105+ Best Free and Premium Fun Fonts

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Best Free and Premium Fun Fonts

It would always be easier to search for handwriting or calligraphy fonts. You will definitely find them somewhere. What if you are looking for some cute creative fonts that can bring a smile to anyone’s face? Well, in that case, you should check our list of some of the fun fonts for which we scoured the web. These fonts can help to make a playful touch for your designs.

Best Fun Fonts

Below is a list of the best fun fonts. Please scroll to the end of this page and see the fonts. I’m sure you will get the font you want.


beebzz fun font

Beebzz in one of fun cursive fonts that is designed by popskraft. This fun display comes with stylish and elegant shapes. You can use Beebzz for imperfect headline designs and also titles. The child calligraphy is what the unique style of this typeface got inspired by. You can also use this fun font for branding, text, signage, etc.

Price: Premium



QUIRKY SPRING Playful Font Family is one of the classic and retro styles from Wild West styles. Since it has eight different types, you can use it to design comic books, fantasy posters, vanity flyers, and many more.

Price: Premium

Kids Zone

kids zone fun font

Kids Zone includes 6 font files and is presented by Figuree Studio. You can use this cute display font free of cost for personal designs.

Price: Free

Milk & Honey

milk & honey fun font

One of marvelous fonts that you can use to add personality to your designs is Milk & Honey. This typeface s designed by Denise Chandler and has curvy style and bold characters. This fun design is free for both commercial and non-profit projects. Milk & Honey is perfectly ideal for logo designs.

Price: Premium


glubby fun font

Glubby is another one of fun fonts and it is designed by CorgiAstronaut. This fun display font is perfect to be used for children and kids themes. The fat bold look of this font is perfect for posters, lettering, book covers and titles. This font can create a very cute look for your projects.

Price: Premium


stella fun font

Stella includes two font files and is free for personal usage. This cartoon typeface is presented by Good Java Studio and is an all caps design.

Price: Free


candlepin fun font

In case you are looking for an ideal font to create fun monograms with Candlepin is a great choice. This font by Missy Meyer comes with two sets of capital letters and also includes two sets of numbers. Candlepin will also provide you with graphics options and punctuation characters. No need to hesitate this font will do great for you!

Price: Premium


allspice fun font

Allspice which is a fun mixed-case font is another one of cool fun fonts by Missy Meyer. This tasty new design is ideal for a wide range of fun projects. Upper case and lower case are available for you to mix and match. Besides this font comes with alternates so you will be provided with more options.

Price: Premium

Whimsy Dhimsy

whimsy dhimsy fun font

Another one of the fonts that you will like and we are going to talk about is Whimsy Dhimsy by Rvst. Whimsy Dhimsy comes with uppercase characters, lower case characters and numbers and you can use it without the need of getting a license for your personal designs.

Price: Free

French Fries

french fries fun font

French Fries is a cute Doodley Font designed by izzylikestodoodle. You can use this all caps bold design for a different range of fun designs. Mugs, greeting or invitations cards, T-shirt design and also phone cases all will look awesome with French Fries. With this typeface, you can get creative and you will enjoy!

Price: Premium

Kiddos Fun Handwritten

kiddos fun handwritten fun font

Kiddos Fun Handwritten Font is a gorgeous design presented by LetterStuff Typefoundry. This font that comes with a handwriting style can be used for quote designs, comic posters and flyers, etc. the font is available in two Regular and Oblique styles and supports different languages.

Price: Premium

Tony’s Trees

tony's trees fun font

Another one of the fun fonts that we want to talk about is Tony’s Trees presented by Komet & Flicker. Handmade signs of the Christmas tree had a great impact on this font. Tony’s Trees is an all caps font that can be used for invitations, banners, flyers and branding projects or any other project that your intention is to communicate a fun message. There are 2 styles for this font. Punctuation marks, numbers and extended set characters are also available.

Price: Premium


eyesis fun font

Eyesis by Shrine Of Isis Font Foudry is an all caps design that is free for commercial and non-commercial projects.

Price: Free


kidlit fun font

Kidlit is one of fonts with Serif style and it is designed by Missy Meyer. Three complete sets of alphabets are included in this font so this option to mix and match letters is provided for you. Accented characters are also available for this font so foreign language support is provided.

