45+ Best Free and Premium Happy Birthday Fonts

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Best Free and Premium Birthday Fonts

It wouldn’t be fair to these following happy birthday fonts if you don’t benefit from their ornamental details for occasions other than birthdays. Like how great would it be to put lovely delicate letters on your wedding card invitation and charm the guests? Between you and us, you’ll be amazed once you see them as logos and labels as well.

What can you say? You can’t let this much elegance and style go to waste, especially when a stylish touch has a say in it too. Feel free to apply these fonts to anything, birthday-related or not, and there’s no way your text doesn’t stick out with youthful, happy vibes.

Best Happy Birthday Fonts

Going through every last birthday font on the internet, we gathered a list of top choices, including more than 45 items. All the best freebies are covered in this curated list, and so are the premium versions. How awesome is that?


instalove birthday font

InstaLove SVG Font is designed by Nicky Laatz. This is a regular font loaded with alternates and ligatures. The font can create a great vibe and a natural look for your designs. Try this birthday font!

Price: Premium

Yeah foil balloon colour

yeah-foil balloon colour birthday font

Yeah foil balloon colour font is created by Itsmesimon. This is a big shiny typeface supporting OpenType features. This is a high- energetic font with a beautiful style. You can use this font on many designs!

Price: Premium

Davys Ribbons

davys ribbons birthday font

The next one of the birthday fonts that you need to check out is Davys Ribbons Font. This cool typeface is designed by David Rakowski in 1991. It is a very lovely design.

Price: Free

My Lovely

my lovely birthday font

This typeface is one of the beautiful birthday fonts that are packed with swashes and end swashes. This font also includes numerals, punctuation, and symbols. My Lovely is perfect for monograms, branding, logos, labels, etc.

Price: Premium

The Perfect Match Fonts and Dings

The Perfect Match Fonts and Dings birthday font

The Perfect Match Fonts and Dings is one of the fantasy fonts used as a signature and used to write birthday text for your friends. This font has eight different fonts that you can use in any combination.

Price: Premium


alphaballoons2 birthday font

This happy balloon shape font is a perfect choice to make a happy birthday with and cheer up a friend. AlphaBalloons2 Font is a fancy birthday font presented by Beeline.

Price: Free

Birthday Party

birthday party birthday font

Birthday Party is a gorgeous handwritten Font by KA Designs. This cute font is a perfect choice for shirts, mugs, flyers, headlines, and other designs. This typeface is packed with alternate characters.

Price: Premium

Hello Paris

hello paris birthday font

Hello Paris is a modern and elegant font designed by Sans & Sons. Use Hello Paris for branding, logos, invitations and etc.

Price: Premium


helium birthday font

This Balloon Letter Font is designed by Leslie Ray. This playful font is perfect for kid’s decorations and it can also be used for invitations, home décor, branding, stationery, and other designs.

Price: Premium


slight birthday font

Slight is one of the elegant and full-featured birthday fonts Font by Up Up Creative. This calligraphy script font can be used for designing invitations and also for editorial designing. Glyphs, alternates such as stylistic and contextual numerals, ligatures, different standard styles, and multilingual support are all provided by this font.

Price: Premium

Roseroot Cottage

roseroot cottage birthday font

This font is a romantic and playful typeface that is designed by Emily Spadoni. This quirky birthday font comes with upper and lowercase letters and you can create a decorative and fun look with it.

Price: Premium

Royal Fighter

royal fighter birthday font

Royal Fighter made by khurasan is a modern brush font. This handwritten font has an elegant set of characteristics and can create a vintage feel. This birthday font is crafted with love, Try it!

Price: Premium


happy birthday birthday font

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Font is a fun and colorful typeface presented by TheCrownIsMine. Commercial use of this font needs donations.

Price: Free

Kindness Matters Font SVG Regular

Kindness Matters Font SVG Regular birthday font

Kindness Matters Font SVG Regular is one of the hand-written and straightforward fonts with which you can easily design a friendly greeting card. Vintage lines with a combination of low and high ink concentrations are one of the natural combinations.

