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What font is used in the Inception logo?

“Inception” is the font used in the Inception logo. This font is designed by Vinz. You can use the font in your personal projects. Simply download it from the link below.

Dreaming and having the skills to manipulate others’ dreams is one of the cool ideas that Inception has. Of course, its logo font can also be used in sophisticated designs such as decorations or buildings and mazes that have no easy way to get through them. This type of font can also be used for advertising and headlines of art magazines and newspapers.

About Inception

Christopher Nolan is said to have spent two years writing the script for “Inception”. It must have taken amazing focus to do so. The protagonist challenges a young architect by building a maze, and Nolan tests us with his stunning maze. We must reassure him and accept that he can guide us along this path. Because we get confused most of the time. Nolan must have rewritten the story over and over.

The ‘Inception’ viewer wanders in the world of time and experience. One can never even be sure what the relationship between dream time and real-time is. The hero explains that you can never remember the beginning of a dream, and that dream that seems to have lasted for hours is only a brief moment. Yes, but you do not know when you are dreaming. And what if you get into another person’s dream? How can your dream coincide with his dream?

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