Price: Premium


dinomiko fun font

Dinomiko by 7NTypes comes with small and capital letters. This cute adorable font is free for personal use.

Price: Free

Anything Goes

anything goes fun font

Anything Goes Font by Denise Chandler has a charming and hand-drawn style. This quirky font is suitable for kid’s books, logos, typography flyers and packaging. This is one fun fonts that can be used freely for personal and commercial use.

Price: Premium


quipley fun font

Quipley Font by Jamie Bartlett is one of cute fun fonts that will work just perfect for all kinds of projects such as logo or poster designs. Quipley can add fun personality to your projects. This typeface features uppercase letters and numbers.

Price: Premium


caricature fun font

Caricature is another one of cartoon fonts presented by Magix.L that features all caps and numbers.

Price: Free


halau fun font

Halau is one of fun cursive fonts coming from a Fancy Font Family and it is presented by Vintage Voyage D.S. this elegant and clear typeface is designed based on the style of retro cartoons from 60’s and 70’s. with the included alternates you can get interesting results for your projects. HALAU also supports languages like Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish, English, Estonian, Faroese, etc.

Price: Premium

Fun Blob

Fun Blob Font

Fun Blob font is for those who are bloggers and like to have variety in texts. A fun font is great for websites, magazine covers, packaging, and even t-shirt designs with curved designs at the bottom.

Price: Free

Quirk Fun Display

Quirk Fun Display Font

Quirk Fun Display font is one of the retro and humorous designs that are similar to juicy and hazelnut chocolates. You can use this font to design sweet packaging materials such as snacks, chocolates and donuts, and even coffee packaging.

Price: Premium

Genty Bold Rounded Typeface

Genty Bold Rounded Typeface

Genty Bold Rounded Typeface is one of the handwritten fonts that we recommend if you are looking for an interesting design in summer. This foot can be brought with summer fruits such as lemons and oranges and is an attractive design for the audience.

Price: Premium

Lemon Drop Fun Quirky

Lemon Drop Fun Quirky Font

Lemon Drop Fun Quirky font is bold, and in addition to outline and regular style, there is another type that you can have an interesting and fancy design with it, and even your summer invitation card and flyer will be very attractive.

Price: Premium


chery rush fun font

This fun display font called CHERY RUSH is presented by D&K_project. This cute and smooth typeface is a mixed case font which provides lots of possibilities for combinations. This font will be awesome for any handwriting projects, logotype designs, kid signs or stickers. CHERY RUSH comes with 40 ligatures and contains upper and lower case characters, numerals and basic necessary punctuation.

Price: Premium

Sweet & Silly

sweet & silly fun font

Sweet & Silly Font by Denise Chandler is an adorable font that comes with exclusive alphabets. You can have this fun typeface for commercial and personal projects free of cost. Sweet & Silly can turn into a font web.

Price: Premium

KB The Flower Farm

kb the flower farm fun font

KB The Flower Farm by Khrys Bosland might be used free of cost for any personal designing projects. This fancy font comes packed with small caps and capital letters, numbers and punctuation and also symbols.

Price: Free

Bobby Jones

bobby jones fun font

Bobby Jones designed by Tom Chalky can be used for creative and fun projects to grab the attention of the audience. It can be used for printed stationery, apparel designs, logos and more. I hope you enjoy this font.

Price: Premium


labeck fun font

Labeck Font is one of the playful fun fonts by Denise Chandler that comes in three variations. You can use these variations individually or mixed them together to make a unique look. The cute Labeck font is free for commercial and non-commercial projects.

Price: Premium

Sugar Bomb

sugar bomb fun font

Let get to know another one of fonts which can be used to create a unique look; Sugar Bomb by DM Letter31. This typeface is suitable for t-shirt designs, banners, quotes, food products, packaging, etc. in case you want to use it for commercial projects you need a license.

Price: Free


knicknack fun font

Knicknack which is the lovable sans serif fun font is designed by Great Scott. This smooth rounded font can bring smile on everyone’s face. There are two styles available for KNICKNACK which are Fuzzy and Regular. Basic Latin, western and central European languages are supported by this font.

Price: Premium


changing fun font

Changing by PintassilgoPrints is another one of the cute fonts that will work flawlessly for your fun and creative designs. This lovely font can help you to make a striking look.

