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the call of the wild logo font free download

What font is used in The Call of the Wild logo?

“Dai Banna Sil Light Bold” is the font used in The Call of the Wild logo. You can use the font in your personal projects. Simply download it from the link below.

Winter nature is full of beauty. What a beauty in the surroundings and what animals live this season. The “The Call of the Wild” film, which has been adapted several times, is an example of this wildlife.

The font of the logo in the white color fits well with this theme and is one of the most interesting examples of the letter L in the wild, which is like a sledgehammer or something that is slipping. This is mentioned in this video. Now you can safely take and create a photo or video in the wild and use this logo font.

About The Call of the Wild

“The Call of the Wild” is one of Jack London’s best-selling and most famous works by the famous American author, a novel that has undergone many cinematic and television adaptations to date. The first adaptation was in 1923. The next version was made in 1935 and later another 1972 film starring Charlton Heston, and now in 2020, starring Harrison Ford.

The story of the film is told in the late nineteenth century, where gold diggers explored the area to gain wealth. During this time, a dog named Buck was abducted from his home and family and taken to a place where he worked as a sled dog. But in the meantime, the dog’s relationship with an old man named John leads to many life lessons and …

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