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What font is used in the Saw logo?

The font used in this Saw Movie logo is customized. However, we have found a font that is very similar to this logo. The font is called “s’AWesome” and was designed by Michael Lukowski. You can use this font in your personal projects.

When you use sharp tools like saws to cut a block of wood or metal, you make a very neat and accurate cut with your calculations and the lines on the wood, but when you use these on the skin and bones, they are not trim as the rest of the objects and output is not a few geometric lines, and the saw font, inspired by the Saw film, depicts flash and blood fear is used for the original logo and text of horror movies and games.

About Saw Film

I love scary and mysterious films myself, and when in 2004, the first part of the series was released and I realized that besides the horror genre, all the sections were related to another part, like puzzles, it became my favorite movie until now. The latest version of this movie, called The Jigsaw, is released, and I still love to watch it.

If you start to watch the Saw, not from the first released, you may think you get the story, but you are completely wrong. You only catch traps and kill some people, but in fact, it’s something else. For example, the fourth episode shows a new story before the first episode, and it is at the same time! And it just shows why Jigsaw has become Jigsaw! Imagine what happens next!

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