60+ Best Free and Premium 1950s Fonts

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Best Free and Premium 50s Fonts

Craft a unique piece of typography by involving a sweet vintage touch, courtesy of 1950s fonts, and just like that, a time-tested character is lent to your project. Needless to say, along with it comes a rich history to enhance the impact of your lettering. Creative in their own simple fashion, these fonts seem accomplished and a wee bit playful sometimes. Quite impressive, right?

When it comes to 1950s fonts, a neat expressive design is in the bag one way or another. So you can say they work impeccably for authentic branding, signage, to-the-point ads, or other smooth artworks of yours. What can you say? They’re versatile to the core!

Best 1950s Fonts

Here we’ve gathered the best free and premium 1950s fonts to be found all together for your convenience. Choose yours now, and let’s get the ball rolling, so that your final classic work gets all the attention at first sight.

Cottage Sans – 1950’s Style

cottage sans 1950's style 50s font

Cottage Sans is a 1950’s Style font created by Monocotype. The font has two styles and includes a kerning and multilingual character. This typeface is suitable for 50s designs, quotes, greeting cards, flyers, blog headers, titles, and many more designs.

Price: Premium


Vignettic 50s Font

Vignettic is a cursive and joyful font. This font has been one of the main elements in 50’s themes and romantic movies. Now you can use it in girls’ designs, chocolate packaging, and many more.

Price: Free

Kandani Retro Bold Script

Kandani Retro Bold Script 50s Font

The Kandani Retro Bold Script has a Grove style font. This nostalgic font with script lines is reminiscent of the 50s. With this font, you can package products and use them in nostalgic designs.

Price: Premium


wrestlemania 50s font

Wrestlemania designed by Jayde Garrow is a heavy fancy font with capital letters. This 50s font is free for personal use only.

Price: Free

Conserta – Vintage Display

conserta vintage display 50s font

Conserta is a Vintage Display Font created by Konstantine Studio. This is one of the beautiful 50s fonts with which perfect for creating a vintage touch. The font featured alternates, ligatures, and old-style numbers.

Price: Premium

Purple Purse Pro

purple purse pro 50s font

Purple Purse Pro created by Stiggy & Sands is one of the beautiful 1950s fonts with which you can provide a perky personality for your creation. This typeface features small caps and stylistic alternates for caps to small caps conversion. Check out this OpenType Pro Typeface!

Price: Premium

Luckiest Guy Pro

luckiest guy pro 50s font

Luckiest Guy Pro created by Stiggy & Sands is an OpenType Pro typeface. This typeface comes with bold unicase letter forms and has a wide range of usability. The font is packed with the full set of Inferiors and Superiors for limitless fractions, small caps, and alternates. Check out this lovely font!

Price: Premium


athena 50s font

Another one of the 50s fonts that I want to recommend you to check out is Athena created by Ellen Luff. This fancy retro typeface satisfies you, try it!

Price: Free

Retro Diner

retro diner 50s font

Retro Diner font presented by Kitaleigh is a perfect font for any projects such as logos, Ads, webpages or any other projects. Use the text id editable text format and make a unique design.

Price: Premium

Reckless + Fabulous DropCaps

reckless + fabulous dropcaps 50s font

Reckless is a fabulous classic vintage font by Spencer & Sons Co. this typeface that is one of the geometric fonts can be used for different designs such as logos and graphic game designs. create a retro look with this font.

Price: Premium


lead 50s font

Lead font by imagex is free for personal use. This is a unique all caps font that you need to check out for your next design!

Price: Free

Nacho Script Pro

nacho script pro 50s font

Nacho Script Pro by Vastago Studio is a classic typeface with which you can create a traditional look and feel for your design. The font is ideal for different designs such as Ads, commercial projects, logos, labels and more. It has a casual style yet creates a luxury look. Get the font and enjoy creation.

Price: Premium

Cornhusker Regular | Condensed

cornhusker regular / condensed 50s font

Cornhusker Regular is one of the Condensed fonts by Section Type. This Sans typeface is inspired by Midwestern signage in the 40s. the font is ideal for retro and modern designs and includes basic Latin character set, multilingual diacritics, numbers, international currency figures, punctuation and pagination symbols.

Price: Premium


risque 50s font

Risque Font by Astigmatic One Eye Typographic Institute is a retro fun font. This is a quirky font that can work for many different purpose designs.

Price: Free


Atomicaboy 50s Font

Atomicaboy font designed by Coastal Type. This font with cyberpunk style and futurism is similar to the themes of movies and animations of the ’50s with many fans. Now you can use themes in the 50s, animation, video games.

Price: Premium

Sacramento Pro Family

sacramento pro family 50s font

Sacramento Pro Family by Stiggy & Sands comes with a unique style that is a combination of formal and casual lettering style. This typeface includes contextual and stylistic alternates and ligatures. Different weights are also available for the font and you can pick the one that fits your design.

Price: Premium


oilvare 50s font

Oilvare Font Family is a hand-drawn and layered font designed by Adam Ladd. Discretionary ligatures are packed with this typeface and they can be turned on and off in the OpenType programs. You can mix and match the different layers and styles and create a design to your liking.