Price: Premium

Good Morning

good morning fun font

Good Morning is presented by imagex. This fancy cartoon font is free of cost fun fonts for personal usage. Good Morning is an all caps font with only one variation that features numbers.

Price: Free

Swung Note

swung note fun font

This design is one of fun cursive fonts that is presented by PintassilgoPrints. Swung Note comes with smart interlock pairs. This typeface can make a surprisingly natural look for your project. Your designs will look impressive by the use of Swung Note.

Price: Premium


jokers fun font

Jokers Font Set is designed by Denise Chandler and is a fun creative design that comes with tons of different options. Outline version and Solid version are available for this font that can be used together or individually. Joker is 100% free.

Price: Premium


heartbreaker fun font

Heartbreaker created by Fontalicious will be another one of fun fonts that comes only with one variation and is free of cost for personal usage. Heartbreaker contains both upper and lower case letters.

Price: Free

VVDS Halau Serif

vvds halau serif fun font

VVDS Halau presented by Vintage Voyage D.S. is one of the serif fonts. This id century font has a cartoon look. With this typeface, you get to create a retro lettering style. Different languages are supported by this modern design.

Price: Premium

Thin Stanley

thin stanley fun font

Thin Stanley BY Denise Chandler is another one of cool fun fonts that is going to be on our list. This tall Sans Serif design comes with catchwords and swashes so you can make some fun typography with it. This cute handwriting font is free for commercial and non-commercial use.

Price: Premium


cloudy fun font

Cloudy by Megan Toy is another one of fancy fonts that can make a fun look for different designs. This cartoon font is free for personal use only.

Price: Free


shriek fun font

This font which is a Halloween fun style font is designed by Denise Chandler. This is one of fun cursive fonts that you can use for Halloween related designs such as invitations and signs. You can use Shriek! Font freely for both personal and commercial projects.

Price: Premium

Sale! Milkman Family

sale! milkman family fun font

Another one of cute and cool fun font that you will get introduced to is Sale! Milkman Family which is presented by Haäfe & Haph. This font comes in three weights; Light, Regular, and Bold and can be a perfect handwriting font well.

Price: Premium

Frosty’s Winterland

frosty's winterland fun font

Frosty’s Winterland is one of the fancy cartoon fonts designed by Steve Ferrera. This design comes with both small and capital letters, numbers, and necessary punctuation and will be a great choice to make a fun looking design.

Price: Free

Birthday Cake

birthday cake fun font

Birthday Cake is a fun Handwriting Font presented by KA Designs. This quirky and fun font is an all caps display. Birthday Cake will be perfect for blogs, headlines, quotes and invitations.

Price: Premium


trillian fun font

Trillian is one of fun fonts that comes with 3 heights; Regular, Taller, and Shorter. To get a better fun result you can combine them together. This font is designed by Missy Meyer. This font also supports Latin characters and different languages.

Price: Premium


funny fun font

Funny by Simin Massoudi is a Techno various font with only one variation. This bold font comes with both upper and lower characters and also provides numerals.

Price: Free

Barb & Cally

barb & cally fun font

Barb & Cally Font is designed for Denise Chandler. This typeface with a friendly and unique look can make your design stand out. You can make a fun and youthful style with it. This cute fun font is free of cost for personal and commercial use.

Price: Premium

Versatile Bold

versatile bold fun font

Versatile Bold by Borges Lettering has a natural and warm feel to it. Bold, Hatch and Rust are the three styles for this font. Each one of the styles includes one body and also different subfamilies so you have the chance to create interesting eye-catching designs.

Price: Premium


timotheos fun font

Timotheos by Blooguer is one of the fonts that can make a unique look for your designs. This fancy design is 100% free and features all caps, numeral, symbols and punctuation.

Price: Free

The Wildeast

the wildeast fun font

The Wildeast Font designed by trustha is one of the rough fun fonts which is also hand-drawn. This font has a dynamic style which makes it perfectly ideal for clothing design, posters, book covers, album covers, packaging, different merchandise and etc.

Price: Premium


stick fun font

Stick-A-Round created by PintassilgoPrints is another one of fun fonts that comes with 4 variations and also features numbers and punctuation marks. Extra set of stylistic alternates are also available with this font. You want to jazz up your design; Stick-A-Round is yours!

