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What font is used in the Onward logo?

I did a lot of research to find the font used in the Onward logo. I didn’t find the exact font used in the logo. Most likely, this font has been personalized.

Anyway, I found two fonts that are very similar to the original logo font. The first is premium and the second is free. You can manipulate these fonts a bit to make them look like the desired font.

The first font is “Penumbra Half Serif Std SemiBold” and was designed by Lance Hidy and published by Adobe. This font is Premium and you can buy it from the link below.

The second alternative font is “Ice Kingdom” and was designed by Kustren. You can use it in your personal projects. Click on the button below to download it.

In my opinion, this animation has many secrets, if you look it is like shiny metal sheets, but once you pay attention to notice that they are woodcut with lines and engraving, and like the concept of the story, it slowly takes its place. Technology like electronics and data metals has changed its color to silver. Use these wooden pieces of fonts in animations that you are facing or are making, or amid a jungle of rainforest animations.

About Onward

Pixar’s new “Onward” animation, co-written by Chris Pratt and Tom Holland, has garnered good acclaim from critics.

Onward animation is one of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures’ latest adventures in drama, fantasy, comedy, animation, and family, made by the well-known director of the Pixar world, Dan Scanlon, director and author of the Animation Monsters University (Monsters University).

The Onward world is extremely strange; in this animation, we are dealing with a world where magic has disappeared and industries and technology have taken over. In fact, according to the story, the narrator tells us at the very beginning of the story, magic once existed throughout the universe until, with the presence of inventors and scientists, people turned their attention to things like “electric lamp” and “stove” and ” The textile factories”, and… are turning around and eventually, after a long time, the magic disappears from this world and is forgotten.

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