55+ Best Free and Premium Hippie Fonts

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Best Free and Premium Hippie Fonts

First, borrow a tinge of retro feel from the typography back then, around the 60s. Then let your characters take on a playful chubby style, and voila ــــ this is what your text looks like with a hippie font! Emphasizing a mixture of vintage and modern characteristics, they easily lead to something distinctly easy on the eyes.

The large curvy outline is sure to produce maximized effect, especially when used for greeting cards, posters, digital banners, and any other cheerful works of art. The point is, it’s no longer a challenge to approach your audience as long as you have hippie fonts to make a friendly impression to begin with.

Best Hippie Fonts

Bank on the fat characters of hippie fonts to communicate with your viewers more creatively, as we offer a whole collection of them right here. There are free and premium versions to choose from, so you’re good to go anyway!

Warhol Type Family 3 fonts

Warhol Type Family 3 fonts

Warhol Type Family 3 fonts Anything If you want to have an organic design, use this Hippie font to design music albums, invitation cards, personal designs, and cosmetics for girls.

Price: Premium

Lucidity Extras

Lucidity Extras Font

Lucidity Extras font has a kind of elasticity. You can use this hippie font in many summer designs and flyers, birthday greeting cards, and have fun.

Price: Premium


Tampool Hippie Font

Tampool font is one of the designs that is designed in the form of a square of each letter and, interestingly, the hollow part of each letter, for example, the letters O, P, A is formed as a horizontal line, ie, a rectangle that has a narrow width. This font is used for comic design and retro packaging.

Price: Free

Hippie Mojo

hippie mojo hippie font

Hippie Mojo created by Mysterylab Designs is one of the great hippie fonts with a retro vintage style a Full set of multilingual characters and glyphs are available for this font. The font also features alternate characters. Create a retro fun feel with this font!

Price: Premium

Lovadelic + Extras

lovadelic + extras hippie font

Lovadelic is presented by Aiyari. This new script font has five font files and is a great option for typography. Stylistic and contextual alternates, ligatures and extra glyphs are featured by the font. this font is best for headings, titles, cards, posters, quotes, and many more.

Price: Premium

BellBottom Laser

bellbottom laser hippie font

BellBottom Laser is one of the old hippie fonts made by Lorvad in 1991. This groovy font includes a license only for personal use. Create a strong unique font with this font!

Price: Free

Frito Vandito

frito vandito hippie font

Frito Vandito created by dougpenick is inspired by the free nomads. This font is a throwback to the 70s culture. This handmade font has a bold style and it’s been used in photography a lot!

Price: Premium

“No Worries”

"no worries"

“No Worries” presented by dougpenick is one of the bold serif hippie fonts. This font is perfectly suitable for logos, flyers, graphic designs, apparel, and more. Try this free-wheel in’ font!

Price: Premium


inkwell hippie font

Inkwell font is designed by Sam Wang is a unique bold font for non-profitable use only. The unique letter shape of this font can help you make a distinctive look for your designs.

Price: Free

Summer of Love Psychedelic

summer of love psychedelic hippie font

Summer of Love Psychedelic Font is published by Mysterylab Designs. This groovy font can create a retro feel for your designs. Multilingual characters are supported by this font and with it, you can create a digital vintage style.

Price: Premium

The Beardy

the beardy hippie font

The Beardy is a classic typeface presented by Aiyari. This typeface that is inspired by the pop culture of the 60s and 70s supports OpenType features and is intended for packaging, quotes, logos, flyers, cards, and more.

Price: Premium


butterfly hippie font

Butterfly created by weknow includes 7 styles. This font includes capital case, lowercase, symbol, number, and punctuation. Italics and bold italics are also available for this font.

Price: Free

Flatface Heft

Flatface Heft Font

You can use it to design posters and many of the art styles of the sixties that were already famous for presenting an attractive designer to the audience.

Price: Premium

Aprila Font Family

Aprila Font Family

Aprila Font Family is one of the designs that belong to the 1969s and is very memorable. This hippie font is inspired by Aberilla flower, and its cursive lines are suitable for beautifying many of your graphic designs and photos.

Price: Premium

Psych Handlettering

psych handlettering hippie font

Psych Handlettering Font by Mysterylab Designs is one of the flexible hippie fonts with three different versions. You can use this typeface in texts, posters, t-shirt designs, logos, and more designs. give a try to this font!

Price: Premium

Far Out! – A Groovy Typeface

far out! a groovy typeface hippie font

Far Out! – A Groovy Typeface is presented by Think Make Design. the font is packed with different hand-drawn graphics to create an elevated look for your designs.

