45+ Best Free and Premium Nautical Fonts

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Best Free and Premium Nautical Fonts

It doesn’t necessarily require you to be a sea dog to associate nautical fonts with distinctive sailor vibes. Simply put, when it comes to capturing organic natural hints, specifically from the vast untamed ocean, go with any of these well-crafted nautical fonts listed below and you’ll be just fine.

The fresh and adventurous feel of life in the navy channeled through your words in a heartbeat. That’s how charming and distinguishable nautical fonts can be! This should explain why they make such great logotypes for your brands, covers for your books, decorations for your invitation cards, and basically, anywhere else you fancy an aesthetic combination of playfulness and classic touch.

Best Nautical Fonts

Name a better way for choosing the perfect nautical font than a comprehensive list of freebies and premiums. Plus, you can find literally any other bundle of fonts you may ever come to need with a quick search in Hyperpix.


quay nautical font

Sea and Sailors is what Quay is inspired by. One of the nautical fonts that can help you use your creativity is Quay. This typeface is perfect for branding, shirt design, flyers, logos, labels, photography, etc.

Price: Premium

Boatswain Fonts Family + Extras

boatswain nautical font

Boatswain Fonts Family is presented by DGIM studio and is ideal for any nautical projects. This is a great font to inspire you toward adventure. This font family features different weights and can be used for signs, stickers, packaging, branding, labels, apparel designs, and more.


Life Is Jazz Script

life is jazz script nautical font

This monoline script is presented by Vintage Type Co. this vintage, the hand-drawn typeface is inspired by ocean waves. You can get the best use of Life is Jazzn for flyers, logos, branding, packaging, shirt design, etc. this typeface includes a wide variety of special characters such as decorative swashes and support for multilingual is provided.

Price: Premium


boeticher nautical font

Boeticher font that is published by Velvetyne Type Foundry is one of the ornamented and sailor-friendly typefaces that you need to check out.

Price: Free


unmoor nautical font

Unmoor is a Color and Outline Rope Font presented by Anastasiia Macaluso. This typeface comes with three different styles; Regular, Rough and Thin. This color rope font includes uppercase letters, numbers, and Punctuation. Enjoy designing!

Price: Premium

Marmaris brush

marmaris brush nautical font

This multipurpose nautical font comes with bold lines that are perfect to be used for bold designs. Lower case and upper case letters are both available and OpenType features and also an extended range of languages are supported. Marmaris works perfectly for flyers, logos, signs, invitation cards and more.

Price: Premium

Sailor Stripes + Illustrations

sailor stripes nautical font

Sailor Stripes Font designed by On the Mark Designs is a handwritten typeface. The font comes with the set of upper and lower case letters, punctuation and numbers. The support for different languages is also provided. Use it for custom designs.

Price: Premium

Hello Sailor

hello sailor nautical font

Hello Sailor Font presented by Out Of Step Font Company is a perfect nautical font. This is a hand-drawn font that is free for personal use only. Check out this practical font!

Price: Free

Sealife Font Family

Sealife Nautical Font Family

Sealife Font Family is one of the interesting styles where you can see different sea animals such as seahorses, octopuses, fish, and even algae in every letter. This font is suitable for designing storybooks, seafood restaurants, or even fishing tackle.

Price: Premium

Vintage Marine Label Typeface

vintage marine label typeface nautical font

Vintage Marine is one of the unique nautical fonts with a classic look. Having three styles you can use this font for any designs.

Price: Premium

Oh Captain

oh captain nautical font

Oh! Captain is a perfect font for headers and titles. This font perfectly pairs with script fonts. Check it out and enjoy it!

Price: Premium

Nautica Sottile

nautica sottile nautical font

Nautica Sottile created by Rsz Type Foundry is a new script typeface that provides support for an extensive range of languages. The font comes with ligatures, alternates, and swashes. This is a professional font with which you can create a professional look!

Price: Premium

Sailor’s Fat Tattoo Script

sailor's fat tattoo script nautical font

This typeface is a hand-drawn font created by Out Of Step Font Company in 2016. Sailor’s Fat Tattoo Script Font is available in Regular, Italic and Black. Note that the commercial use of this typeface needs a license.

