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What font is used in the Emma. logo?

“Baskervald ADF Std” is the font used in the Emma. logo. This font is designed by Arkandis Digital Foundry. You can use the font in your personal and commercial projects. Simply download it from the link below.

They are very reminiscent of precious objects when they see yellow and gold, and the “Emma.” logo font has an aristocratic and luxurious style due to its bright yellow color. Given that there is a dot at the end of the film’s title, it is clear that Emma is not just a name but a sentence or perhaps a verb, and she is quite honest about what she is doing in the process. You can create another Emmas and show the aristocratic world to the audience with a different perspective.

About Emma.

“Emma.” the 2020 production is directed by Autumn de Wilde and written by Eleanor Catton.

The main power of the film is on the side factors, where the music is very beautiful and appropriate, and it invites the audience to passion and dance. It creates attractive and pleasant locations. Buildings with eighteenth-century architecture, beautiful and of course heavy and colorful clothes that show the power of costume design. Of course, this entire splendor sometimes makes the audience forget what the story is about.

The film also has very good games, and although you can’t expect masterpieces from them due to the capacity of the story, they are all one-handed and very beautiful, Including Anya Taylor-Joy as Emma and Mia Goth as Harriet.

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