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once upon a time in america logo font free download

What font is used in the Once Upon a Time in America logo?

“Aurora Std Condensed” is the font used in the Once Upon a Time in America logo. This font is published by Bitstream. You can purchase this font from the link below.

If you do not want to buy this font, we have also provided a free and alternative font that is very similar to the original font.

This font is Kirie-Fu designed by Goma Shin. You can use this font in your personal and commercial projects. Download and enjoy this font from the link below.

Hollywood cinema is full of films in a variety of genres, from adventure to action and Western. The logo of a Hollywood movie called “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” is in the form of a very large logo that is mounted on the mountains of LA. Due to the unevenness of the letters, it can be understood that this film is full of extraordinary genres and scenes that are connected one after another. If this font is a little special and is mostly used in cinema, you can use it in theater flyers, movie brands.

About Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

For one of the few live directors in the world to win the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival, the Golden Globe Award and the Golden Sculpture at the same time, and to have a distinct audience among the audience, going to a personal work Understandable and natural, And now Tarantino is doing it with “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.”

“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” above any character, storytelling, or even storytelling maneuvers on two topics: introducing geography, history, dominant lifestyle, and the director’s personal feelings and opinions about Hollywood, and answering the question of what constitutes the basic elements of human society.

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