Price: Premium


horseshoes fun font

Horseshoes includes 4 font files and is designed by Lauren Ashpole. This is one of all caps fonts that also provide numerals and punctuation. You can have Horseshoes for different creative projects.

Price: Free


rabsy fun font

Rabsy which is an African pattern font is presented by D&K_project. This unique cute font that comes with an African concept will make it so much easy for you to design African patterns and fun displays. RABSY provides you a lot of combination possibilities. You can use Rasby for kid signs, fun stickers, logotype, etc.

Price: Premium


limetta fun font

Limetta is a fun handwriting font that is suitable to be used in different designs such as flyers, logos, crafting, signs and more. The basic alphabet and numbers are provided by Limetta and you will also get tons of punctuation. Limetta supports different languages such as Spanish, French, English, Dutch, Polish, German and many more.

Price: Premium

Jack in the Box

jack in the box fun font

Jack in the Box is free for personal use and is presented by imagex. This font includes both capital and small letters and also basic punctuation, symbols and numerals.

Price: Free


dinotype fun font

DinoType Font by Yasir Ekinci is one of the surprising fun fonts with unlimited variations. You will be able to make amazing letter characters with this font as it comes with amazing and cute doodles besides.

Price: Premium


watermelon fun font

Watermelon is one of Chunky Bold fonts by izzylikestodoodle. This typeface can be used for quirky designs such as phone cases, greeting cards, mugs, t-shirts, etc.

Price: Premium

Skater Dudes

skater dudes fun font

Pizzadude presented Skater Dudes which is one of fancy cartoon fun fonts that you can have freely for personal use. Skater Dudes will look perfect on title cards.

Price: Free

Monster World

monster world fun font

Monster World font is a fresh and colorful typeface that comes in three styles which are light, Bold, and Bounce Bold. A funny vector pack is also included in this font. Monster World is cute and amazing to be used for invitations, flyers, kid’s designs, logos, book covers and fun and friendly designs.

Price: Premium

Rough & Tumble

rough & tumble fun font

Rough and Tumble is one of the new playful fonts which is an energetic and happy typeface. With this font you can bring a cheeky touch for your design and lit it up. This cute design can be used for children’s book and quote and many many more projects.

Price: Premium


bubblegum fun font

Bubble Gum designed by Thomas W. Ziller is a bold cartoon font with a digital look. This cute font is only free for personal use.

Price: Free


blubtoon fun font

Blubtoon which is a fun and cute handwriting font is presented by Typia Nesia STD. You can get the best results of using this font for packaging, t-shirt designs, branding, posters, crafting, display designs, etc. we have you have fun with this fun font.

Price: Premium


sunshine fun font

Sunshine is a handcrafted display font which is bold and bouncy. To bring playfulness and fun to your design sunshine would be a great choice. This typeface is one of fun fonts that are handmade. Light, Medium and bold are the three weights available for sunshine. Western European characters, symbols, punctuation and numbers are all included in this cute font. Sunshine can be used for a wide range of designs such as children’s books, logos and packaging in order to draw the attention of your audience.

Price: Premium


minnie fun font

Minnie is a fancy cartoon fun font with only one variation. Uppercase characters, numerals and punctuation are supported by Minnie.

Price: Free


acids fun font

You are trying to make an ambience of fun? Get Acids font! This typeface is suitable for many purposes but will look flawless for your designs with a summer theme.

Price: Premium


sakra fun font

This regular scrip font is ideal to be used in casual projects. Sakra! font duo is a fun font including upper and lower characters and supporting Multilanguage. Alternates and ligatures are provided by this font.

Price: Premium

Hard Tree

hard tree fun font

Hard Tree is a fancy bold font presented by Woodcutter that you can use freely for personal designs.

Price: Free


bigmom fun font

This script handwriting font can help you to design a beautiful looking text as every single letter of the font is perfectly crafted. This is one of fun fonts with a modern style which can be used for many projects such as stationery, apparel, branding, logos, fashion, flyer, invitations, etc.

Price: Premium


playtime fun font

Another cute and creative one of fun fonts that we are going to talk about is playtime which is a new design. You will love the quirky characters of this bold font and you can also mix them together to make a unique look.

