55+ Best Free and Premium Yoga Fonts

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Best Free and Premium Yoga Fonts

If there was only one thing about yoga fonts making them unique and influential, it had to be the positive vibes they stimulate. You can literally feel the peace flowing all around the characters, creating an inspirational mood to tickle one’s fancy. But the truth is, compelling as they are, these fonts can’t be defined by a mere energetic essence.

They’re also all about elegance and looking fresh, which are the key ingredients for making a cutting-edge logo, don’t you think? Its delicate outline subtly recommends itself for fashion and beauty brands. Then there are also signs, quotes, album covers, and all sorts of contemporary stuff. How awesome is that?

Best Yoga Fonts

Shortly upgrade your font kit with a bunch of stylish yoga fonts from both free and premium collections. Once you’re finished with this one, our other collection with the best running fonts is bound to spark your interest as well.

Cloak Minimal Fashion

cloak minimal fashion yoga font

Cloak Minimal Fashion font This font is designed in a fashionable and minimal way. You can use it to design magazines, logos, website headers, and anything that needs a luxurious design.

Price: Premium

La Rosa

la rosa yoga font

La Rosa font is a combination of two fonts that are presented in the script and sans. Along with this yoga font, there are 30 logos that you can use to design the logo of sports clubs, sports classes such as yoga, Pilates.

Price: Premium


maldive yoga font

Maldive font designed by Muksal Creative. This font has thin and thick lines, and you can use it to design sports magazines, fashion, luxury brands.

Price: Free


gesmont yoga font

Gesmont font has a minimalist and feminine style. You can use this font to design sports classes such as yoga, platys, and even clubs such as gymnastics and use it to design flyers.

Price: Premium

Hello Galleria

hello galleria yoga font

Hello Galleria font is one of the interesting designs that is designed as an template. You can use this yoga font for modern designs, luxury, and classic styles, as well as sports brand logo design.

Price: Premium

Beginning Yoga

beginning yoga font

Beginning Yoga font has brush strokes and handwritten. Use this font according to the fast lines you see for sports in which speed is very important, such as athletics, as well as the logo design of various clubs.

Price: Free

Silver South

silver south yoga font

Silver South font is a trendy and minimalist design. You can use this font to design many projects such as logo design, invitation cards, social media posts, and sports brands.

Price: Premium


opulent yoga font

Opulent font is modernly designed. This yoga font is offered in 3 forms: SVG, brush, and solid, which you can use to design sports brand logos, design text on photos, design packages, and many more

Price: Premium

Berlin Sans

berlin sans yoga font

Berlin Sans font has a minimal and classic style. Due to the curved lines that can be seen in some letters, for example, the letters N and E, we can also use this font for sports designs.

Price: Free

Le Major Display Serif

le major display serif yoga font

Le Major Display Serif font has a luxurious and elegant style. You can use this font for various designs such as invitation card design, logo branding design, or even a website and blog that has sports content.

Price: Premium

La Luxes

la luxes yoga font

La Luxes foot is designed in a minimal and luxurious way. This DUO font comes in 2 different types, and you can also download eight other logos and use them for sports designs.

Price: Premium


moderrat yoga font

Moderrat font is a type of style that you can design on t-shirts and texts that indicate inhalation and exhalation or any movement in yoga on t-shirts or photos.

Price: Free

Abigail unique ligature

abigail unique ligature yoga font

Abigail unique ligature font has a vintage and classic style. This yoga font is very attractive due to the end of the letters, which are curved and circular, and you can use it for sports design, for example, logo design or even brands of sportswear.

Price: Premium

Ochre A Branding Serif

ochre a branding serif yoga font

Ocher A Branding Serif font has a very simple and feminine design. You can use this font to design different motivational text on photos.

Price: Premium


castrade yoga font

Castrade font letters are regular curves from which you can refer to different yoga movements and use them for logo design and t-shirt design in this field.

Price: Free

Exophis Modern Sans Serif

exophis modern sans serif yoga font

Exophis Modern Sans Serif font is designed in a modern and thin line. Some letters, such as the letters E and P, are omitted from some lines, which makes them different from other letters. Used to design sports logos and brands.

Price: Premium

John Mayer Fancy Ligature

john mayer fancy ligature yoga font

Do not miss the John Mayer Fancy Ligature font due to its beautiful and classic design. This font is used to design logos, brands, invitation cards, and various flyers for sports classes.

