20+ Best Free and Premium Slime Fonts

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best free and premium slime fonts

When your texts lack a bold but fun look, slime fonts can beautifully take care of it in a heartbeat, but not in a very neat way specifically. Then again, this grotesque style is in fact their unique charm and needless to say, it does get results. Once applied, these fonts ensure the casual tone of your design is easily noticeable.

They don’t do elegance, sophistication, or any of those. Why? Cause they’re mostly meant for suggesting playfulness through their imperfect design. However, they can also be accompanied by a faint spookiness, ideal for your Halloween artworks. Then there are cartoonish posters to design, T-shirts and YouTube posts, you name it.  

Best Slime Fonts

In the following, you’ll find the ultimate, and by the way not-at-all-easy-to-gather, collection of slime fonts, ready to jazz up your text immediately. They’re offered as free or premium assets, so you’re good to go either way. How awesome, right?

Brain Melt Layered Typeface

brain melt layered typeface slime font

Brain Melt Layered Typeface by Drizy is a fancy horror slime cartoon font. This layered typeface comes with different styles ad it is perfectly suitable for fun concept designs. You can also use or for scary, mystical, or serious designs. This slime font is good for children’s book covers, flyers, albums, logos, etc.

Price: Premium

Zombie Fonts

zombie dripping slime font

Zombie Fonts | Melt! Presented by tomatstudio and is a dripping slim font that can create a vintage look for your posters. The font has a wide range of design elements and works for slime designs!

Price: Premium

Paint Drops

Paint Drops Slime Font

The Paint Drops font is a work of art, but on the other hand, you can use it to design the packaging of ice cream and food that is exposed to sunlight and melts.

Price: Free

OZZOMBIE Typeface + Bonus

ozzombie typeface dripping slime font

OZZOMBIE Typeface + Bonus presented by fopifopi is a perfect font for Halloween designs. It is a very cool font that is consists of two mini fonts. You want to complete the horror feel of your designs, get this slime typeface.

Price: Premium

Lethal Slime

lethal slime slime font

Lethal Slime is a beautiful dripping font presented by imagex. This typeface is one of the fonts only free for personal designs. Check out this horror font, it can cover different purpose designs.

Price: Free

Dead Slime Font + Extras

dead slime dripping font

Dead Slime Font + Extras created by 160 Studio is a perfect font to add a touch of horror to your designs. This font comes with 6 font files and can be paired with other fonts to create a slime design. Try it!

Price: Premium


liquidism slime font

Liquidism presented by Pizzadude is one of the fancy horror slime fonts with two font files. This dripping font is free for personal use and features only capital letters.

Price: Free

SLIME by inky drop

slime slime font

SLIME is one if the OpenType color Slime fonts by ink drop that has been created as 3D and then turned into a font so it is only useful in some special apps. This font is a great choice for Halloween invitations.

Price: Premium


creepster dripping slime font

Grospter is a perfect font for a wide range of graphic designs. This regular font pairs with other fonts and includes the full set of uppercase letters, numerals, and punctuation. Try this bold dripping font!

Price: Free


monstrocity slime font

Monstrocity by Macaroni Mayhem is a cartoon font. this decorative typeface includes Character Set A-Z upper and lower case, numbers, and punctuation. This font is ideal for headlines, check it out!

Price: Premium


scurd slime font

SCURD is presented by PixelMoshpit and it is one of the horror fonts. this dripping font can create a fun look and it can be used for different concept designs like scary, fun, serious, or even mystical.

Price: Premium


Toxic Slime Font

Toxic font has a Halloween and scary style. As you can see, the drops are falling on each of the characters, and you can use this font for videos and scary movies.

Price: Premium

Apple & Peach

apple & peach slime font

Apple & Peach is one of the bold slime fonts presented by Incools. This awesome font has a unique style and is a perfect choice or branding, business cards, logos, and more.

Price: Premium

That’s Just Gross

that's just gross slime font

That’s Just Gross by Dismantle Destroy is one of the all-caps slime fonts which is perfect for fun only. The font doesn’t include numbers or punctuation. In photo editing programs this font is easily editable.

Price: Premium

Meltdown MF

meltdown mf slime font

Meltdown MF by Richard William Mueller is a dripping fancy font. This horror font features only capital letters and of course numbers and punctuation. Try it and make a unique creation.

Price: Free

Mars Attacks

mars attacks slime font

Mars Attacks is a bold horror font created by Filmfonts. This typeface is one of the fonts that are licensed as freeware which means you can use it free of cost only for personal designs. It is a nice font, check it out!

Price: Free

Dripping Cool

dripping cool slime font

Dripping Cool is an all-caps typeface presented by Mm Fbrk. This is one of the slime fonts that can be used free of cost for commercial and non-commercial works. Check out this horror font; it is a good choice for different designs especially with the horror concept.

Price: Free


homicide effect slime font

HoMicIDE EFfeCt is one of the cartoon slime fonts created by Nihilschiz. This bold horror font is for personal use only. I recommend you to check out this dripping font!

Price: Free

Spoooky Drips

spoooky drips slime font

Spoooky Drips designed by Daniel Bent is one of the bold and strong fonts that can catch the attention of the viewers. This fancy horror typeface is free for personal use only.

Price: Free


slimeball slime font

Slimeball is one of the cartoon slime fonts designed by Jonathan S. Harris. This fancy typeface is free of cost for non-profitable work and it includes uppercase letters only.

Price: Free

Slime Bawls

slime bawls slime font

Slime Bawls is a cartoon font and it is presented by Xerographer Fonts. this fancy cartoon font features only capital alphabets and is free for non-commercial use. Check out this slime font for your next project.

Price: Free

Meltdown MF

meltdown mf slime font

Meltdown MF designed by Rick Mueller is one of the outline fonts that you can have free for personal works. Check out this melting font, it looks great on many designs.

Price: Free


shlop slime font

Shlop is one of the totally free fonts and it is published by Typodermic Fonts. this dripping font has a wicked horror style and is ideal for shirt designs, graphics, logos, flyers, signs, and many more.

Price: Free


This was our list of slime fonts that we hope you enjoyed. If you think there are any other slime fonts left that we should on this list let us know in the comment section. Also, sharing the list with others can be a good idea to help them find the unique font they are looking for!

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