Watercolor Text Effects

What is the watercolor text effect?

Have you ever drawn a watercolor painting? You ever had a designing project inspired by a watercolor painting? You might want to design your logo or text in a way as if it is drawn in watercolor. All you need to do is to drag your logo or text into these smart effects and with only one click you will have a watercolor style.

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional or amateur designer working with Photoshop. High quality and easy usage of these effects make these effects useful for both professional and amateur designers. Browse this page and check out watercolor text effects. If you are a premium member you will have unlimited access to all the effects and you can use them in your commercial and personal projects.

Below we will provide you more information on these effects.

What are watercolor text effects used for?

Invitation cards, wedding & engagement designs, postcards, flyers, posters, logos, social media banners, website, Instagram posts and stories, magazines, Mood boards, printing projects, t-shirt designs, apparel, and many other projects.

How are watercolor text effects created?

The watercolor texture is the main and most important element for creating Watercolor text styles. In order to have a perfect outcome, besides using watercolor texture we can use Photoshop filters. “Median”, “Ripple” and “Gaussian Blur” are the three highly used Photoshop effects. And in the end, we will use blending options to have the perfect outcome.

In order for these effects to be more practical, we will add Hue/Saturation layers and then with only one click you can add your favorite color.

Browse this page and check out watercolor effects. Download them and read the guide on how to use them.

What are watercolor text effects usually used for?

You do not need to have much knowledge of Photoshop to use these text effects. If you are using the CS3 or higher version of Photoshop, you only need to download the file and extract it from the zip file.

Open PSD file in Photoshop and double click on “YOUR DESIGN HERE” on the Thumbnail layer. You can add your text or logo to the new window. If you want to edit the default text you should install the font that is used in this file. Open the User Guide.PDF file and click on the font link. Download the font and install it on your system.

Go back to Photoshop and after making the changes go to the “File” menu and click on the “Save” button. Go back to the previous window; you will see that the watercolor text effect is applied to your text.