Price: Premium

Magnies Minimal Serif

magnies minimal serif yoga font

Magnies Minimal Serif font is designed in a minimal and modern way. There are a number of spaces between the letters that this yoga font adds to its appeal, so you can use it for various sports design projects.

Price: Premium


loverica yoga font

Loverica font has a classic and slab style. This luxury font can be used to design the cover of fashion magazines, cosmetics, and even design various photos with sports themes such as yoga and Pilates.

Price: Free


troye yoga font

Troye font is bold and classic. This font is used for various designs, including business card design, posters and greeting cards, typography, and artcats.

Price: Premium

The Paris Lamore Duo Typeface LOGO

the paris lamore duo typeface logo yoga font

The Paris Lamore Duo Typeface LOGO font is presented in handwritten and luxury. Next to the letters of this font, you can see a number of rhombus-shaped elements that you can use to design luxury brands design sports themes, such as yoga, Pilates, gymnastics.

Price: Premium


ralgani yoga font

Ralgani font This font has a floral design, and capital letters include a series of leaves and flowers that add to the beauty of your art project. In addition, those small letters are designed in a simple and monolithic way, so a combination of them can create an attractive design for you.

Price: Free


martoniclean yoga font

MartoniClean font is designed in monolithic letters and can be said to be a signature. If you are an athlete and would like to have a special signature, this yoga font will help you to sign some of your photos and documents.

Price: Premium


candlescript yoga font

 Candlescript font has handwritten and floral styles. You can use this font for various designs, including designs on T-shirts, packaging, cosmetics brands, and even design on photos.

Price: Free

Angle unique chic

angle unique chic yoga font

Angle unique chic font has letters that have the shape of an element. We can use these unique letters for various designs such as logo design, magazine cover design, posters, and even for designing titles and sports websites.

Price: Premium

Laterlocks All Caps Ligature Serif

laterlocks all caps ligature serif yoga font

Laterlocks, All Caps Ligature Serif feet, are designed in an elegant and luxurious way. End of letters They have a triangular shape. You can use this font to design many sports brands, clubs, including clubs that have several types of sports, such as gymnastics and fitness.

Price: Premium


arual yoga font

Arual font is a very luxurious and simple design. The letters of this font are thin. The letter A is a triangle with no line at the bottom, making it a unique design. Suitable for designing on T-shirts and sports brands such as yoga.

Price: Free

Palmer A Classic Serif

palmer a classic serif yoga font

Palmer A Classic Serif font is designed in a fashionable and masculine definition. You can use this yoga font for photography, art codes, sports brands, T-shirts.

Price: Premium


mirosa yoga font

MIROSA font is designed florish and classic. If you need a font in designing invitation cards, T-shirts, and business cards of different brands, this font can make your design more attractive.

Price: Premium


kiona yoga font

.The Kiona font was designed by a designer of three. The lines of this font are very simple. Some letters, for example, the letter K, are designed very differently from other letters, so you can use them to design sports posters, magazine covers, T-shirts, and different types of business cards.

Price: Free

Amaryllis Sans

amaryllis sans yoga font

Amaryllis Sans font is designed as clean and minimal. We can say that this font is a universal style and is used for many different brands, including sports brands, business card designs, and logos.

Price: Premium


aubrey yoga font

Aubrey font provided by designer Criselda Caecilia Titus. This yoga font has thin and thick curved lines for designs that need an informal style, for example, design on T-shirts, designing sports photos such as yoga and Pilates.

Price: Free

Celine Peach A Luxury

celine peach a luxury yoga font

Celine Peach A Luxury font is designed in handwriting and sans. You can use this font, considering that there are two different types of it, designing wedding cards, designing flyers for sports classes, designing different brands and websites.

Price: Premium


jasper yoga font

Jasper font is designed to be minimal and clean. You can use this font for use in various designs, such as designing T-shirts, designing invitation cards, and business coaches’ business cards

Price: Premium


yoga font

Yoga font is one of the most interesting fonts in this collection. Each of the letters indicates one of the sports movements used in yoga, and you can even use this yoga font to design a poster for gymnastics classes. An example of these movements is the letter L, which is a human being sitting and stretching his arms.

Price: Free

Honour Modern Vintage

honour modern vintage yoga font

Honor Modern Vintage font is designed in a minimal and luxurious way. The ends of these letters have curved shapes that end in a circular end. You can consider this font for floral designs, business cards, sports brands.