Price: Premium

The Amoret

the amoret birthday font

I want to introduce you one of the luxury birthday fonts; The Amoret that is a stunning Sans font. The font comes with logo templates so you can use it for designing modern logos and create a beautiful style. I hope you enjoy Amoret!

Price: Premium

Hello Beautiful

hello beautiful birthday font

This typeface by Nicky Laatz is one of the hand-scripted fonts. To make authenticity for your designs this gorgeous font is packed with marker swashes. Design your happy birthday cards with Hello Beautiful Font.

Price: Premium

Kingthings Bloone!

kingthings bloone! birthday font

This is one of the awesome birthday fonts that is created in 1999 by Kingthings. Kingthings Bloone Font is free for commercial and non-commercial use. It is a very nice design; check it out.

Price: Free


made saonara birthday font

MADE SAONARA by MadeType is a Serif typeface. This font will work flawlessly for logos, ads, wedding or birthday invitations, quotes, blogs, etc.

Price: Premium


seventies birthday font

This layered font is presented by Sproviero-Type. You can use Seventies for book covers, flyers, magazines, etc. this is a complete package; check it out!

Price: Premium

JI Balloon Caps

ji balloon caps birthday font

JI Balloon Caps Font is only free for personal use. This birthday font is presented by Jeri Ingalls in 2001. You will love it and you can get the best use of it on your different projects.

Price: Free

Melvin and Emily Font Duo

Melvin and Emily Font Duo birthday font

Melvin and Emily Font Duo is one of the romantic fonts that will be great and attractive with different fonts. Birthdays, weddings, luxury brands of jewelry, and cosmetics are among the applications of this duo font.

Price: Premium

Modern Symphony Font Duo

modern symphony birthday font

Modern Symphony Font Duo presented by Calamar is a modern calligraphy font. This is an elegant font that pairs with other fonts and can create a unique style and a luxury look for your birthday designs. The font has two font files and supports a wide range of ligatures and alternates. Check out this classic Serif font!

Price: Premium

Fragile Collection

fragile collection birthday font

This one is one of the unique fonts with three weights that all come with their own personality. This font is designed to be used in designing logos, headlines, ads, etc. check out Fragile Collection for your next projects.

Price: Premium

The Blooming Elegant

the blooming elegant birthday font

The Blooming Elegant Font Trio by Nicky Laatz is a fancy typeface and has a playful nature. This is one of the birthday fonts with three weights that each can create a hand letter look for your designs. check out this font; it is awesome!

Price: Premium


kg bday1 birthday font

KG BDAY1 Font by Katz Fontz is only free for non-commercial use. This is a very cool design; you will like it for your birthday cards.

Price: Free


speakeasy birthday font

Speakeasy that is a Classy Serif is presented by Think Make Design. this handmade script font that is packed with fancy glyphs can help to make your projects shine! Use this font for wedding invitations, flyers, logos, advertisements, magazines, etc.

Price: Premium

Birthday Wish

birthday wish birthday font

Birthday Wish by Pink Broccoli is a Sans Serif typeface. This font is inspired by the birthday greeting cards of the late ’70s. This typeface includes a unique character set which can be surprising for you. Make your happy birthday wishes with Birthday Wish.

Price: Premium

KG Chasing Cars

kg chasing cars birthday font

KG Chasing Cars by Kimberly Geswein is one of the fancy and decorative birthday fonts. this is an all caps design fee for personal use.

Price: Free

Margarita Light

Margarita Light birthday font

Margarita Light is a floral and alginate font. This font is one of the luxury choices you can use to greet cards and wedding invitations or birthday parties and have a happy party.

Price: Premium

Blitzen Deer

blitzen deer birthday font

Blitzen Deer is a fun bold font presented by khurasan. This display font can be used for fun projects and it is also suitable for greeting cards, quotes, logos, branding, and more designs.

Price: Premium

Happy Dance

happy dance birthday font

Happy Dance is one of the hand Lettered fonts by Rad And Happy. This typeface will fulfill all your designing needs. This clean legible font is packed with great features such as lower and uppercase letters, punctuation and numerals.

