85+ Best Free and Premium Feminine Fonts

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Best Free and Premium Feminine Fonts

Lovely, gentle, peaceful, and all in all charming! That’s exactly what makes your design pleasant on the eyes, and if anyone asked, the best place to find all those fancy qualities is feminine fonts. The delicacy in style and the youthful, modern touch their curviness conjures sweeps you off your feet one way or another.

Considering their characteristic elegance, it goes without saying that feminine fonts have all the earmarks for bringing an artistic feature into your logos for luxury brands. The kind of inspirational vibes they channel would totally be in vain unless used for watermarks, magazines, wedding cards, or anything just as deluxe. That smooth, captivating style runs in the family for a reason!

Best Feminine Fonts

Where else could you find over 85 feminine aesthetic fonts altogether, and rest assured that no potential option is left out? That’s why our impressive bundle includes both free and premium versions. So shall we?

The Font Bundle – 99% OFF

The Font Bundle - 99% OFF

There is a collection of the best Famenin fonts in this package at a very reasonable price. The variety of fonts is such that it allows you to use them in any project you like. This collection currently has a special discount. I suggest you do not miss this opportunity.

Price: Premium


amanda feminine font

Amanda font is one of the fonts that we can say that the designer himself designed with his own handwriting. You can use this font to design luxury and fashion brands as well as some social network posts that have an elegant background.

Price: Premium

Love Stella Feminine Duo

love stella feminine duo feminine font

Love Stella Feminine Duo font is a combination of classic and bold design. This feminine font has two types of scripts and senses, and you can use it to design business cards, invitation cards, birthday cards, and even fashion posters.

Price: Premium

Sunset Trips Signature

sunset trips signature feminine font

Sunset Trips Signature font is for those who like their designs to be designed with a handwritten font. With this font, you can use fashion design, business cards, invitation cards, and even personal use signatures.

Price: Free

The Paris Lamore Duo Typeface LOGO

the paris lamore duo typeface logo feminine font

The Paris Lamore Duo Typeface LOGO font has a floral and stylish design. If you are thinking of a romantic design, An Font will help you get the greeting card or wedding invitation card you want

Price: Premium


anthrax feminine font

Anthrax font As you can see, the letters are designed in very sharp brushes, and of course, some letters are continuous. You can use them for personal signatures, invitation cards, and even T-shirt designs with girly elements.

Price: Free

Modern Calligraphy

modern calligraphy feminine font

Foot 5Modern Calligraphy is a collection of 14 different feminine fonts. You can use this discount plan to design invitation cards, luxury brands such as jewelry or fashion brands.

Price: Premium

Audrey A Script

audrey a script feminine font

Audrey A Script font has a handwriting and feminine design. You can download this font to design many of the projects entrusted to you and use a collection of numbers and even ligratures in this font.

Price: Premium


memories feminine font

Memories font gives you the feeling of being in a very interesting and romantic atmosphere. If you like to use invitation cards for special occasions such as Women’s Day, Valentine’s Day, this feminine font is one of the best, and your audience will surely like it.

Price: Free


opulent feminine font

Opulent font has a modern watercolor style. If you are designing different paintings and stationery brands, this font will help you have attractive packaging.

Price: Premium

Weather Sunday

weather sunday feminine font

Weather Sunday font designed by Typhoon Type ™ and Suthi Srisoph. You can see that the letters are curved and monolithic in the lines, so you can use this font for different designs, including luxury and fashion brands

Price: Free

Oh Darling Ethereal Script

oh darling ethereal script feminine font

Oh Darling Ethereal Script font is elegantly and friendly. This feminine font has three different types, and each of them can be used for many different designs, including social networks, invitation cards, and greeting cards.

Price: Premium


modernline feminine font

Modernline font is one of the fonts that the designer designed the characters very quickly. This font can be used to design T-shirts, magazine covers, and social networks for various luxury backgrounds.

Price: Free

Faustine Modern Script

faustine modern script feminine font

Faustine Modern Script font is very beautiful and modern, and you can use lines that look like the handwriting of a skilled writer designed for personal use, card signing and business card design, and different brands.