Price: Premium

Spicy Rice

spicy rice hippie font

Spicy Rice Font is presented by Astigmatic One Eye Typographic Institute. Glyphs and chars are available for this bold strong font. it is a super cute font; get it!

Price: Free


changing hippie font

Changing by PintassilgoPrints is loaded with OpenType features. This typeface is one of the hippie fonts with which you can create a dynamic style for your designs. It is a quite useful typeface, try it!

Price: Premium


roadside hippie font

Roadside is a Vintage Slab Serif typeface created by Think Make Design. This beautiful nostalgic font can be used for a variety of designs. The font has roots in surf culture, get it for your next project!

Price: Premium

Retrofunk Script

retrofunk script hippie font

Retrofunk Script font made by HPTypework is only for personal use. This regular Serif font is loaded with glyphs and other necessary elements and features. Get the font; you will enjoy it!

Price: Free

Swung Note

swung note hippie font

The next one of the hippie fonts that I want to introduce to you is Swung Note presented by PintassilgoPrints. This font is packed with different ligatures and can create a natural look for your designs. Get this great playful font and create an impressive look for your design!

Price: Premium

Sneaker Script

sneaker script hippie font

Sneaker Script by Dharma Type is a perfect font that can evoke your younger days in the 60s and 70s. The font includes OpenType alternates and is a perfectly functional typeface.

Price: Premium

Hippie Gypsy

hippie gypsy hippie font

Hippie Gypsy by CloutierFontes is a gorgeous font made in 2012. This typeface is only free for charity and personal use. Providing you the necessary features and elements gives you the chance to create a unique design.

Price: Free


sundowners hippie font

Sundowners published by PintassilgoPrints is a versatile font with a wide range of glyphs. Amusing initials and terminal forms are also available for this font. this groovy font is a smiley face, Get it!

Price: Premium


smashing hippie font

Smashing by PintassilgoPrints is one of the all caps hippie fonts with which you can create a good look. Supporting OpenType features the font is perfectly handy and is an ideal font for smashing designs. you will love designing with this font!

Price: Premium


gloogun hippie font

GlooGun Font made by Font-a-licious is a super font with an available commercial license. This cool handwritten typeface is so ideal for headlines and can also create a retro comic look. It is a functional font; Give it a try!

Price: Free


ziclets hippie font

Ziclets font presented by PintassilgoPrints is a fresh typeface with OpenType features. The font has a bold style and creates a strong look. Get it and enjoy it!

Price: Premium

GoofyFoot – A Retro Surf/Skate

goofyfoot a retro surf/skate hippie font

GoofyFoot is a Retro Surf font presented by DarkGarden. This font can grab the eye of your audience and is perfect for t-shirt designs, branding, packaging, logos, titles, and more.

Price: Premium


village hippie font

Village Font by OutsideInside Fonts is a freeware font which means it is free for commercial use. This is one of the extra bold hippie fonts that you need to try!

Price: Free

BUNDLE: All fonts!

bundle all fonts! hippie font

BUNDLE: All fonts! $73 Value – $25! By dougpenick is a pretty good looking font for multiple designs. Different font files are available and I recommend you to give it a try!

Price: Premium


tuesnight hippie font

Tuesnight by PintassilgoPrints is the next one of the hippie fonts that I want to introduce to you. This lively font is packed with alternates, swashes, and ligatures. The font provides you different letter shapes. I am sure you will have fun with this font!

Price: Premium

Action Is

action is hippie font

Action Is Font designed by Brain Eaters is the last one of the hippie fonts on our list. This funky groovy font can create a retro feel to your designs. The font is only for personal use.

Price: Free


manicuore hippie font

Manicuore by PintassilgoPrints is a perfect hand-drawn font that was very functional during the 60s and 70s. This all caps font creates different letter shapes and supports OpenType features. The font can create a cool look for your artworks, Try it!

Price: Premium

Chez Moustache

chez moustache hippie font

Chez Moustache presented by PintassilgoPrints is an eye-catching typeface packed with special features and elements. Two versions and the full set of upper and lower case letters are available for this font. go ahead, get the font, there is a lot to do!

Price: Premium

Nuevo Passion

nuevo passion hippie font

Nuevo Passion presented by Iconian Fonts is a freeware font which means it is only free for personal use. Different styles are available for this font so you can pick the one to your liking and create a good looking design.

Price: Free

Boardley Script – Layered

boardley script layered hippie font

Boardley Script – Layered Font published by Craft Supply Co. is one of the functional hippie fonts. The font has two layers and creates an attractive look for different designs. The bold style of the font makes it suitable for Advertising, logos, branding, titles, packaging, and more designs.