Price: Premium

Lotus Eater

lotus eater birthday font

Lotus Eater is one of the Vintage birthday fonts. This clean typeface comes with ligatures and alternate glyphs. It is also packed with Uppercase, lowercase, numeral, punctuation, and Symbols. Lotus Eater is perfectly ideal for magazine headers, flyers, packaging, branding, birthday cards, and a lot of other designs.

Price: Premium

KG A Little Swag

kg a little swag birthday font

Check out KG A Little Swag à € by Kimberly Geswein. This fancy font is free for your personal projects.

Price: Free


lovelyn birthday font

Lovelyn Font by Craft Supply Co. is a Serif and elegant typeface that provides the user with a large range of possibilities. This attractive birthday font is ideal for branding, book covers, craft designs, flyers, logos, vintage and retro designs, etc. Lovelyn Font will make your projects look elegant and classy!

Price: Premium

Bloomishly Brush

bloomishly brush birthday font

Bloomishly Brush is another one of the fabulous fonts designed by Nicky Laatz. This script font can create a fresh and unique look for your designs. Bloomishly is perfect for greetings, birthday and wedding invitations, logos, labels, etc. make a happy birthday wish with this font!

Price: Premium

KR Birthday Letters

kr birthday letters birthday font

This is one of the fun looking birthday fonts and is made by Kats Fun Fonts. you do not need donations to use this cute font for your personal designs.

Price: Free

Hello Sunshine

hello sunshine birthday font

This font designed by Nicky Laatz is one of the delightful birthday fonts. Sunshine is an authentic hand brush font packed with superhero ornaments. The alternate characters that are packed with this font allow you to make a unique look for your design. Stylistic alternates and ligatures are featured by this font and multilingual support is provided. Use this font to wish a happy birthday for your beloved ones!

Price: Premium

Saint Amour Script

saint amour script birthday font

This calligraphy font is presented by Calamar. Saint Amour is a perfect choice for designing wedding invitations, cards, logos, birthday invitations, etc. Uppercase and Lowercase Cyrillic, basic punctuation, numerals, Latin characters and also ligatures are packed with this birthday font.

Price: Premium

Star Strella

star strella birthday font

I want to introduce you to one of the amazing fonts; Star Strella that is presented by Jaime Rangel Castro. This typeface includes many different swashes and supports OpenType features.

Price: Free

Julietta Script

julietta script birthday font

Julietta is one of the lovely fonts by Luna Paper Co. this typeface includes beginning and end swashes, alternates and ligatures, numbers and punctuation. Many different languages are supported by Julieta!

Price: Premium

Font Bundle

font bundle birthday font

This hand-lettered birthday script font is a perfect choice for decorative designs. all the decorative pieces you need are packed with this font. just check it out; you will absolutely love it!

Price: Premium

Snacker Comic Personal Use Only

snacker comic personal use only birthday font

This cool and balloon shape font is a personal use only font presented by Mans Greback. Check out Snacker Comic.

Price: Free

Hillania Script

hillania script birthday font

This typeface is one of the modern calligraphic typefaces and is presented by Yulinda Studio. The carefully crafted letters of the Hillania Script Font can help your design look beautiful. This is an ideal font to be used for many different projects such as logos, wedding and birthday invitations, posters, branding, stationery, etc.

Price: Premium

Be Bright

be bright birthday font

This hand brush typeface that is packed by swashes is presented by Seniors. This sweet calligraphy font includes many different ligatures and supports international languages. Be Bright is perfect for quotes, stationery, logos, flyers, etc.

Price: Premium

SF Balloons

sf balloons birthday font

SF Balloons Font by ShyFoundry is only free of cost for personal designs. Check out this fun typeface!

Price: Free

Gatlik Saphir

gatlik saphir birthday font

Gatlik Saphir by Alcode is a classic typeface with modern elements. Enhance your creativity with this font and use it for book covers, logos, labels, business cards, birthday cards, or any other design that you want to make a luxurious feel for.

Price: Premium

Happy Birthday. Lettering

happy birthday lettering birthday font

Happy Birthday by kio is one of the birthday fonts that you need to check out. This font can work for greeting cards, signs, posters, banners, business card and any other designs that you can think of.

Price: Premium


Did you check out this list of birthday fonts? We hope you like it and share it with others. Also, we are looking forward to receiving your comments.

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