Price: Premium

Park Lane NF

park lane nf 50s font

Park Lane NF by Nick’s Fonts is a totally free fancy font including all caps letters, numbers, and punctuation. Create a unique retro design with this font!

Price: Free


badmood 50s font

Badmood by artimasa is one of the amazing hand-lettered script 50s fonts that can be used for multiple designs such as greeting cards, wedding invitations, logos, shirt designs and more. The font includes glyphs and alternate characters and can create an attractive look.

Price: Premium

Whirly Birdie

whirly birdie 50s font

Whirly Birdie by Skyhaven Fonts is a retro uppercase font that is ideal for titles and headers. This bold font has an expanded character set and other beautiful ornaments and features.

Price: Premium

Palm Canyon Drive

palm canyon drive 50s font

Palm Canyon Drive by RetroSupply Co. is of the gorgeous Monoline fonts that create a classy tone. The font features all standard alpha-numeric characters and popular catchwords and it fits many designs such as postcards, flyers, quotes, cards and many more.

Price: Premium


urban 50s font

Urban is one of the unique fonts designed by Peter Olexa. This typeface has two font files and it is only free for non-profit use.

Price: Free


tuesnight 50s font

Tuesnight created by PintassilgoPrints is inspired by movie posters of the sixties. This typeface is packed with alternates and swashes. Using this font you can create different letter shapes and amazing looking artwork.

Price: Premium


workhorse 50s font

Workhorse by Borges Lettering is a beautiful hand-lettered font with which you can create an elegant design. if you are looking for one of the highly readable fonts, you should check this one!

Price: Premium


grantmouth 50s font

Grantmouth is a fancy display font created by Graptail Type Studio. This typeface is made by hand and it is inspired by classic labels. Try this all caps retro fonts.

Price: Free

Centrifuge Family

Centrifuge Family by Midwest Type has different versions; light, regular and bold. This is one of the geometric 50s fonts that can be used for both formal and funky designs. this font fits for short-form text and headers.

Price: Premium


Spooktacular font family is presented by Aiyari and is the fusion of horror movies and vintage comics. Magic OpenType features such as contextual and stylistic alternates are featured by this font. this playful font is suitable for 50s design, quotes, cover albums, flyers, packaging, and branding.

Price: Premium

Ayuenda Shadow

ayuenda shadow 50s font

Ayuenda Shadow is designed by Faqih Fawaji is free of cost for commercial and non-commercial use. All caps letters, numbers, and basic punctuation are featured by this font.

Price: Free


Another one of the 50s fonts that I want to introduce to you is Carosello created by Unio. This hand—made font is highly versatile and creates stunning designs. Try it!

Price: Premium


Beauford Font made by Annenkov Dmitriy is free for personal use. This is a full-featured font including ligatures, swashes, alternates, and glyphs. This vintage display font is suitable for headlines, logos, flyers, shirt designs and many more.

Price: Premium

Will Robinson

will robinson 50s font

Will Robinson font is made by De Nada Industries in 1999. You can use this excellent font on a wide selection of typography, get it!

Price: Free

Serifa Typeface

Serifa Typeface by Type Box is one of the 1950s fonts with a hand-painted style. Two versions are available for this font and it covers beautiful designs.

Price: Premium

Boller Typeface

Boller Typeface created by Fusion Labs is one of the 50s fonts with retro and vintage style. Ornamental uppercase is included in this font along with many glyphs. This typeface looks good on cads, invitations, quotes, posters, Ads logos.

Price: Premium

Whirly Birdie

whirly birdie 50s font

Whirly Birdie font is created by Skyhaven Fonts. I recommend you to check out this retro font for your multiple designs.

Price: Free


OverEasy by RetroSupply Co is a heavy font. The American diner culture has inspired this font. Western European languages are supported by this full-featured font and it looks amazing on different designs.

Price: Premium

Hamburger Hop

hamburger hop 50s font

Hamburger Hop by Remedy667 includes 9 quality fonts. This typeface that is one of the highly versatile 1950s fonts is perfectly suitable for menus, flyers, book covers, movies, and many more designs.

Price: Premium


copasetic 50s font

Copasetic is one of the totally free 50s fonts created by Nick’s Fonts. this all caps fancy font is a good choice for titles, headers, banners, and other display designs.

Price: Free


oilvare 50s font

Oilvare Font Family created by Adam Ladd is a hand-lettered font that allows the user to mix and match the layers and make the style they like. Check out the font!

Price: Premium

Wolf’s Bane Super-Expanded

wolf's bane super expanded 50s font

Wolf’s Bane Super-Expanded by Iconian Fonts comes with 8 font files. This strong caps font easily draws attention to your designs.

Price: Free


showtime 50s font

Showtime is designed by Jake Luedecke and is Art-Deco inspired. If you want to create a unique classic and vintage look you need to check out this font!