Price: Premium

The Serenity Lovely Script

the serenity lovely script feminine font

The Serenity Lovely Script font is designed to be signature and elegant. If you like to use a classic and attractive font in the background, such as flowers and very delicate nature, we recommend this font.

Price: Premium


oakmont feminine font

Foot Oakmont Maulana Creative Designed by Designer X. The lines of this font are thick at first and thin at the end, and as if they designed this feminine font with a calligraphy pencil, use it to design invitation cards, business cards, and many logos of luxury brands such as jewelry.

Price: Free

Georgia Script

georgia script feminine font

Georgia Script font is designed as monoline. If you are looking to design a very interesting post with a different and attractive design, this font will help you to attract a large audience.

Price: Premium

The Antter

the antter feminine font

The Antter font is very skillfully designed, and all the lines are like a person who has designed this with a pen and ink. If you like to have a different font for your business card and still do not know how to design a business card with beautiful text with this font, you can achieve your goals.

Price: Free

Madina Script

madina script feminine font

Madina Script font is a hand-made and girly design, and if you want to design an invitation card for your friends, we recommend this feminine font , which has six different types.

Price: Premium

Wildy Sans

wildy sans feminine font

Wildy Sans font is retro style and has swashes that you can use for a very simple and friendly invitation card design or even postcards for different places.

Price: Free

Silver South

silver south feminine font

Silver South font has a modern and classic style. If you are looking for a font with two different types, one as a script and one as a sense, this feminine font is what you are looking for and will help you have a special variety of your design

Price: Premium


supernova feminine font

Supernova font is classically designed. Of course, some letters have curved lines that indicate that this font is elegant and therefore suitable for luxury and classic designs.

Price: Free

Santorini Luxury Signature

santorini luxury signature feminine font

Santorini Luxury Signature font is suitable for many different brands and handlers. If you are packaging a brand, a cosmetic, this font can help you a lot, for example, like eyeliner or mascra, this is a great font to use in packaging.

Price: Premium


atlane feminine font

Atlane font is one of the very classic designs. For example, the letters A L and E have a series of curved lines, and you can if you like that your design is not very simple and classic and a little feminine.

Price: Free

La Luxes

la luxes feminine font

La Luxes font has a minimal and luxurious style. This font is presented in two, so if you want to have a signature style, this font is suitable for your business card, or also, if you like to use a very luxurious logo with very readable letters, you can use another type. Download also.

Price: Premium

Rustler Barter

rustler barter feminine font

Rustler Barter font has classic lines, and one of its features is that the horizontal line, which is not in the middle for letters such as the letters A and E, is slightly higher and has a sense of being different from other fonts.

Price: Free


moontime updated feminine font

Moontime font has gently curved lines. This feminine font has uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and even markers for designing wedding cards, various magazines, book covers, or any girl design you can use.

Price: Premium


rosmatika feminine font

Rosmatika font is for those who care about luxury. Thin lines, curved ends, and even circles can help you get closer to your goals and the designs and ideas that others have about your design.

Price: Free

Sunflora Unique Ligature

sunflora unique ligature feminine font

Sunflora Unique Ligature font is designed in vintage and modern ways. One of its features is that the end of some letters, such as the letter r, is circular. This pattern is suitable for classic, modern, minimalist designs and various brands such as fashion and luxury brands.

Price: Premium


florence feminine font

Florence fonts can be found in many designs and covers of skin and hair care and cosmetics magazines. This font has an elegant and classic design and is free for personal use, and if you want to use it for business use, you have to pay for it.

Price: Free

California Dreamer

california dreamer feminine font

California Dreamer font is designed in feminine and watercolor lines. If you are still thinking of having an interesting design but have not found the font you are looking for to design an interesting invitation card, I recommend this font.

Price: Premium


boiling feminine font

Boiling font is very attractive because the end of the letters and some of the characters are different and have thick and thin lines. The letter O is slightly diagonally designed, the letter B has an interesting and fancy style, so you can use it to design birthday cards for girls and many girl themes.

