45+ Best Free and Premium Metal Fonts

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Best Free and Premium Metal Fonts

Looks like your next typography artwork is supposed to provoke strength and confidence, huh? Then you can say you’ve come to the right place. That’s exactly the sort of thing metal fonts stand for, a robust inflexible character along with which comes a cold mood. It’s like that’s the only way they know how, thanks to their sharp pointy letterforms.

As long as you want to come across as accomplished and stylish, craft all your logotypes, digital banners, games, and everything to look fashionable, accompanied with a formidable aura, all courtesy of metal fonts. Just pick one and make your words stick out bold and impressive. Isn’t it just perfect?

Best Metal Fonts

Expect your text to leave a strong impression? Then wait no more and grab these metal fonts, any of the free and premium options, to help you with that. See also our other offer, the superb collection of steampunk fonts.

Mancer Typeface

mancer typeface metal font

Mancer Typeface by Badspark is one of the geometric metal fonts and it is a unique combination of old and new. This display typeface is a great choice for branding projects. It features Capital and Lowercase, and it covers a wide range of Latin languages.

Price: Premium

Black Cameo – With Bonus Ornaments

black cameo with bonus ornaments metal font

Black Cameo font comes with Bonus Ornaments and it is presented by creativemedialab. This display font can create a strong impression. The font includes beginning and end stylistic sets and can create a unique look. It is an ideal font for logos, t-shirt designs, and Halloween concepts.

Price: Premium

Special Offer

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argentum metal font

Argentum font is designed by Rafael Dinner. This amazing font comes with three styles and is only free for non-commercial use. Get this typeface, it will make you happy!

Price: Free

Dramaga Typeface + Extras

dramaga typeface + extras metal font

Dramaga Typeface presented by DikasStudio features Character Set A-Z, numbers, punctuation, accents, ligatures, alternates, and swashes. This font is so ideal for gothic designs, quotes, invitation cards, t-shirt designs, and more.

Price: Premium

Darkrise Typeface

darkrise typeface metal font

Darkrise Typeface by PutraCetol Studio is a full-featured display typeface. This font comes with upper/lower case, numbers and symbols. The font is great for logos, labels, titles, posters, and more.

Price: Premium

Angles Octagon

angles octagon metal font

Angles Octagon Font designed by Rick Mueller has a unique style. This typeface can make your designs stand out, try it!

Price: Free


barklay metal font

Barklay designed by Mister Chek is an only letters font. this is one of the metal fonts that you need to get. I hope you enjoy it.

Price: Premium

Ironire Script

ironire script metal font

75% OFF Ironire Script by Noah Kinard creates an iconic feel. You need to check out this unique font.

Price: Premium

Death Devil

death devil metal font

Another one of the metal fonts that I want to introduce to you is Death Devil by Hakito. This freeware font is available for both commercial and personal use. This is an amazing font, check it out!

Price: Free

HeavyMetal Typeface

heavymetal typeface metal font

HeavyMetal Typeface is one of the metal fonts designed by Anton Antipov. This typeface has a classic look and has a strong dynamic style. This typeface has two styles and is perfect for label designs.

Price: Premium

Garreng Decorative

sale!!! garreng decorative metal font

SALE!!! Garreng Decorative 33% Off created by Tama Putra comes with the full set of upper and lowercase letters. Different languages and currency symbols are supported by this font. alternates, ligatures, swashes, numbers, and punctuation are also available.

Price: Premium

Steel Town

steel town metal font

The next one of the metal fonts that I want to recommend you to check out is Steel Town font presented by Gaut Fonts. This practical typeface is free for personal designs only. Try it and enjoy it!

Price: Free


sword metal font

Sword created by Harry Kasyanov is one of the amazing display metal fonts. The font works well with normal size text and also looks good on large size text. This typeface comes with the full set of character A-Z, as well as multi-lingual support, currency figures, numerals, and punctuation and is good for logos, headlines and tattoo designs.

Price: Premium

Iron Clad Bolted

iron clad bolted metal font

Iron Clad Bolted Font is made by Digital Empires and it is one of the great metal fonts that can fulfill many of your designing needs.

Price: Free

Brothers of Metal

brothers of metal metal font

Brothers of Metal by defaulterror comes with a unique character set. This font has rounded sharp lines is a good choice for typography designs, headers, logos, and more designs.

Price: Premium


inhumans metal font

Inhumans font is created by EN86-21. The font contains characters set and basic punctuation and can create a good look for your designs.

Price: Premium


baumarkt metal font

Baumarkt is another one of the metal fonts that you need to check out. This font comes with 4 styles and is created by Fontmaker in 1998. Check out the unique style of this practical font.

Price: Free

Black Fox

black fox metal font

Black Fox by Mister Chek is a modern gothic font. This typeface is one of the metal fonts that I recommend you to check out for your next creative project, you will love it!

Price: Premium

Heartless-Great Deathmetal

Heartless is a great death metal font created by Lettersiro. This great looking font is inspired by death metal logos. it is a very ideal font for clothing designs, album covers, and many other designs.

Price: Premium

Special Offer

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Godhong Personal Use

godhong personal use metal font

Godhong Personal Use made by TamaPutra is one of the newly designed metal fonts. This font will look good on many different designs and will satisfy you. this typeface is only free for personal use, try it!

Price: Free


trueper metal font

Trueper font by Mister Chek is an only letter font that you will enjoy using for your designs. get this font and have a fun creation!

