30+ Best Free and Premium Glitter Fonts

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Best Free and Premium Glitter Fonts

To craft a fancy piece of graphics and spark others’ interest in all respects, a handful of glitter is all you’re gonna need. Take your pick among these gorgeous glitter fonts and leave the rest to their spectacular texture to make their festive quality shine through.

Even though the twinkling curvy style might lead to a less readable outcome, instead, it will definitely be as eye-grabbing as all get-out. Needless to say, your design will be bound to emerge aesthetically appealing and show off a cheerful contemporary touch. Sure enough, there could be no better place for their shiny letterforms than greeting cards, T-shirts, and websites. Right?

Best Glitter Fonts

The curated list of glitter fonts below was once merely scattered assets all over the net. For your convenience, we threw the top ones together, and now you have a combination of free and premium versions with more than 30 items to choose from.

Glitter by AnMark

glitter font

Glitter Font with Sparks The font has beautiful and shiny lines that make any design glitter. This handmade font is excellent for creating designs such as greeting card designs, clothing product labels, and beauty brands.

Price: Premium

Modern Dreamer

modern dreamer glitter font

Modern Dreamer Font Bundle Font is one of the most beautiful glitter fonts. With this cosmetic brand logo font, invitation cards will be gorgeous and lovely. We recommend you to try this bundle.

Price: Premium

Glitter by Omega Font Lab

glitter font

Glitter font without glitter is like 80s retro fonts. But despite the bright stars, it is similar to the casino and Christmas styles that every design likes to use as the main element.

Price: Free

Serangkai Typeface

serangkai typeface glitter font

Serangkai Typeface Font with floral lines and extremely eye-catching, like painting on white canvas and shine. This typeface is perfect for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day or wedding anniversary.

Price: Premium

Glitter Lovers

glitter lovers glitter font

Glitter Lovers has a lovely theme with a brushed texture. If you like to prepare a cosmetics brand, girls themes, t-shirts, this font is the best opportunity.

Price: Premium

Razzle Dazzle

razzle dazzle glitter font

Razzle Dazzle is another glitter font that offers two different types of glare. Jewelry brands, cosmetics, hotels, and luxury restaurants use this font for their advertising.

Price: Free

Font Bundle Collage Graphics

font bundle collage graphics glitter font

This bundle will be one of your most crucial design assistants. This bundle is very economical in time and cost. You will create unique design projects with various and beautiful fonts such as handwriting style, classic.

Price: Premium

Script bundle

script bundle glitter font

Script bundle font is unique in its brilliance and creativity. Each character is like a shining star placed on any greeting card to turn plain text into magic text with one click.

Price: Premium


discotech glitter font

discotech The font consists of 5 branches of stars that are outline and inline. It is considered an important priority for designing festivals, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, cosmetics brands, and jewelry.

Price: Free


sparkles glitter font

Sparkles is a font designed by. This font has characters that can not be identified, whether drawn digitally or by hand. As a result, the font is essential to make your greeting cards as natural as possible.

Price: Premium

Wonderlicious Typeface

wonderlicious typeface glitter font

Wonderlicious Typeface A font with a package of glitter elements that you will love. This glitter font has brush lines that become one of the most attractive by combining gold and silver colors.

Price: Premium

Christmas Miracle

christmas miracle glitter font

Christmas Miracle font warms and brightens the long and cold Christmas nights with glitter in each character. This font for large festivals and celebrations with large size on billboards and billboards can fascinate the city with its brilliance.

Price: Free

The Fontastic Logo Creator

the fontastic logo creator glitter font

The Fontastic Logo Creator Font is one of the calligraphy styles that looks great on a black background with rose gold characters. Many cosmetic, perfume, jewelry brands use this font in their business cards, catalogs.

Price: Premium

Mademoiselle LOGO KIT + Extras!

mademoiselle logo kit extras glitter font

Mademoiselle LOGO KIT Extras! Font is one of the glitter fonts for good Christmas days. This font can beautifully decorate all New Year invitation cards, Christmas gifts and show a beautiful New Year text in gifts.

Price: Premium


badazzle glitter font

Badazzle font has a bold and broad style with a shade of glitter. This font is one of the most useful elements for designing luxury magazine covers, website headers, and social media posts.

Price: Free


coalface glitter font

This collection has two styles with different colors of silver and gold. This glitter font is very regular, with bright patterns and glitters. For designing logos, flyers, and posters of cosmetic brands, girls’ t-shirts are different.

Price: Premium

LETS PARTY OpenType SVG Bitmap

lets-party-opentype svg bitmap glitter font

Let’s have a great party with this great font. At this party, in addition to drinks and gifts, you need to have a great theme. This font, with the beautiful shine of the letters, allows you to hold better than ever.

Price: Premium

Janda Sparkle and Shine

janda sparkle and shine glitter font

Janda Sparkle and Shine Fonts Designed by Kimberly Geswein. It is not an easy work of art and magic, but it is possible. Each character is designed like a comet with a brighter end. Great for creating girls’ fantasy cards, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day.

Price: Free

Mademoiselle Script

mademoiselle script glitter font

If you think of preparing a beautiful theme for family and friends’ celebrations, this script font comes in handy. Despite its beautiful lines and flowery, it is ready to decorate any card and beautiful writings.

Price: Premium


the creator kit glitter font

THE CREATOR KIT FONT BUNDLE has one excellent font and glitter that you can not ignore. This bundle is better and increased by combining several fonts of this bundle.

Price: Premium


wizardry glitter font

Wizardry glitter font is similar to decorating a Christmas tree. Stars and glitters that hang and promise a good year. You, too, can start a good year with these Christmas fonts and designs.

Price: Free

Vanilla Frosting Typeface

vanilla frosting typeface glitter font

Vanilla Frosting Typeface is a magical and sweet font. I like ice cream, especially vanilla flavor. This font became an excuse for me to comment on packaging and advertise ice creams with delicious flavors and encourage you to use it.

Price: Premium

Miracles Duo

miracles duo glitter font

Miracles Duo Font Extras are very suitable and necessary in this collection; what better way to design a classic and stylish theme, poster, and cover for a fashion magazine than with a duo font that requires searching for matching other fonts.

Price: Premium


galaxyface glitter font

The Galaxyface font is similar to the galaxy stars, where each Kodak is placed next to each other to form a sequence of stars. Suitable for designing greeting cards and festivals.

Price: Free

Fontdinerdotcom Sparkly

fontdinerdotcom sparkly glitter font

Nothing is more beautiful than the stars’ shine, and this font shows this beauty in every character. It has a Minimalist and 1950 style. This glitter font is a beautiful combination of greeting cards and girly themes.

Price: Free

Kingthings Whizzbang

kingthings whizzbang glitter font

Kingthings Whizzbang The font has fireworks and sparkles that are commonly seen at Christmas. So what a great way to use this font for Christmas and New Year invitation cards.

Price: Free


ravequeen glitter font

RaveQueen is a strange font that looks like a fantasy spaceship. Many stars are engraved on the walls of these savings, which are characters. Enjoy using it in fantasy and childish themes.

Price: Free

Christmas Sparkle

christmas sparkle glitter font

Måns Grebäck designed christmas Sparkle Font. If you are looking for a miracle at Christmas, this font, with its magical style, brings the blessing of a beautiful invitation card that takes your work more than several pens.

Price: Free


Shine, light, and glitter are some of the most attractive elements used wherever and whenever there is happiness. Birthdays, Christmas is one of the items that can be designed with high fonts, but besides, it is also one of the practical elements in jewelry brands. Make the most important designs by downloading the collection of glitter fonts.

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