Price: Free

Sophia Ronald Lovely Script

sophia ronald lovely script feminine font

Sophia Ronald Lovely Script font is one of the modern calligraphy scripts. If you have a cosmetics or jewelry brand, this feminine font will help you to use an interesting entry for each of them in your catalog.

Price: Premium


casablanca feminine font

Casablanca font is artistically designed. The same lines that the thickness of the same lines can add to this font’s features and its charm, and you can use mascara to design cosmetic brands, especially eyeliner.

Price: Free

Slight A Calligraphy Script

slight a calligraphy script feminine font

Slight A Calligraphy Script font is designed as a feminine script. With this font, you can use it for many different designs, for example, for designing wedding cards, invitation cards, and business cards. This font is great.

Price: Premium


nickainley feminine font

Nickainley font designed by Designer X. This font is monolithic. The lines convey a sense of fantasy to you, so you can use these handwritten lines to design invitation cards, business cards for small businesses.

Price: Free

Mikela Gorgeous Typefaces

mikela gorgeous typefaces feminine font

Mikela Gorgeous Typefaces font has an elegant style and make-up. This font has six different types, including light, bold and regular. Depending on the letters’ special design, you can use them to design magazines, books, and website titles.

Price: Premium


madegra feminine font

Madegra font actually has a classic and feminine style. This font can be used to design covers for magazines, books, social media posts, logos, and many other designs.

Price: Free

The Stay Classy

the stay classy feminine font

The Stay Classy font is modern, stylish, and feminine. The style with which the characters are designed is very special and unique. This font is suitable for designing invitation cards and fashion brands for girls.

Price: Premium


melinda feminine font

Melinda font has signature and feminine style. The letters are designed as monolines, and if you do not have a good signature, this feminine font will help you to use your cards with an interesting signature.

Price: Free

Adore Calligraphy

adore calligraphy feminine font

Adore Calligraphy font is the font you need to make your design modern and elegant. This font has letters, different characters, and alternatives, and you can use it for many designs.

Price: Premium

Rosellinda Alyamore

rosellinda alyamore feminine font

Rosellinda Alyamore font is designed very quickly, and if you do not have a good signature, this font, which is in elegant and feminine style, will help you to be the best in your designs.

Price: Free

Wild Love

wild love feminine font

Wild Love font is designed in hand-letter and feminine. The characters are very interesting and scripted, and you can use it to design social networks, magazine covers, newspapers and websites, and even T-shirt designs.

Price: Premium

Shorelines Script

shorelines script feminine font

Shorelines Script font is designed as a monolith. The designer of this font, actually X, can accept many graphic projects and use invitations and congratulations to design T-shirts and personal cards

Price: Free

Avallon OpenType SVG

avallon opentype svg feminine font

Avallon OpenType SVG font is in the form of a brush. This font is saved as SVG, and as a result, you can use high quality for your designs.

Price: Premium


santana feminine font

Santana feminine font is for those who like their design to be prepared with a quick font. You can use this font for many different designs, including designs on T-shirts, books, shoes, and even cosmetics such as bags, mascara, lipstick.

Price: Free

Billion Dreams

billion dreams feminine font

Billion Dreams font helps you achieve your new dreams and goals. You can use this font for many different design projects, including packaging, logo design, magazine covers, and even animation designs.

Price: Free

Rottarity Feminine

rottarity feminine font

Rottarity Feminine font is designed as a floral and algin. If you are working in the field of fashion, you can use this font on the cover of magazines or even different writings on photos.

Price: Premium

Goldie Rainbow

goldie rainbow feminine font

Goldie Rainbow font is one of the fantasy and feminine designs. Use this font to package baby food, ice cream, chocolates, and baby brands.

Price: Free

Monoline Script

monoline script feminine font

Monoline Script font, as its name implies, as monoline and retro. You can use this font for various packaging of food, food, postcard designs, friendly invitation cards.

Price: Premium

Hello Honey

hello honey feminine font

Hello Honey font is designed in a very romantic way. Thin and thick lines and monolines in this font are very clear and are among its unique features.