Price: Premium

Love Monster

love monster fun font

Love Monster is a hand-drawn all caps typeface presented by Brittney Murphy Design. This fancy cartoon font comes with a complete set of characters, numbers and punctuation. You can’t use Love Monster for commercial projects without getting a license.

Price: Free


holyfat fun font

Another one of fonts that I want to introduce you is a handwriting bold font with which you can design fresh and cute projects. Hollyfat is perfectly ideal for birthday cards, magazines, posters, book covers and packaging. Upper/ lowercase, punctuations, symbols and numerals and also ligatures are included n Hollyfat.

Price: Premium

Flying Kite

flying kite fun font

Flying Kite is a simple script typeface with only one variation that can be used for titles, logos, headings, flyers, etc. we hope you enjoy this font!

Price: Premium

Comic Kings

comic kings fun font

Comic Kings is a cartoon fancy typeface presented by Darrell Flood. There are two font files for this all caps font. Numerals and basic punctuation are also supported by Comic king.

Price: Free

Butter Layer 4

butter layer fun font

Butter Layer is a new layered font. This fun and fancy typeface is very useful and you can have it for your logo design, posters, different education projects, restaurant menu and more. Multilingual support is provided by this cute typeface.

Price: Premium

Puffy Fluffy

puffy fluffy fun font

Puffy Fluffy is a handwriting font with a casual style. This font features Uppercase, lowercase, numeral and basic punctuation and also limited alternate characters and ligatures. You want to add fun to your design then Puffy Fluffy is a good choice. Use this font for greeting cards, story books, invitations, posters, etc.

Price: Premium

Royum Bread

royum bread fun font

Another one of the fun fonts which is created by 7NTypes is the cute Royum Bread that you can have for your personal projects without the need to get a license. Royum Bread is an all caps font.

Price: Free

Adventura Speedol

adventura speedol fun font

Another one of fonts which is a handmade typeface is Adventura Speedol. If you use this bold casual font your text will be easy to read. Adventura Speedol will be useful for titles, labels and quotes. The font comes with catchwords so it can add a personal touch to your projects.

Price: Premium

La Tequila

la tequila typeface fun font

La Tequila Typeface is perfectly ideal to be used for shirts, invitation cards and signs. The characteristic of this typeface is awesome for summer themed projects.

Price: Premium


funhouse fun font

Funhouse is a fun font for your fun projects presented by Darrell Flood. Funhouse is a bold all caps font with numbers and punctuation that is free only for personal use.

Price: Free


mushroom fun font

Let’s talk about another one of fun fonts that can make an ambience of fun and playfulness for your design; Mushroom Font. You can use Mushroom for a wide range for purposes such as cards, T-shirts, signs, posters, labels and much more.

Price: Premium


holiday fun font

Holiday is a casual and playful font that is perfect for fun designs. Both uppercase and lower case characters are included in Holiday font. Also, numerals, symbols, alternates and punctuation are provided by this typeface.

Price: Premium

Stripe Fun

Price: Free

stripe fun font

Stripe Fun that is presented by Xerographer Fonts is one of fancy cartoon fonts that will look good on different designing projects.

Price: Free


califunkia fun font

Califunkia is one of the cartoonish fun fonts that is designed based on the hand-lettered advertisement of the 60s. This heavy and font can make a playful touch for any designs. European and Latin languages are supported by this font.

Price: Premium

Hoagie Brush

hoagie brush fun font

Hoagie Brush is a fun and fat font and you can use it in small and large format in different projects.

Price: Premium

Cartoon Marker

cartoon marker fun font

Cartoon Marker is an all caps fancy design with numbers and punctuation that is presented by Darrell Flood.

Price: Free

Funkie Bunny

funkie bunny fun font

Funkie Bunny is one of fancy fun fonts that come with awesome illustrations. If kids are the audience of your projects then you should use this cute font. You can also use Funkie Bunny for different categories in business as well.

Price: Premium

Hello Guys

hello guys fun font

Hello Guys is a layered typeface and is perfect for fun themed projects. This display font comes with awesome characters and 2 amazing styles. Hello Guys supports different languages and you can use it for logos, posters, branding and any other different project that you are working on.

Price: Premium

Super Mario 256

super mario 256 fun font

Super Mario 256 by fsuarez913 is of free fonts. This cartoon font is designed based on Mario letters. This font contains most of the basic necessary characters.

