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Aquaman Movie Text Effect premium

One of the best features of “Aquaman” is that it takes the story out of your eyes to be superficial and unbalanced and gives the viewer the chance to enjoy the time-consuming images they see.

Locations, costumes, weather, specific forms of enemies and fantasy creatures, weapons, bursts, the makeup of artists and anything else you can think of will change throughout the film, but the only thing that is clear and unchanging from the beginning is the movie text style.

The text effect of this movie is one of the most creative examples of text effects you’ve ever seen in sci-fi movies. Its texture is astonishingly composed of marine bubbles and these bubbles are not uniformly distributed. And the golden sheets that surround these textures with a beautiful effect complement the movie text effect.

By the time we talk about the sea, you would wonder why not ads at sea, or even on the beach? That’s right, grow that thought, or even both that sail on sea and having the highlight text name.

By downloading this text style you get a file that allows you to edit all layers and fonts!

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  • Adobe Photoshop CS3 and above
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