Price: Premium


roadstar 50s font

Roadstar Font Script by Kustomtype has a retro brush style. This font has two styles and it includes the full set of upper and lower case letters, punctuation, numbers, and symbols. The font is carefully designed for shirts, signage, flyers, packaging and more.

Price: Premium


fiesta 50s font

Fiesta is an all caps free font for personal use created by Nowak.tv. Fiesta looks good on any designs such as quotes, covers, books, logos, and many other designs.

Price: Free

Milan | A Vintage Sans Serif

milan a vintage sans serif 50s font

Milan is one of the 50s vintage Sans Serif fonts created by Jen Wagner Co. this classic all caps font looks stunning in any design and can create a classic look.

Price: Premium


jeames 50s font

Jeames created by Very Cool Studio has three weights and looks good on large titles and displays. Different features and languages are supported by the font. get the font, it can satisfy you!

Price: Premium


rebute 50s font

Rebute font has two font files and is presented by Twicolabs Fontdation. The full set of standard characters is available for this font and it is free of cost for personal use.

Price: Free

Cobalt 27 Modernist

cobalt 27 modernist 50s font

Cobalt 27 Modernist designed by Lee Iley is a versatile font family including Regular, bold and medium versions. If you are looking for one of the 1950s fonts with an array of different weights you need to check this typeface!

Price: Premium

Display Gothic 1958

display gothic 1958 50s font

Display Gothic 1958 by SouthpawMiller is a classic typeface including many characters which makes the font perfect for headlines and other display type designs. this condensed font with bold style creates a vintage look.

Price: Premium

MADE Cannes

made cannes 50s font

MADE Cannes is a free font for non-commercial use and is presented by MadeType. This font is inspired by the art deco style and allows you to combine upper and lowercase letters. This retro font is ideal for flyers, branding, magazine, packaging, and more.

Price: Free

Type Calendar 2019

type calendar 2019 50s font

Type Calendar 2019 by Fenotype is one of the antique Sans Serif 50s fonts. Different versions are available for this heavy font and provide you the opportunity to mix and match and create a style you like!

Price: Premium


pirates 50s font

Pirates is a beautiful vintage display font created by Unicode. Retro, vintage and classic styles are available for this font which makes the font suitable for different designs like headers, invitations, greeting cards, banners, signs, signage and etc. glyphs, stylistic and contextual alternates, swashes, and ligatures are provided by this font.

Price: Premium

Rocket Script

rocket script 50s font

Rocket Script font created by Font Diner is one of the good looking fonts with a unique style. This script font is free for non-commercial use.

Price: Free


jongleur 50s font

Jongleur by PintassilgoPrints is a hand-drawn display font that can be very handy for different purpose designs. One of the 50s fonts that are ideal for titles, headers, flyers, book covers and also the text is this typeface!

Price: Premium

LHF Retro Ricky Doohickies

lhf retro ricky doohickies 50s font

LHF Retro Ricky Doohickies by Letterhead Fonts is one of the groovy retro fonts. this font can save a lot of your time while creating vintage logos and designs.

Price: Premium


mafia 50s font

Another one of the totally free 50s fonts is Mafia designed by Vladimir Nikolic. The font comes in Regular and Hollow version with their Italics and it has four font files. Try this all caps strong font!

Price: Free

The Black Box

the black box 50s font

The Black Box has two font files and is created by deFharo. Basic ornaments are included in this font and with it, you can create beautiful retro banners.

Price: Free


barcade 50s font

Barcade font includes 18 font files and is created by Iconian Fonts. this fancy font has a unique style and includes beautiful ornaments.

Price: Free

19th Century Renegade

19th century renegade 50s font

19th Century Renegade by Chequered Ink is a free bold font for personal use. This is one of the only caps 50s fonts that can be used for a wide range of designs such as headers, signs, logos, and banners.

Price: Free


large 50s font

Large designed by Vladimir Nikolic is a totally free font. Two versions and four font files are available for this typeface. Try it!

Price: Free

Safir Script

safir script personal use only 50s font

Safir Script PERSONAL USE ONLY Font created by Måns Grebäck. This is a good fun font, Try it!

Price: Free

Madness Hyperactive

madness hyperactive 50s font

Madness Hyperactive font is made by Chequered Ink. This fun font is free for non-commercial use. Check out this super sweet font!

Price: Free

Riemann Theatre

riemann theatre 50s font

Riemann Theatre font created by Chequered Ink is only for non-commercial use. This typeface is one of the beautiful fonts that makes your design stand out.

Price: Free


hardman 50s font

Hardman designed by Peter Wiegel is a retro font. This thick display font is totally free for your designs and features the full set of characters.

Price: Free

Reach the End

reach the end 50s font

Reach the End font created by Chequered Ink needs a license for commercial use. This fun font creates a stunning look for your creations.

Price: Free


sneakout 50s font

Sneakout font by Elephant Shape is a full-featured retro font. this typeface is totally free of cost for all your designs.

Price: Free


We tried our best to gather some of the best 50s fonts on our list. Hope you have enjoyed it. If you think we have missed any worthy fonts drop a line for us in the comment section. Sharing the list with others?

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