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Warcraft Movie Text Style premium

Blizzard has released a variety of versions of the “Warcraft” series of computer games, including dolls, books, and many other decorative items that have made a huge profit.

Now, it seems that after successful marketing and computer game experiences, the company, with the help of Hollywood studios, is trying to find its stake in the silver screen and knows that relying on its millions of fans; it will easily be in the box office of its own. And of course, they were successful.

What do you think about the text effect of this movie adaptation with the same name? Warcraft is a thrilling work that has its effect on movie text effect. The effect of the text is closely related to the theme of war and power-seeking.

The stone walls of the castles with noisy textures and cement are all reflected in the text style. The very deep cracks on this texture represent a fierce battle with blood and explosion.

There was the talk of blood and struggle. You might also consider using this theme on Halloween this year, and with the text effect in the middle of your flyers.

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  • Adobe Photoshop CS3 and above