Price: Premium


jitzu yoga font

Jitzu font is one of the most interesting fonts in the collection of yoga fonts. This font is professionally designed. Very thick and thin lines together provide an extremely attractive design that you can use to design magazine covers, various sports brands, photography.

Price: Premium

Dolce Vita

dolce vita yoga font

Dolce Vita font provided by Muraknockout Media designer. This yoga font is presented in a very simple and universal way, which means that you can use this font in any design project, whether it is a sports project such as yoga, or fashion projects, and cosmetics brands.

Price: Free

Vertikal 3 Ultra Condensed

vertikal 3 ultra condensed yoga font

Vertikal 3 Ultra Condensed font is one of the modern and trendy designs that has bold or long letters. You can use it to design T-shirts, sports flyers, music covers, and magazine covers.

Price: Premium

Etoile Modern Elegant

etoile modern elegant yoga font

Etoile Modern Elegant font is designed in a feminine and stylish way. At the end of the letters, you can see that an interesting design and lines have ended in a narrow way, so you can use it for many different sports brands, magazine cover designs, and fashion catalogs.

Price: Premium

Foglihten No07

foglihten no07 yoga font

Foglihten No07 font is one of the interesting styles that the end of the letters is designed as a curve. This classic and minimal font can be used to provide an attractive design for many of the designs you need, as well as a sports design next to it.

Price: Free

Cyriele Elegant Display Serif

cyriele elegant display serif yoga font

Cyriele Elegant Display Serif font is a modern and stylish design that you can see in many covers of fashion and sports brands magazines, and you can also present a special and different design with this font.

Price: Premium

Juniper Folk

juniper folk yoga font

 Juniper Folk font has ten different types. Of these ten types of methionine, we should mention Symbol, Italic, and Light style. You can use this yoga font for many different purposes, including mug design, photography, art quotes.

Price: Premium

Next Southerland Serif

next southerland serif yoga font

Next Southerland Serif font designed in a classic and slab style. This font can be used for magazine covers, sports website titles, and business cards of coaches.

Price: Free

Road Crew

road crew yoga font

Road Crew font has monogram and retro style. Due to the fancy and playful lines that you can see in these letters, you can use them for designing photography, text, design on T-shirts with sports themes and motivational texts.

Price: Premium


amalia yoga font

Amalia font provided by Designer Five. This yoga font has mono lines and handwritten lines. You can use it to design business cards, sports class flyers, stationery, cosmetics brands.

Price: Free

North Carossela

north carossela yoga font

North Carossela font is one of the most interesting and luxurious fonts in this collection. Some letters are interconnected if placed next to each other. For example, if you put two S’s together, the end of the S line sticks to the beginning of the next letter S, resulting in a different design for many athletes and coaches. You can offer.

Price: Free


nesans yoga font

Nesans is one of the most interesting fonts in this collection, and its letters have a special curvature. The uppercase letters can be said to be very simple, and the lowercase letters have a number of curves that we can say that the combination of the two is great in sports brands such as yoga.

Price: Free

MADE Sunflower

made sunflower yoga font

MADE Sunflower font is one of the bold and crescent designs. You can use this font to design different fashion brands, florists, invitation cards, and coffee shop menus.

Price: Free


unreal yoga font

Unreal font provided by Designer Six. The interesting thing about this yoga font is that it has thin and thick lines in it. For example, the letter A is one of the bold lines, and the next diagonal lines and horizontal lines are thinly designed, so you can cover sports magazines, different styles, designs on clothes, And T-shirts.

Price: Free

Delight Cookies

delight cookies yoga font

Delight Cookies font is one of the humor fonts in the collection. The lines are presented in bold, and although you can see some of the letters, some of the lines are at the top instead of in the middle of the character, which gives it a fun style and is suitable for children’s designs, posters, and children’s clubs.

Price: Free


atlane yoga font

Atlane font has a classic and stylish style. You can use this font to design different brands, website titles, magazine covers, music, and anything that needs different energy.

Price: Free


qardoos yoga font

Qardoos font is for those who like their design to shine at the same time. You can use this yoga font for various designs such as business card design, invitation cards, fashion brands, mug design, and photography.

Price: Free

Gallmore Slab

gallmore slab yoga fon

Gallmore Slab font can brighten your design even more. If you are looking for atmosphere in different fonts, you can hold your hand here and use this font to design flyers and business cards for sports such as yoga.

Price: Free


In the above list you can find many choices to create a lot of options. for example creating visit card, energetic or relaxing themes in related with sport like you or running. hope you like it!

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