Price: Free

MARION The Essentials Logo

marion the essentials logo feminine font

MARION The Essentials Logo font has two types of scripts and senses. You can use this modern feminine font to design covers or inscriptions on various photos and keep your audience secret from this design.

Price: Premium


amores feminine font

Amores font is designed as very fast brush lines. This font is suitable for people interested in artwork and like to use it for business card design or even t-shirt design and other elements.

Price: Free

Jules Handwritten Script

jules handwritten script feminine font

Jules Handwritten Script font is designed as a handwritten and casual font. You can use these lines’ weave in a vintage way for casual design, including friendly cards and various invitation cards.

Price: Premium


rosekind feminine font

Rosekind font is designed in calligraphy. In this font you can see that the color of the lines is very similar to watercolor and thin, so you can use it to design invitation cards, business cards for galleries, and many art jobs.

Price: Free

La Rosa

la rosa feminine font

La Rosa font is in two fonts and also has 30 logos. You can use this font to creatively design covers for magazines, websites, and social networks.

Price: Premium


resitta feminine font

Resitta font is handwritten. The lines of this font are monolithic and designed with a sharp end. You can use this font to design invitation cards, T-shirts, and even various fashion posters.

Price: Free

Beloved Gray Fine Art

beloved gray fine art feminine font

Beloved Gray Fine Art font is one of the best and most beautiful feminine fonts in this collection. You can use this beautiful font to design invitation cards and romantic greeting cards for special occasions such as Women’s Day, Valentine’s Day.

Price: Premium

Sweet Purple

sweet purple feminine font

Sweet Purple font is designed in a fancy and polyphonic way. You can use this feminine font to design stationery such as notebooks, pencils, brushes, and pens

Price: Free

La Roche

la roche feminine font

La Roche font is for those who need an elegant and classic design. This font is great for designing wedding cards and helps you save time.

Price: Premium

Birds of Paradise

birds of paradise feminine font

Birds of Paradise font can be considered as one of the classic and feminine designs. This font is very beautiful and very artistically designed, and you can use it for packaging many sweets such as chocolates.

Price: Free

Bird Thorn

bird thorn feminine font

Bird Thorn font is designed as handwritten and thin lines. You can use this font to design logos, style brands, and social media posts.

Price: Premium

Angelique ma douce Colombe

angelique ma douce colombe feminine font

Angelique ma douce Colombe font is one of the interesting fonts by Maelle.K | Designed by Thomas Boucherie. This font is used for lowercase letters, much smaller lines, but for uppercase letters, it can be said that their height is many times smaller than lowercase letters, so you can use it for designs that need a certain elegance.

Price: Free


jonathan signature feminine font

JONATHAN SIGNATURE font This font is designed in calligraphy and fashion. If you need to use a casual design in your work, we recommend this font.

Price: Premium

Calling Angels

calling angels feminine font

Calling Angels font is decoratively designed, and you can use this feminine font for many decorative designs such as architectural business cards and interior decoration or even the menu of restaurants and hotels.

Price: Free

Bonjour Modern Calligraphy

bonjour modern calligraphy feminine font

Bonjour Modern Calligraphy font has a modern, classic, and handwritten style. You can use this font with swashes for different designs. These include business card design, social media posts, and girls’ designs.

Price: Premium


moranke feminine font

Moranke font is a combination of floral and classic design. You can use this font for designing mysterious movie posters as well as for designing T-shirts for girls.

Price: Free

Lovely Home

lovely home feminine font

Lovely Home font created by Typhoon Type ™ designer – Suthi Srisopha. As you can see in this font, some lines are circular and can be said to be crescent-shaped. You can use this font for many brands of cosmetics or even for people who have a hairdresser.

Price: Free

Sanrossi Sonata Duo

sanrossi sonata duo feminine font

The Sanrossi Sonata Duo font is designed to be feminine and handwritten. You can use this font to design various cosmetics, social networks, wedding invitation cards, and advertisements.

