Gold Text Effects

What is the gold text effect?

These types of text effects convert your text or logos into gold, bronze or silver styles. Some of these text effects are 3D. When you invert your own logo and save the file, the result will be so stunning and realistic that everyone might think you have used professional 3D software but it is done with Photoshop!

Browse this page and check out different Gold Text Effects. If you are a premium member you will have access to all these files and you can download and enjoy them. Below we will explain more about the usages of Gold Text Styles.

What are the different types of gold text effects?

We have not made separate categories for bronze and silver styles. Bronze, gold, and silver styles are included in the Gold Text Effect category. These styles are divided into 2D and 3D categories. It was 2015 that we were the first one to release Gold Text Effects. They gained popularity so fast so that made us release 3 more parts in a few months. One of the reasons that this series became so popular so fast was that they were very easy to use and looked very realistic.

What are gold text effects are used for?

These styles can be used in different projects. Some of our customers use them in designing flyers and invitation cards. These styles can also be used in designing logos, and luxury branding projects. By using these styles you can create a lux and elegant look for your texts or logos will.

All you need to do is to check out these files. We are sure that the results will satisfy you. If you are not a premium member you can only download free text effects. You can use free and premium files without any limitation for personal and commercial projects.

How are gold text styles created?

2D text effects are usually made from a seamless gold texture or maybe a low opacity gradient. Designing and creating these text styles are easy you just need to be patient.

3D Text Effects are made of different layers being on top of each other and impacting each other. The lower layers create color and texture and the upper ones are used for lighting and shading.

Designing these types of styles is hard and takes a lot of time. But no worries! We passed all these hard levels and now you can use these styles with only one click. This can save a lot of your time and you will be surprised!

Below I will explain to you how to use them.

How are gold text effects usually used?

After choosing and downloading your text effect extract it from the zip file and open userguide.pdf file. Open the link of the font that is used and download and install it. Open the PSD file in Photoshop and in the layers panel select the “YOUR DESIGN HERE” layer that has a yellow color.

Right-click on it and select “Edit Contents”. A new window is opened. You need to drag your text or logo into this new window and swap with the default text. Close the window. You will get the “Save changes to the Adobe Photoshop document …” message. Click on the “Yes” button to have the changes saved. This will take a few minutes. If working with an outdated system this time might be longer. The style is applied and you are all done!

Note that the text effects work perfectly on shapes and vectors and they are not just for texts!