60+ Best Free and Premium Creepy and Spooky Fonts

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Free and Premium Creepy Fonts

Among the many categories available on Hyperpix, these spooky fonts may be the only ones able to creep you out in spite of their lovely details. Kind of cool, right? And perhaps a bit confusing sometimes! You’ve got their cute cartoonish looks on the one hand, and the creepy vibes radiating from them on the other. See what we’re dealing with here?!

These fantasy letterforms look great on only everything, including posters, games, banners, and websites along with many others. The quirky outlines and the often-crooked bodies manage to capture your imagination to the hilt. It’s like getting dragged into a new crazy world with great adventures ahead!

Best Creepy and Spooky Fonts

The following list of creepy and spooky fonts really comes in handy for when you have a Halloween party to attend! So we’ve got them both free and premium to get you going either way, provided you swing by our text effect fiesta too!


dreadful creepy font

Dreadful is from a layered font family and is inspired by classic movies. This horror display font is ideal for apparel design, invitations, quotes, logo designs, and many more designs. Dreadful is one of the creepy designs you need to check out.

Price: Premium

Moonhells Typeface

moonhells typeface creepy font

One of the strong Spooky fonts that you need to check is Moonhells Typeface that is designed to complement the Halloween parties and help you with designing Halloween posters.

Price: Premium


hellianna creepy font

Hellianna font is what you need around October and Halloween. Bring a few letters, and then paste in this font that can be used in movies, flyers, and scary posters.

Price: Premium

Mystery Quest

mystery quest creepy spooky font

Mystery Quest is a funky font that has beautiful curves. This playful font can be used on different designs. Mystery Design includes upper and lower case letters, numeral, and basic punctuation.

Price: Free

Hellwolf Typeface

hellwolf typeface creepy font

Hellwolf Typeface by wubstudio is one of the Serif creepy fonts that is suitable for Halloween. This is a creepy looking yet elegant typeface that consists of graphics and design templates and can fulfill different design needs.

Price: Premium

Endless Sorrow

endless sorrow creepy font

Endless Sorrow by artimasa is an all caps display font that can create a handwritten touch. This Spooky font is ideal for handcrafted projects such as banners, illustrations, covers, banners, etc. the font includes catchwords and can be used with other regular fonts.

Price: Premium


frijole creepy spooky font

Frijole is a bold spicy font featuring all caps letters. This can be a satisfying font that can be used on a wide range of designs. The spooky font has a regular style, check it out!

Price: Free

Spooktacular Font Family + Extras

spooktacular creepy spooky font

Spooktacular Font Family + Extras is created by Aiyari. This is a spooky playful font family that can create a vintage horror look. OpenType features such as alternates and ligatures are supported by the font. try this creepy font for your designs and make them look perfect.

Price: Premium

Kingthings Lupine

kingthings lupine creepy font

Kingthings Lupine presented by Kingthings is a decorative font that comes with two font files. If you are looking for one of the free of cost creepy fonts for both commercial and personal use check out this fancy font.

Price: Free

Cutlass Typeface

cutlass typeface creepy font

Cutlass Typeface by MIAODRAWING is a fun fancy font packed with handmade extras. This font is absolutely suitable for headings, quotes, logos, apparel designs, etc.

Price: Premium


griffy creepy font

Griffy that is presented by Font Diner can create a spooky touch for your designs. it can be a fun font, check it out.

Price: Free

Muertos Typeface

muertos typeface creepy font

This strange font supporting multilingual uppercase characters, punctuation, numbers and alternate letters are presented by Tugcu Design Co. try Muertos Typeface.

Price: Premium


bonestyle creepy font

Bonestyle by Tooris is one of the imperfect display fonts that are ideal for displays and can fulfill a wide variety of display needs. The stylistic set of the characters is provided by this font o you can try mixing and matching.

Price: Premium

October Crow

october crow creepy font

October Crow by Sinister Fonts is one of the 100% free creepy fonts. Check out this fancy hand-lettered font for your next projects.

Price: Free


mukadua creepy font

Mukadua typeface includes two types of fonts. this is one of the Spooky fonts that can be used for happy concepts yet it looks good in dark horror concepts. This Serif font includes Upper and lower case letters, punctuation, and numbers.

Price: Premium

Karloff Halloween Horror

Karloff Halloween Horror font

Karloff Halloween Horror Font is a scary theme with a wood design that you have seen more in ghost capture movies. We recommend this font for Halloween design with skeletons, crows, and other elements.

Price: Premium

Man Eater BB

man eater bb creepy font

Man Eater BB Font Family published by Blambot Comic Fonts is an imperfect creepy font with two versions; Regular and Bold. This is a simple yet legible font, try it.

Price: Free

Herald Bouncy

herald bouncy creepy font

Herald Bouncy by Flavortype is one of the geometrically designed Serif creepy fonts. When using this typeface the concept of your design doesn’t matter so it can be scary, mystical, fun or anything else. To complete your project get Herald Bouncy!