Price: Premium


seventies hippie font

Seventies (Regular) by Sproviero-Type is a groovy font that can create a 70s feel for your designs. the font has a beautiful style and will work well for magazines, covers, branding, and other modern designs.

Price: Premium

Hip Pocket

hip pocket hippie font

Hip Pocket is one of the highly versatile hippie fonts presented by Iconian Fonts. 14 styles are available for this font and with it, you can create a 60s feel. To use the font commercially you need to get a license.

Price: Free

Bulb Layered

bulb layered hippie font

Bulb Layered Font by LetterStock is a layered font inspired by book cover designs. This decorative font is useful for many purposes. this Sans Serf font family is ideal for magazines, signs boards, flyers, titles, and more.

Price: Premium


lovebus hippie font

Lovebus font designed by Gleb Guralnyk is one of the vintage hippie fonts and can create an original look for your designs. You should try this font!

Price: Premium


zen3 hippie font

Zen3 Font published by EvasUniqueFonts comes with a license for personal and non-profit use only. This decorative font includes necessary features and creates a fancy look; give it a try!

Price: Free


morango hippie font

Morango published by Minhocossauro Emporium is packed with all the necessary punctuation and accent characters. It is a cool display font with different OpenType versions. I hope you enjoy designing with this font.

Price: Premium

Summerica + Bonus

summerica + bonus hippie font

Summerica presented by fopifopican creates a happy look for your design. This playful and cheerful typeface includes Uppercase/Lowercase, Numerals, and Punctuations. You can use the font for invitation cards, quotes, Ads, packaging, branding, and more.

Price: Premium

JMH Alegria

jmh alegria hippie font

JMH Alegria font is made by joorgemoron. This comic display font features a full set of characters, numbers, punctuation and necessary elements. It is a fat fun font; Try it!

Price: Free

Indigo Summer

indigo summer hippie font

Indigo Summer Font Trio designed by Nicky Laatz is an adventurous font. This new rustic typeface is perfectly ideal for typography designs. the font creates a unique personality for your artworks; get it!

Price: Premium


loyola! hippie font

Loyola!is one of the ultra-bold hippie fonts presented by Rodrigo Typo. This Sans Serif typeface is perfect for titles, headers, and more. The font can create a happy look, Try it!

Price: Premium


chuck skeleton hippie font

The next one of the hippie fonts on our list is chuck-skeleton designed by Paul Vincent. This chunky retro font features lower case letters only. You can create a piece of art with this font; Try it!

Price: Free


flames hippie font

Flames presented by OutsideInside Fonts is regular ultra-bold font. this typeface is totally free for commercial and non-commercial designs, give it a try!

Price: Free

Keep on Truckin’FW

keep on truckin'fw hippie font

Keep on Truckin’FW Font by Brain Eaters is a wonderful 100% free font with which you can have fun creating!

Price: Free


kush hippie font

Kush Font is presented by Our House Graphics. This very cool font is only free for personal use and it can be functional for many different designs such as Ads, logos, packaging, branding, and many many more.

Price: Free


dogsmoke hippie font

Dogsmoke Font by OutsideInside Fonts is a Psychedelic font family including 4 styles and a license for non-commercial use. This awesome font includes a wide range of glyphs and other necessary features. It is a bold functional font, Try it!

Price: Free

Hip Moves

hip moves hippie font

Hip Moves created by Mahdi Rust is the next one of the hippie fonts that I want to recommend you to check out. This is a 60s font free for personal use only. The font has a bold style and creates a strong look!

Price: Free


zabars hippie font

The next one of the hippie fonts that we are going to talk about is Zabars Font by K-Type. This spectacular bold font is free for personal use and can make your designs stand out. Give it a try!

Price: Free


vtks loveandpeace hippie font

VTKS LOVEANDPEACE by VTKS DESIGN is a lovely font with a license only for non-commercial use. This font provides the full set of characters, glyphs, and other necessary features. Try this typeface for your creations!

Price: Free


pseudolux hippie font

Pseudolux designed by Marc Clancy is one of the freeware Psychedelic hippie fonts. only one version is available for this font yet it can cover many designs, Try it!

Price: Free

SF Groove Machine

sf groove machine hippie font

SF Groove Machine Font is published by ShyFoundry. 8 amazing styles are included in this font family and it should be used for personal designs only. Create a groovy look with SF Groove Machine!

Price: Free


We hope you enjoyed this list. Drop a line for us in the comment section and help us improve our work. Sharing this list of hippie fonts with your friends can help them find the one font they are looking for, for their designs.

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