Price: Premium


krechet metal font

Krechet font presented by Mister Chek is a perfect practical font for a wide range of your designs. try this font!

Price: Premium


inthedark metal font

Inthedark font created by ArthyType is a unique uppercase font ideal for any ideal projects. This new font can create a sick look, try it!

Price: Free

Skumfuk Typeface

skumfuk typeface metal font

Skumfuk Typeface designed by Ian Irwanwismoyo is one of the all caps metal fonts including numbers and some punctuation. This font will look good on your posters, branding projects, packaging, logos and more.

Price: Premium

Eske Blackletter

Eske Blackletter Metal Font

Eske Blackletter font is one of the geometric designs, and blackletter and each letter are designed in a hexagonal format and have sharp and triangular edges. If you would like to have a similar design in scary and metal design and in the mother of music, I suggest you do not miss this metal font.

Price: Premium

Daughter of a Glitch

Daughter of a Glitch Metal Font

The Daughter of a metal font looks like a chainsaw or a heart came and shaped this font. This font has very sharp edges that you can use in the background, designs that need to be creative and different, such as glitch mode.

Price: Free


death crow metal font

DEATH CROW by KIDCOOL™ has a gothic metal style that can make you a distinctive artwork. This full-featured typeface is suitable for band logos, print designs, cards, and many more designs.

Price: Premium

Bravo Destroyer Personal USE

bravo destroyer personal use metal font

Bravo Destroyer Personal USE font is presented by LJ Design Studios. This bold font is made in 2018 and is free of cost for personal designs only. This typeface is one of the metal fonts with which you can create a strong sharp look.

Price: Free


goreinfection metal font

GOREINFECTION presented by Arthemic is a highly detailed font inspired by the style of metal culture. This font is so ideal for brutal designs in blood and can create a sickness look. You can use this font for t-shirt designs, branding, print designs, logos, posters, and more.

Price: Premium

SALE!!! Pindunk Decorative

sale!!! pindunk decorative Off metal font

This typeface is designed by Tama Putra and is one of the full-feature metal fonts including the full set of characters, numeral, punctuation, currency and multilingual support. Alternates, ligatures, and glyphs are also provided by the font.

Price: Premium


iron man of war metal font

IRON MAN OF WAR font is presented by the Fontry. The font has four styles and is only free for personal use. Check out this fantastic font!

Price: Free

Strings Theory

strings theory metal font

Strings Theory is a Rock font presented in 2017 by Chequered Ink. This sharp strong font is only free for non-commercial use. The font will look good on banners, logos, titles, packaging, headers, etc.

Price: Free

Laguna Creek

laguna creek metal font

Laguna Creek font is created in 2019 by CraftThings. This uppercase font is for personal use only and it includes numbers and a wide range of punctuation. Create an elegant look for your designs with Laguna Creek!

Price: Free


onslaughter metal font

Onslaughter is a personal use only font presented by Chequered Ink. An extensive range of glyphs is available for this font. Create a distinctive design with Onslaughter.

Price: Free


motorstrike metal font

Motorstrike font published by Chequered Ink is a bold personal use font. this new display font can be used for many designs such as t-shirt designs, logos, cards, branding, flyers, etc.

Price: Free


megarok metal font

Megarok Font is published in 2018 by Chequered Ink. This Rock font is for personal use only and works well on any design, try it and enjoy designing!

Price: Free

Dubstep Dungeons

dubstep dungeons metal font

Dubstep Dungeons Font created by Darrell Flood is one of the practical full-featured metal fonts that can fulfill many of your designing needs, check out this font.

Price: Free

Here Be Dubstep

here be dubstep metal font

Dubstep Dungeons is one of the full-featured metal fonts created by Darrell Flood. This nice bold font can be used for many different designs and it is free for personal use only.

Price: Free

Roll Accurate

roll accurate metal font

Roll Accurate is a bold navy font presented by Chequered Ink. This all caps font is free for personal designs only. you can use this typeface for designing titles, logos, banners, headers, etc.

Price: Free


newblackdemo metal font

NEWBLACKDEMO Font by decadetypefoundry is a metal font free for personal designs only. You need to check out this cool black letter mate!

Price: Free

Midnite Hour

midnite hour metal font

Midnite Hour Font is designed by Chris Vile. This font is created in 2013 and has a bold style so it can easily draw attention to your designs. get the font!

Price: Free


steel nm otf metal font

STEEL_NM_OTF is a tool font made by Miljkovic. This new font is packed with glyphs and beautiful ornaments and it is for personal use only.

Price: Free


diamondplate metal font

DiamondPlate Font is made by Xerographer Fonts and it is a free typeface for personal and non-profitable designs. check out this bold strong font for your next project.

Price: Free

Penetration Out

penetration out metal font

Penetration Out Font by LJ Design Studios has two styles and is a free font for your non-profitable projects. The unique style of this font creates a good look for your designs!

Price: Free

Massive Bassline

massive bassline metal font

Massive Bassline Font by Darrell Flood is one of the worthy metal fonts that need to be checked out. This bold font contains a wide range of glyphs and works well for different designs. try this typeface!

Price: Free


darkpix metal font

DarkPix Font is designed by Juan Casco. This font that is free only for personal use features a full set of characters, numbers, and punctuation and looks good on different purpose designs.

Price: Free


I hope you have enjoyed this list of the metal fonts. Sharing the list with your friends can help them find the one unique font they might be looking for. Drop a line for us in the comment section; it would be great hearing from you.

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