Price: Premium

Creaky Frank

creaky frank creepy font

The fancy Creaky Frank presented by Font Diner s free for personal use. This horror all caps font features numbers and punctuation.

Price: Free

FM Creep Mode

fm creep mode creepy font

FM Creep Mode by Made by fontmonger is one of the unique Spooky fonts that you have to check out. This typeface can be used in Halloween design and will provide you the best results.

Price: Free


shriek! creepy font

Shriek! Designed by Denise Chandler is one of the quirky hand-drawn creepy fonts that are suitable for Halloween projects like signs, shirts, and invitations. You can use this typeface for both commercial and non-commercial projects.

Price: Premium

Silenthell Typeface

silenthell typeface creepy font

Silenthell Typeface that is packed with extras and catchwords is inspired by vintage typography. This typeface is one of the amazing creepy fonts that you can use for banners, book covers, logos, flyers, and more designs.

Price: Premium


latchboy creepy font

Latchboy is one of the curly Spooky fonts designed by Christopher Hansen. Check out this fancy font that is free for non-commercial use.

Price: Free

Hallowen Typeface

hallowen typeface creepy font

Halloween Typeface is one of the creepy fonts that have a retro vintage style. Check out the font for your next project!

Price: Premium

Halloween by Factal

halloween creepy font

This creepy font presented by Factal comes with capital letters and it is ideal for greeting cards and flyers. Check it out; you will like the evil pumpkins.

Price: Premium

Frank Knows

frank knows creepy font

Frank Knows Designed by Chris Hansen featuring both upper case and lower case alphabets are free for non-profitable designs.

Price: Free

Zombie Dust

zombie dust creepy font

One of the hand-made creepy fonts that I want to introduce to you is Zombie Dust by Fontdation. This typeface will provide you the chance to make perfect combinations and make amazing hand-lettering quickly. Being packed with alternates, ligatures, stylistics, punctuation, and numerals you can make a touch of finesse for your design.

Price: Premium


heartless creepy font

Heartless that is a great Deathmetal Font is presented by Lettersiro. This great looking font is designed with perfect composition and you can use it for designing your logos, clothing, album covers, etc.

Price: Premium

Spooky Halloween

spooky halloween creepy font

This typeface made by Misti’s Fonts has two font files and also includes upper and lower case letters, punctuation, numbers, and symbols. This good looking font is free for personal use.

Price: Free


Villain creepy and spooky font

Villain – Multi Alternate Glyph Font with vintage texture and creepy design is one of the most suitable options. You can design t-shirts and posters with a black background and have scary elements such as vampires and Dracula by choosing it.

Price: Premium


beast creepy font

Beast that is a Brush Font packed with uppercase letters is presented by Tugcu Design Co. this typeface also provides alternate letters, punctuation, and numerals. Check out the font.

Price: Premium

Ocean Twelve

ocean twelve creepy font

Ocean Twelve is a modern handwritten font presented by joelmaker. This is one of the Spooky fonts inspired by modern typography and it is ideal to be used for posters and book covers. Make the best use of stylistic alternates and ligatures. Try this font for your handcrafted projects such as logos, flyers, covers, banners, etc.

Price: Premium

Exquisite Corpse

exquisite corpse creepy font

Exquisite Corpse by Sinister Fonts is a horror typeface that is created in 2010. This hand-lettered typeface is one of the totally free creepy fonts.

Price: Free

Halloween Rock!

halloween rock! creepy font

Halloween Rock is a cute horror font that is suitable for Halloween designs yet can be used in other designs as it is a perfectly versatile font. Get the font and enjoy designing!

Price: Premium

Vorhell Horror

vorhell horror creepy font

This horror display font by Heybrinc Studio is one of the new all caps creepy fonts with Regular and Italic versions. This font is perfect for Halloween designs and other projects like movie posters, greeting cards, apparel, flyers, etc.

Price: Premium

Coraline’s Cat

coraline's cat creepy font

The fancy Coraline’s Cat font is presented by Sinister Fonts. This typeface has two for files and is free of cost for commercial and non-profitable designs.

Price: Free

Halloween by Voysla’s Shop

halloween creepy font

Halloween Font by Voysla’s Shop is one of the creepy fonts designed especially for horror designs. This font is also suitable for apps and web designs as well as printed designs, logos, banners, etc.

Price: Premium

GateKeeper AOE

gatekeeper aoe creepy font

This is one of the Spooky fonts inspired by old horror movies and also heavy metal bands. With this typeface, you can create a darker side of beauty. GateKeeper AOE is published by Astigmatic and is one of the darkest nightmares.

Price: Premium

The Gingerbread House

the gingerbread house creepy font

The Gingerbread House Font made by Chris Hansen is free for personal use. This fancy and free of cost font for personal use features both upper and lower case letters.

Price: Free


savath creepy font

Savath is a deadly typeface and it is inspired by classic and horror movies. This typeface is packed with graphic elements and logo templates. Try this creepy font for designing greeting cards, printed quotes, logos, invitations, etc. try it!

