40+ Best Free and Premium Monster Fonts

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Best Free and Premium Monster Fonts

Unlike what the label suggests that might scare you off, monster fonts are totally friendly and cute, wouldn’t you say? Sure, they can also generate hints of scariness, but since it’s teamed up with a cartoonish outline, you can say the spookiness is just compromised.

However, at the end of the day, what’s left is the perfect combination of playfulness and creativity. Such an adorable outcome is sure to get the message across nice and clear. Throw them on your kids-related designs, and with a little coloring, they can get even more delightful. Your next stops can also be posters, websites, games, or anything with energetic vibes. So exciting, right?

Best Monster Fonts

Now let’s take a look at these frisky monster fonts, both free and premium choices included so you can choose your favorites. If you want to dial up the spookiness a bit, also visit our creepy and spooky fonts collection.

Monster Mash a ragged comic

Monster Mash a ragged comic Font

Monster Mash a ragged comic font designed in rough and comic. This means that the ends of the strokes are cut and convey a kind of monster rage. In addition to comic designs, you can use them in animations and even packaging.

Price: Premium

Monster Bash

Monster Bash Font

The Monster Bash font has fantasy monsters in the characters. You can use any of these letters to design cartoon and fantasy themes.

Price: Premium

Monster AG

monster ag monster font

Monsters are not always the same in appearance and have different shapes, in this font, an eye in the letter ‘M’ is used, which makes them special. This font is similar to the font used in Monster Inc animation, which can be used for any animated poster.

Price: Free

New!! Monster Rumpus

new!! monster rumpus monster font

New !! Monster Rumpus, an interesting font that is not scary at all for monsters. This font has three different weights for different tastes! To be able to learn about the uses of this font, you can visit the site and be inspired by its photos, which are used for Moore’s children’s books.

Price: Premium

All my Stitches

all my stitches monster font

Sometimes monsters become so violent that they cause damage. This Monster font is also stitched as written in the title, and all characters have small and large stitches that are best for scary themes.

Price: Free

Monster Jelly

monster jelly monster font

Monster Jelly Font is a fantasy that is not only monstrous but also cute. This font is suitable for many designs, for example, baby products, toys, and use in fantasy animation posters.

Price: Premium

Vicious Hunger

vicious hunger monster font

Vicious Hunger Font, with tree bark texture is designed by Iconian Fonts. With this font and its great variety, you can prepare a complete package of designs from posters, flyers to many scary designs.

Price: Free

Hogan Mania

hogan mania monster font

Another font is the Monster collection, which is suitable for many scary designs, especially foggy themes. The characters in this Monster font are like sharp textures, which is suitable for any design that needs to increase the volume terribly.

Price: Free


monster monster font

In the world of children, monsters have different shapes. This font is inspired by childish designs and turned into doodles. If the characters have sharp teeth, it seems that children have a picture of monsters with sharp teeth. As a result, it is suitable for designing children’s books and teaching children’s fantasy.

Price: Premium

Dusk Demon

Dusk Demon Font

Dusk Demon fonts have 19 different styles. This family is one of the largest families of the Monster font collection, and each of the fonts has more than 200 characters and it will be a great Halloween invitation card for you.

Price: Free

Mrs. Monster

mrs. monster monster font

Mrs. Monster Font with a package of 17 is one of the most complete fonts I have seen. With this font, every scary and spooky idea you have will come true. The wood texture in all the characters and styles shows that it is designed with a lot of details and is suitable for those who are interested in details in their design.

Price: Free

Monster Party Typeface

monster party typeface monster font

Monster Party Typeface is an interesting font of fantasy and imaginative monsters. In this font, the characters are the heads of monsters in the form of mummies and bones with white and yellow colors. This font is designed by 414 General Store and is suitable for art and fantasy designs.

Price: Premium

Skull and Void

skull and void monster font

Skull and Void font is designed by Checked Ink. The characters are playful and like scary music. This Monster font is suitable for many detective designs and spooky themes and animated posters.

Price: Free

Nightmare AOE

nightmare aoe monster font

A different and spooky font was designed by the Astigmatic One Eye Typographic Institute. With this font, you can find many spooky and animated designs that you have been looking for for a long time and enjoy designing with different characters.

Price: Free

Afraid of the Dark

afraid of the dark monster font

There are dry trees deep in the forest that can be used for many designs. These trees have been used to design a spooky font. You can count on this font to design your flyers and Halloween invitation cards.

Price: Premium


screature monster font

The Halloween font is layered. One of the features of this font is that you can use it for your website and decorate the October content or your stores in the fall season with many discounts.

Price: Premium

El Monstruo del Raval

el monstruo del raval monster font

It is a wood-themed font mixed with raindrops. This font is one of the most interesting fonts in this collection that can depict a scary atmosphere with the presence of monsters. So we suggest that you complete your designs with this font.

Price: Free

Monstahh Layered Typeface

monstahh layered typeface monster font

From the name of the font, it is clear that fan and non-scary characters are waiting for you. With a variety of chalk designs and styles, this font will be one of the most fun fonts in the Monster font collection. You can change the layers with any color and use it in children’s projects.

Price: Premium

Monster Hunter

monster hunter monster font

Monster Hunter font designed by Iconian Fonts. This font with bold characters shows irregular patches in glyphs that are suitable for strong monster themes. With this font, you can figure out the best design projects for animation posters, video games.