Price: Free

Kids Zone

kids zone fun font

Kids Zone is another one of layered fun fonts that comes with bold style. This cartoon font is ideal to be used for different products in different business categories.

Price: Premium


rono fun font

Rono is a friendly Sans font that you can use for your different tasks such poster designs, logotypes, packaging design and graphic designs. we hope you have fun with Rono!

Price: Premium


arco fun font

Another funny typography that you may like to use for your designs is Arco. This one is one of the fonts with rounded edges. Arco includes two font files and is free of cost for personal usage only.

Price: Free


bangbang fun font

Bangbang is one of exclusive fun fonts that support OpenType features and different languages. With this comic font your design can also have a serious tone. Extended Latin and Cyrillic are covered by Bangbang.

Price: Premium

Wild Thorn

wild-thorn fun font

Wild Thorn is one of the new fonts that comes with cute tall and small letters and you can create a funky look with it.

Price: Premium


snubnose fun font

Another one of the fun fonts that you can use freely for personal projects is Snubnose that is presented by bogstav. Snubnose supports different languages, alternates and contextual ligatures. You will enjoy using Snubnose for your designing projects.

Price: Free


qillow fun font

Qillow Font is a gorgeous playful typeface that comes with unique character shapes and can help to add fun to any design. Qillow script can be used for packaging, kid products or any other fun designs.

Price: Premium


herald fun font

Herald is one of the bouncy serif fonts. This typeface is geometrically designed and can make a fun look for your designs.

Price: Premium

Tiki Tako

tiki tako fun font

Tiki Tako is another one of bold type fun font presented by Woodcutter. this cool design is free for personal usage and includes all caps letters and also numerals and basic punctuation so that you can have it for a different range of projects.

Hello Unicorn

hello unicorn fun font

Another fun modern display on our list will be Hello Unicorn that has two different variations that you can combine to have the best results. Hello Unicorn is ideal for greeting cards, posters, logos, etc.

Price: Premium

The Flight

the flight fun font

The Flight Font is a quirky typeface that includes both upper and lower case letters. This brand new font is ideal for your fun projects.

Price: Premium

PW Yummy Donuts

pw yummy donuts fun font

PW Yummy Donuts by Peax Webdesign is another cartoon font that will be on our list. This is a cute all caps font that you can get the best use of for different projects of yours.

Price: Free

Boxing – Slab Serif

boxing slab serif fun font

Boxing is one of slab serif fun fonts n which sport and gaming had an influence. This font as a bold look and with it you can make a unique design.

Price: Premium


iceroll fun font

Iceroll Font is a fresh and playful typeface that comes packed with three styles which are Regular, Italic and Outline. You can use Iceroll to make a great looking design in signs, cards, t-shirts and more.

Price: Premium


sharky& medusa fun font

The next one of fonts on our list will be a design by dcoxy – Greg Medina; Sharky&medusa that has two cool variations. This fancy all caps font needs a license for commercial use.

Price: Free


winterland fun font

Another one of playful fun fonts will be WinterLand which is a cute handwriting font by Khurasan. This awesome typeface has two different styles and it is highly ideal for designs like headers, cards, magazines, logos and posters.

Price: Premium


toyzarux fun font

Toyzarux by Maelle.K is another one of amazing fonts that if free of cost for fun personal projects.

Price: Free

Denne Shuffle Euro Hollow

denne shuffle euro hollow fun font

The next one of the fun fonts that you can have freely for personal projects is Denne Shuffle Euro Hollow designed by Denise Bentulan which can make a cute fun look for your design.

Price: Free


caveman fun font

Caveman by Fontalicious is a cute typeface that comes with upper and lower letters and features numbers and punctuation. You can use Caveman freely for personal projects.

Price: Free

Island of Misfit Toys

island of misfit toys fun font

Island of Misfit Toys is another design by Steve Ferrera that has two font files and is free for personal use.

Price: Free


Hopefully, you checked every one of the fun fonts included in our list. We truly hope you like this list and could find the one design you were looking for to create an outstanding design with.

We tried to do our best in collecting these fonts and make a complete list but if you think we have missed anyone of cute fun fonts then you should let us know in the comment section so that we will add it to our list. Also if you think our list can be of great help for others too why not sharing it?

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