Price: Premium

Grooving Vintage

grooving vintage creepy font

Grooving Vintage font by Lettersiro has two different styles. This creepy font provides support for multilingual languages and also includes ligatures and alternates. The font is perfect for vintage designs like logos, quotes, sticker designs, etc.

Price: Premium

a Theme for murder

a theme for murder creepy font

A Theme for Murder is designed by Christopher Hansen and it is one of the in Script and calligraphy creepy fonts. it is free of cost for personal design.

Price: Free

The Witch Spooky

The Witch Spooky font

The Witch Spooky is a font with a magical and mysterious feel. At the end of the letters is a magic ivy that turns into a scary theme. This font can be used to design posters, flyers, and scary Halloween themes and movies.

Price: Premium


okami creepy font

The Okami brush font by Tugcu Design Co. is a hand-drawn typeface with upper multilingual alphabets. The font has different styles that can be used for different designs. This typeface can be used for designing logos, banners, printed materials, etc.

Price: Premium


deathgrin creepy font

Deathgrin is designed by Sam Parrett and is one of the handmade creepy fonts with a horror style. Creating a dose of horror for your text with this font is guaranteed. I hope you get it and enjoy it!

Price: Premium

Hells Kittchen Devil God

hells kittchen devil god creepy font

This script font is made by Typographic Design and it free for personal use. Hells Kitchen Devil God is a unique looking font and will make a unique looking design.

Price: Free

Story Brush

story brush creepy font

Story Brush that is one of the highly detailed creepy fonts has two different versions; Regular and Slanted. The OpenType features that are supported by this font will make a custom feel for your designs such as shirts design, logos, etc.

Price: Premium


grunge halloween creepy font

GRUNGE HALLOWEEN FONT by Alex Aitken is one of the perfect Goose pimple Spooky fonts. You need to try this horror font; it is amazing.

Price: Premium


supercreep creepy font

Supercreep by Anthony Robinson is one of the fancy horror creepy fonts that are free for personal use. Check out this font that can be used in a wide range of different themed projects and for different purposes.

Price: Free

Another Danger

another danger creepy font

Another Danger Font is another one of the imperfect Spooky fonts and it can create an energetic vibe. In case you want to create a retro feel for your artwork this font is a good choice for you.

Price: Premium


dankly creepy font

Dankly by PixelMoshpit being inspired by crampy horror flicks is a perfectly ideal font to be used in fun designs. Try this typeface it can be very useful.

Price: Premium

Bloody Bill Typeface

bloody bill typeface creepy font

I want to introduce you to a creepy font that is inspired by the horror films of the 70s and 80s; Bloody Bill Typeface presented by Sirmon Stuff. This typeface is perfectly expressive and highly readable. This playful font with different alternates can create a heart-racing feel for your designs.

Price: Premium

Horror by La Boite Graphique

horror creepy font

Horror is an excellent creepy font to illustrate concepts and topics like Halloween, zombie movies, horror. Beautiful ornaments that are packed with this font will help you to illustrate your topic perfectly.

Price: Premium


covenant creepy font

Covenant by Tugcu Design Co. is an imperfect Spooky font equipped with uppercase letters, numbers, and punctuation.

Price: Premium

Wrathobia Display

wrathobia display creepy font

This display font looks perfect on different project themes like fantasy, Halloween, history and it can also be used for different purposes such as shirt designs, packaging, invitations, flyers, game logos and etc.

Price: Premium

Dark Widow

dark widow creepy font

Dark Widow presented by Drizy is a gothic and horror typeface this font is inspired by gothic and traditional capital letters and it is designed to look like the claws of a monster so that it will look creepier. You can use the font for branding, packaging, shirts, labels, logos, etc. a full set of characters, punctuation, and numeral are provided by the font.

Price: Premium

Motor City

motor city creepy font

This Grimey brush font that is packed with extras is presented by Victory Design Co. this is one of the creepy fonts that are handmade and can create a crafted look and feel. Do you want to create personality and style for your next project? Check out this typeface.

Price: Premium

Take Charge

take charge creepy font

Take Charge designed by Greg Nicholls is one of the realistic looking creepy fonts and will look fantastic on banners, social media posts, flyers, Ads, etc. to get the perfect results, try this font!

Price: Premium

Lord Zero

lord zero creepy font

Lord Zero is one of the loud and wild Spooky fonts designed by Sam Parrett. Try this handmade typeface for logos, album covers, apparel, flyers, and more other design.

Price: Premium

Upjohn Halloween Brush horror

upjohn halloween brush horror creepy font

This creepy horror font comes with two versions; Rough and Clean. Upjohn Halloween Brush horror font that is inspired by horror movies has a bold style and can create a vintage feel. The font comes with Uppercase, Numbers, and Punctuation and is ideal for retro projects.

Price: Premium


We hope you checked out and enjoyed this list of the Spooky and Creepy fonts that we had made for you. If you think they can be useful for others too then why not share the list with them? Also hearing from you would be great and can help us improve our work.

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