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What font is used in the There Will Be Blood logo?

“Kraut type a fuck” is the font used in the There Will Be Blood logo. This font is designed by Mr.fisk Fonts. You can use the font in your personal and commercial projects. Simply download it from the link below.

Contrary to the movie “There Will Be Blood” title, which should be a horror-style title, a grotesque-style logo font has been used. Perhaps the reason for choosing the oil designer is that the story revolves around this subject, and the lines of these letters flow like oil. But you can use this font in Western movies, circus logos, and Latin scripts that still have their fans.

About There Will Be Blood

Stepping into the brutal black world of “There Will Be Blood” by Paul Thomas Anderson reminds cinema-loving audiences most of all of Stanley Kubrick’s “Shine.”

A majestic and enduring film that reminds us of a few different and unforgettable sequences that whatever we call modernity and scientific movement in front of human beings is based on all the undeniable bloodshed that we can build a red sea by putting them together.

But here, in Anderson’s work, instead of seeing these concepts metaphorically and covertly amid sequences that seem to tell a different story, we see them as the basis of the film’s story and character. The main character of the film is a simple worker who, with his crazy efforts, manages to find a useful oil well and calmly finds a new life.

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