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What font is used in the Pink Panther logo?

The font name used in the Pink Panther logo is “Desigers”. This font has been slightly modified in the original logo. This font can be used in personal and commercial projects.

A pink font with long characters and uneven sizes and not being in a straight line is reminiscent of the famous Pink Panther character in a cartoon of the same name. Pink Panther font with beautiful characters and fantasy has been able to invite a large audience who were interested in this cartoon character to use in comedy and adventure cartoons, movies, games and fantasy logos. Just follow the inexplicable events like the playful pink panther.

About Pink Panther

In 1963, the famous director Blake Edwards decided to make a comedy film, and the focus of the film was concentrated on various comic and ironic adventures, the main character being the Pink Panther. It took decades, and also the decision to release comedy-cartoon series besides the movie.

In 2006, after the death of the director, Shawn Levy directed the Pink Panther, the story begins when a precious diamond ring was stolen and a detective named Jacques Clouseau starring Steve Martin to solve the mystery. If you are looking for fun moments with a riddle, be sure to watch this movie and use its fonts.

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