to catch one of the fish or seafood, restaurants with menus that convey the feeling of being underwater to the customer. If you have seen these fonts to the end, you will surely catch some of them like fishermen and use them for design projects. We are waiting to hear from your work in famous brands.

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