Price: Free


Blue Captain nautical typeface

BLUE CAPTAIN TYPEFACE font has sailor and retro style. I recommend this font if you would like the store and shop you are launching and opening to have a very attractive logo.

Price: Premium


stout nautical font

This typeface is one of the new vintage nautical fonts. This sailor friendly font is perfect for cards, posters, logos, labels, etc. normal and handy are the two styles of this font. Check out STOUT by Vintage Voyage D.S.

Price: Premium

Seaworthy Typeface & Nautical Pack

seaworthy typeface & nautical pack nautical font

Seaworthy Typeface & Nautical Pack by Callie Hegstrom is one of the complete nautical fonts that comes with many hand-drawn vectors that makes this font so ideal to be used for wedding, posters, logos, etc. enjoy designing with this font!

Price: Premium

Old Harbour

old harbour nautical font

Old Harbour is a hand-crafted vintage font collection by DimitriAna. With this nautical font, you get to create amazing designs for clothing, logos, labels, etc. Western, Central and Eastern European languages and also Turkish are supported by this font.

Price: Premium

Neptun CAT

neptun cat nautical font

Neptun CAT designed by Peter Wiegel is one of the fancy groovy fonts that are totally free for both commercial and personal use. This bold font comes with upper/lower case alphabets, numbers and punctuation.

Price: Free

South Blues

south blues nautical font

South Blues by Cepeye is one of the handwritten fonts with attractive curves and urban edges. This cool and classy font can create an eye-catching look for your designs. You can use it for social media posts, handwritten quotes, packaging, clothing and more. This typeface guarantees you an attractive design!

Price: Premium

Bad Sailor Typeface

bad sailor typeface nautical font

Bad Sailor Typeface by BAD TASTE is one of the hand- made nautical fonts that I am sure you will definitely enjoy! It comes with special characters, numbers, punctuation, and alternates.

Price: Premium

Navy Queen Display

navy queen display nautical font

Navy Queen Display Font by Vintage Type Co. is one of the Sans Serif fonts that have a geometrical design. You can use this font for packaging, logos, flyers, and many more designs. Latin languages are supported by this font.

Price: Premium

Vtks Morphetics 2

vtks morphetics 2 nautical font

Vtks Morphetics 2 is one of the freeware fonts. This personal use only font is presented by VTKS DESIGN.

Price: Free

Harbor Vintage Label Typeface

harbor vintage label typeface nautical font

Harbor Vintage Label Typeface by Vozzy is one of the classical looking nautical fonts. You can use this font for different vintage designs.

Price: Premium

Stalwart Typeface

stalwart typeface nautical font

Stalwart Typeface presented by graphiklee is a structurally sound typeface. The elements that you can find in architecture and tattoo designs are what this font is inspired by. You can use his typeface that comes in four styles for both modern and vintage designs.

Price: Premium

Ocean Six

ocean six nautical font

This typeface has a unique and handmade look. Ocean Six has brush strokes and includes Uppercase, lower case and also some special characters. Get the font; you will like it!

Price: Premium

Nautical Typeface

nautical typeface nautical font

Nautical Typeface by Vozzy is one of the handcrafted nautical fonts that you need to check out. This typeface is perfect for a wide range of designing projects.

Price: Premium

Burford Rustic Pro

Burford Rustic Pro Nautical Font

The Burford Rustic Pro font has a very old and distorted style, and considering the margins of the letters, we can say that it has a three-dimensional shape, and you can design it.

Price: Premium

Ocean Beach • Five Fonts

Ocean Beach Nautical Five Fonts

Ocean Beach Fonts • Five Fonts is a combination of beach and marine designs. You can use this font to design seaside coffee shops, drinks, packages that require a retro and vintage design.

Price: Premium

Jailetter Typeface

jailetter typeface nautical font

Jailetter Typeface by Graptail is a gothic font that is inspired by labels, especially classic labels. This typeface comes with a regular, inline and ornament. Upper/ lower case, numbers, punctuations and also OpenType alternates, ligatures and additional swashes are packed with this font. With this font, you get to customize your designs such as logos, flyers, labels and apparel design in a perfect way.

Price: Premium

Sugar Cane

sugar cane nautical font

Sugar Cane is one of the smooth fonts presented by Uniontype. Monoline fonts inspired this multilingual script font. Contextual alternates and also swashes and ligatures are supported by this typeface. Sugar Cane is good for signs, signs, flyers, logos and more.