Price: Premium

Magnies Minimal Serif

magnies minimal serif feminine font

Magnies Minimal Serif font is designed as an alignment and minimalism. The letters have slits that make this font unique. This feminine font has more than hundreds of alternative characters, and you can use it to design logos, websites, magazine covers.

Price: Premium


raustila feminine font

Raustila font is designed as monoline and playful. You can use this Hendright font to design girls’ brands such as T-shirts, bags, shoes, and cosmetics.

Price: Free

Eisley Claise

eisley claise feminine font

Eisley Claise font is designed in a modern and thin line. You can use this font for various designs, including blogs, social networking posts, and feminine designs.

Price: Premium

Next Southerland Serif

next southerland serif feminine font

Next Southerland Serif font is designed in a classic and simple way. We can say that this font is suitable for any job and you can use it for business cards, invitation cards, wedding cards and even for many fashion designs

Price: Free

Astory Romantic Script SALE

astory romantic script sale feminine font

 Astory Romantic Script SALE font as a template There are lines that even you can not draw by hand, so if you want to have a very different and stylish signature at the end of your documents or have different business cards, use this font.

Price: Premium


bellarose feminine font

Bellarose font is for people who like to design fantasy and girly projects. This font is designed as a floral and decorative result, so you can use it for many different purposes, such as interior decoration, business cards, architecture,, and art galleries

Price: Free

Porto Bianco

porto bianco feminine font

There are four different types of Porto Bianco fonts, and as you can see in the letters, designed as a script, you can use this font to design with illustrator and Photoshop software and make your social media posts more attractive.

Price: Premium


marsheilla feminine font

Marsheilla font was designed by Manjali Studio. If you look at this feminine font, you can tell that it is a polyphonic and a bit fancy font, so you can use it for many brands and packaging of cosmetics such as lipstick, nail polish, and mascara.

Price: Free


seminyak feminine font

Seminyak font has two different types of script style and hand-written. This font has various alternatives that help you present the logo design, cosmetics, stationery brands, and even magazine covers well.

Price: Premium

DK Lemon Yellow Sun

dk lemon yellow sun feminine font

DK Lemon Yellow Sun font is designed in thin and feminine lines. You can use this font to design different food packaging and snacks. This font can also be used for children’s books due to its simplicity.

Price: Free

Adelaide A Bohemian Script

adelaide a bohemian script feminine font

Adelaide A Bohemian Script font is handwritten. You can use this feminine font for minimal and elongated designs. For example, you can use a t-shirt design, a mug, and event photography

Price: Premium


sandrina feminine font

Sandrina font was created by designer Kotak Kuning Studio. We can say that this font is one of the most interesting fonts in the collection of feminine fonts. Each of the large characters has a floral line designed at the beginning, which makes it possible to use this font for different cards that you like to have floral and decorative designs.

Price: Free


allacarte feminine font

Allacarte font is one of the most interesting designs in which each character is designed to be feminine. At the beginning and end of the letters, you can also see that it looks like a heart, so it is one of the best options for romantic designs.

Price: Free


better feminine font

.Better font is available in various designs, including feminine and elegant. This font can be used for social networks, photography, or natural landscapes that are very creative and with different flowers.

Price: Free

Beauty and the Beast

beauty and the beast feminine font

Beauty and the Beast fonts are for people who work on make-up and girl projects. You can use this font to design notebooks, T-shirts, logos, and business cards in this field.

Price: Free

Amalfi Coast

amalfi coast feminine font

 Amalfi Coast font provided by Typeline Studio designer. You can use this feminine font for personal designs, including signatures, and if you want your design to have a special effect and attract a large audience, use it in social media posts about fashion brands.

Price: Free

Taken by Vultures

taken by vultures feminine font

Taken by Vultures font created by The Branded Quotes designer. We can say that this font is one of the most interesting fonts, and it is close to the handwriting, and according to these features, you can put greeting cards with your name at the end of the documents, and it looks very natural.

Price: Free


The collection of feminine fonts is one of the great collections that can be used to design many of your graphic projects, from the personal design of invitation cards to luxury and fashion brands. We hope this font is useful for what you have in mind.

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