Price: Free

The Baby Monster

the baby monster monster font

Funny font, the fun that is suitable for children’s parties such as birthdays, Halloween celebrations that need to be accompanied by happy designs and elements. With this font, you can bring laughter to the lips of your audience and, contrary to its name, have happy moments.

Price: Premium


trollhunters monster font

Trollhunters font designed by JK Typeface. This 3D font with epic style takes you to animation and troll legends. As a result, you can grow your ideas and succeed.

Price: Free


monstro monster font

Monstro font has three styles that you can use to implement your ideas with one or all three. This font is very unique with a texture similar to monster wool and bigfoots. This Monster font is suitable for designing any kind of posters, flyers, or birthday invitation cards.

Price: Premium

Dark Tales

dark tales monster font

This font is italic and likes spraying blood on stone walls and crime scenes. Each of its characters can be a final design for Halloween by combining elements such as skeleton and spirit, crow.

Price: Free

Monster Hand Drawn

Monster Hand Drawn font is very attractive for children due to the fact that the designs are in the shape of two hearts, and these designs are inspired by children’s drawings. There are two eyes. You can use these creations in children’s drawing books and stories.

Price: Premium

Little Monster

little monster monster font

It is a font that many children think monsters are just big teeth and eyes. This font is suitable for many spooky designs and each character is adorned with sharp teeth and large eyes, which multiplies its fan base

Price: Premium


snot monster font

Snot Font designed by Toxic Type. This multiplier font is similar to some monsters that grow from the flow of moss and multiplier materials and cause damage and panic. This font is one of the best options for many designs and ideas.

If you are interested in this font, you might also like to see similar fonts. So I suggest you look at the list of the Best Horror and Scary Fonts.

Price: Free


misfits monster font

It is a font whose characters are not the same thickness. But this feature is very special and can make it easier for designers to have a unique font and present top and number one projects without the need for tools.

Price: Free

TOMO Zomba

tomo zomba monster font

It is a scary font that is often used in zombie and vampire movies. This font becomes beautiful and different for many scary themes, Halloween celebrations with spider webs and spiders, and creates a scary atmosphere.

Price: Premium


zombie monster font

Zombies are among the monsters that are not very violent, but in this font, anger and hatred can be seen in all the characters. This font is only available in all-caps, which you can use more in titles.

Price: Free

Rough and Tumble

rough and tumble monster font

It is a childish and retro font. This font with rounded characters describes the world of children and monsters. Due to its simplicity and readability, you can use it in many children’s projects..

Price: Premium


samdan monster font

It is a font that evokes the Wild West. The Wild West is not a scary space, but when decorated with elements such as cow skulls and many related elements, it can become one of your most successful projects..

Price: Free

Boo! Uppercase

boo! uppercase monster font

Boo! This is a word that is usually used to scare, but we have a font called that here. it’s very interesting. In addition to fonts, you can download a harmless monster with different colors and illustrators and place it in a part of your project.

Price: Premium

Why so serious

why so serious monster font

The font is mysterious as if enchanted by the magic of wizards. The vague lines around the characters increase their level of horror. With this font you can try many different and scary designs for flyers and posters.

Price: Free


dark monster font

Each character in this font is designed to look like scary monsters like owls, bones, and wild animal skins. For this purpose, each character alone can be used to design cups, children’s wallpaper..

Price: Premium


massacre monster font

It is an amazing and sharp font that looks like a terrible monster nail with the sharp edges of each stroke. This Monster font was created by Norfok Incredible Font Design. You can present any idea of ​​an imaginary monster that you cultivate in your mind with this font..

Price: Free


freich monster font

It is a vintage font that is usually seen more in superhero books. We highly recommend this font to all comic book lovers and superhero characters in it, and we hope you have a good time with it..

Price: Premium

Cartoon Freak

cartoon freak monster font

The human imagination of eyes, mouth, feet in fur is furry for animals. And the font designer, Jonathan S. Harris, turned each of them into an imaginary creature with only two legs, or one eye. With more than 198 characters, this font is similar to entering the monsters’ imaginary space.

Price: Free

Scary Monsters

scary monsters monster font

The image of monsters has always been similar to the characters in this font, some one-eyed, multi-faceted, and sometimes fan and cue. This design and contrast, for example between the letters C and R, makes children look at these creatures differently. Suitable for fan and scary designs.

Price: Free

Last Man on Earth

last man on earth monster font

It is a font that is recommended for many land designs and monsters that are from the flower war. This Monster font, created with special characters and irregular strokes, can be used for video game menus, poster design, alphabet training, and toy brands.

Price: Free

Shaun of the Dead

shaun of the dead monster font

It is a font that makes the viewers’ hearts stop beating because a skeleton hand is protruding from different parts of the letters. These hand gestures allow you to undertake several scary projects for Halloween.

Price: Free

Toxic Waste

toxic waste monster font

As the name of this font indicates, a toxic substance has formed this font. That is, all the wear and tear on the characters is a sign of the designer’s extraordinary observation in the face of the toxic substance being poured on objects. As a result, it is suitable for scary or poisonous designs.

Price: Free

Suspiria Vampira

suspiria vampira monster font

Is a bold font designed by Konstantine Studio. Bold letters are a feature used in titles. In this font, animation titles, movies, websites, video games can be used as examples.

Price: Free


The best monster fonts are very diverse, some very scary that the heart stops beating, and some very fun and cute that is inspired by children’s minds. This type of font gives you a different view of monsters, and you can use it in many scary and fantasy designs.

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