Movie / Cinematic Text Effects

What is movie / cinematic text effect?

The style you create for a film logo or title is a movie text effect. One interesting fact about movie text effects is that they will never be outdated.

We have checked out different styles of different film titles ranging from old classic movies in 1930 to the most recent modern ones. They all have used text effects for branding and advertising.

Using different text styles for designing posters can create an attractive look for your designs and causes your designs always look fresh!

What are the different types of movie text effects?

We can classify movie text effects into 2D styles and 3D styles. The 2D style is mostly used for classic and old films and series and modern ones use 3D and more professional styles for their designing. One interesting fact is that when you look back you can see the 3D style is used in movie posters of the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s such as Dracula (1931), The Thief of Bagdad (1940), and Ben-Hur (1959). 3D effects are used for these film’s logos.

In the list below you, there are some of the most popular text styles used in modern films and series:

  • Avengers
  • Black Panther
  • Joker
  • Maleficent
  • Jumanji
  • Frozen
  • The Witcher
  • Game of Thrones

What are movie text effects usually used for?

Text effects are commonly used for posters, advertisement banners, film billboards, and trailers. New movies mostly have their own text effects. You might have this question in mind that does a famous movie’s text effects have any uses for me? Good question!

I’ll give you some real examples of our customers so that you will get to know the uses of text effects. Some of our customers have movies or series websites for introducing and analyzing movies. They use text effects for creating their ideal titles or they can write the title of the film in its same style in other languages such as Chinese or Spanish.

Some of our customers are designers who design social media banners or posters. They use text effects in different projects.

Using these items can reduce the amount of time you use for designing and you will get a satisfying result in no time! This way you can accept more projects and earn more money.

How are movie text effects created?

Text effects for real movies are usually created using 3D designing software. Fonts, colors, lighting, And different effects that create the style of a movie are the results of a graphic designer’s efforts and that movie’s branding.

Being inspired by these styles, we have designed different text effects in Photoshop, highly realistic-looking text styles that resemble the original ones. Automatically and with only one click, these text styles can be edited.
To get the best results, we put hundreds of layers with different settings on each other.

Browse this page and check out these text effects. You will see how professionally they are designed. If you like you can register as a premium member of the site and then you will have access to all text effects. In case you want to try and test the text styles first, there are free items available. You can download them.

How are movie text effects usually used?

As easy as a cucumber! Download the item you want from Hyperpix. Extract it from the zip file. Open the user gudie.pdf file and download the font that is used in that text effect and install in on your system.

Import the PSD file in Photoshop. (CS3 version or higher versions). In the layers panel, select the “YOUR DESIGN HERE” layer which is highlighted with yellow color. A new window will be opened. You can change the default text. From the “File” menu click on the “Save” button. This might take 30 seconds or more. Go back to the previous window. You will see that the text effect is simply applied to your text or logo.