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What font is used in The Perfection logo?

“Cactus Bold” is the font used in The Perfection logo. This font is designed by Gareth Hague and published by Alias. In this logo, only the “E” character is reflected. This font can be purchased from the following link.

If you do not want to buy this font, we have also provided a free and alternative font that is very similar to the original font. You can use this font in your personal and commercial projects. Download and enjoy this font from the link below.

The style font of “The Perfection” film is tall, with one of the letters being different and mirroring to others, that in the middle of a story focuses more on great music something happens. This type of font is used almost in many cases in addition to being in the title of mysterious films. For example, you can use it in headlines, high-profile product banners, and many more.

About The Perfection

One of Netflix’s horror films is Richard Shepard’s “The Perfection” and starring Allison Williams, Logan Browning, and Steven Weber. The film criticized by the Hollywood Reporter as “a well-made and influential work that is becoming increasingly engaging”.

Charlotte Wilmore is a talented cellist who is forced to leave her prestigious music school in Boston because of her mother’s illness. But a few years after her mother’s death, Charlotte goes back to teaching at the school, and after a trip to Shanghai, she meets a girl named Lizzie, who has actually replaced Charlotte at school. Charlotte establishes a close relationship with Lizzie, giving her pills that have a bad effect on Lizzie, such as the appearance of worms in her hand and other terrifying events that do not give Lizzie a good fortune. But that is not the end of the story, and…

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