Price: Premium

Longshore Hand Drawn

Longshore Hand Drawn Nautical Font

Longshore Hand Drawn font has a polyphonic and retro style. If you look at this font, some letters, for example, the letters L and R, have a more elongated design, and if you want one of the letters to appear in your graphic design much more than the other letters, we recommend this font.

Price: Premium

The Shoremans Typeface

The Shoremans Nautical Typeface

The Shoremans Typeface font has fluorescent and vintage styles. You can use this font to design glass labels, bottles, packaging, and design logos that require a retro style.

Price: Premium


nautical nautical font

This authentic font is presented by Heather_insane. This is one of the nautical fonts that come with a vintage style and it is guaranteed that it will look great on any design.

Price: Premium

Skinny Walrus

skinny walrus nautical font

This display font comes with rough lines. Skinny Walrus has smooth edges that make the font for shirt designs and also badges. I hope you have fun with this font!

Price: Premium


sants nautical font

Sants by Heroglyphs is one of the simple yet modern nautical fonts. Featuring upper and lower case letters, punctuation and numeral this font is perfectly ideal for book covers, album covers, posters, and any other artworks.

Price: Premium

Grantmouth Vol.2

grantmouth vol.2 nautical font

Check out Grantmouth Typeface that is available in different layers. You can use this font for different projects like album covers, social media content, branding, and more as the font supports swashes, alternates, and ligatures.

Price: Premium

The Old Navy

the old navy nautical font

The Old Navy is one of the stencil style nautical fonts. This font will be perfect for military branding or any other business designs. You can also use it for logos, magazines, blogs, etc.

Price: Premium


avenger nautical font

This vintage display font is presented by Larin Type Co. Avenger is one of the perfectly ideal fonts for decorating your different projects. You use it for shirt designs, stationery, marketing, and other small businesses.

Price: Premium

Silent Seas

silent seas nautical font

Another one of the nautical fonts that we want to recommend you check out is Silent Seas by Price!

Price: Premium

Sacred North Display Font Extras

Sacred North Display Nautical Font Extras

Sacred North Display Font Extras can be considered one of the native styles. As you can see in the letters, there are a number of compass signs that you can use to design posters and flyers for camp and many mountaineering sports, as well as photos that have a nature theme.

Price: Premium


galley nautical font

Galley is one of the hand-drawn serif nautical fonts and is inspired by the waves of the sea and the endless ocean. This is a perfect typeface to be used for paragraph text. The font is packed with illustrations and custom logos.

Price: Premium

The Bearded Sailor

the bearded sailor nautical font

The Bearded Sailor that is one of the sailor’s tattoo’s inspired fonts is presented by LovePowerDesigns. This hand-drawn typeface pairs perfectly with Sans fonts giving you the opportunity to create amazing designs. The font comes in two styles providing a clear look for your artwork. This font is great for packaging, flyers, badges, etc.

Price: Premium

Royal Voyage

royal voyage nautical font

This fresh hand-made typeface by Larin Type Co. is a highly ideal font for decorating any projects such as shirt designs, logos, branding, stationery, book covers, business cards, and etc.

Price: Premium

Old Bourbon label

old bourbon label nautical font

Old Bourbon label font by Heather_insane is one of the vintage looking nautical fonts. This vintage style font is ideal for different label designs such as whiskey or beer.

Price: Premium

Marine Bay Vintage Label Typeface

marine bay vintage label typeface nautical font

Marine Bay Vintage Label Typeface by Vozzy has a vintage style and with its classic look, it is perfect for label designs.

Price: Premium


stephany nautical font

Stephany by Larin Type Co. is one of the hand lettering nautical fonts that is perfectly ideal for decorating a wide range of projects like album covers, logos, invitations, magazines and more.

Price: Premium

Harmonic Script

harmonic script nautical font

This bold and modern typeface with its elegant style includes a set of lower and upper case letters. Harmonic Script is perfect for fashion designs, branding, logotypes, etc.

Price: Premium


Check out our list of the nautical fonts and let us know if you have any pieces of advice or recommendations for us. We are looking forward to hearing from you in the comment section.

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    Nice, but i want to know both fonts used in the actual image for the post.. “Nautical Fonts”…

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