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Bets Free and Premium Pirate Fonts

Planning to catch a distinct mood in your next project in line, something along the same theme of Pirates of the Caribbean? Well, guess what font category does that so impeccably? Cast your net wide all you want, but you can bet pirate fonts are the furthest you can go.

Often sharp and irregular with occasionally distorted styles, these fonts evoke mysterious vibes with just a bit of chill creepiness to add more flavor to the design. Needless to say, their vintage touch is even more awe-inspiring due to the stiff structures and quaint patterns. Now imagine what spectacular signs, tattoos, and editorial designs these curiously adventurous fonts can lead to.

Best Pirate Fonts

Enjoy another mind-blowing collection of Hyperpix, this time providing you with more than 55 smashing pirate fonts of both free and premium varieties. Not at all easy to track down and put together, in case you’re wondering. So go nuts! 

Captain Shipwreck

captain shipwreck pirate font

Captain Shipwreck Font is one of the uniquely distresses pirate fonts and it is designed by Jon Swinn. The font is packed with upper and lowercase characters, numerals and extra glyphs. This typeface can create a traditional bold look for your design.

Price: Premium

Caribbean Rum

caribbean rum pirate font

The next one of the pirate fonts that is going to be on our list has 6 styles and is packed with alternates. This vintage look typeface is presented by OlegVoznyy. you can use this font for your vintage designs such as shirts, badges, logos, etc.

Price: Premium


blackpearl pirate font

Do you the font that is inspired by the poster of “Pirates of the Caribbean“? it is BlackPearl Font that was created in 2017 by JoannaVu. This is one of the fabulous fonts free for personal use only.

Price: Free



CAPTAIN SALTBEARD font Due to its name, we all remember pirates, and you can use this vintage font to design logos, posters, vintage themes. This font has seven different types that combine to reach an infinite collection of dozens of works of art.

Price: Premium

Treasure Map Deadhand

treasure map deadhand pirate font

This amazing typeface is one of the freeware fonts. Treasure Map Deadhand Font has only one variation and is presented by GemFonts. It is an awesome font!

Price: Free

Blackink – Blackletter

blackink blackletter pirate font

Blackink is a Blackletter Font presented by Dirtyline Studio. This font that is inspired by the modern pirate calligraphy has a hand-lettering style. The font has beautiful curves and can create a personality for your designs. This is a super handy typeface for a wide range of designs such as logos, handwritten quotes, packaging, signs, and more.

Price: Premium

Pirates by Paulow

pirates pirate font

Pirates by Intellecta Design is one of the unique pirate fonts that are designed based on the historical flags that were used by pirates. This font is a perfect collection of pirate drawings but in the format of a font.

Price: Premium

Pirate Bay Typeface

pirate bay typeface sale!!! pirate font

Pirate Bay Typeface by OlegVoznyy is one of the vintage label fonts. This font has five styles and you can use it for retro designs like shirts, labels, flyers, etc.

Price: Premium


ebullience pirate font

Ebullience font presented by Allmostudio is a modern pirate font with a retro vintage style. This full-featured font is a great choice for your creative designs such as invitation cards, posters, badges, logos, labels, and more. Give it a try, it is a great font.

Price: Premium

Pirate by JumboDesign

pirate pirate font

Pirate is a vintage Style Font presented by JumboDesign. This unique Sans Serif font has 6 styles; Regulars; Grunge, inline Grunge, Shadow, and shadow grunge.

Price: Premium

1809 Homer PRO

1809 homer pro otf pirate font

1809 Homer by GLC Foundry is inspired by the little hands that were used to write messages that were carried by pigeons in the 1700’s and 1800’s. This pirate font is enriched with amazing alternates and ligatures. The font comes with a standard set of characters.

Price: Premium

Bu Scarecrow

bu scarecrow pirate font

Looking for a freeware pirate font? Check out bu Scarecrow Font by bosil unique fonts.

Price: Free

Cutlass Typeface + Bonus

cutlass typeface bonus pirate font

Cutlass Typeface + Bonus created by Gumico Studio is a layered typeface inspired by horror cartoons and pirates. The font can create a strong look and can be used for different designs such as pirate posters, quotes, logos, and more display designs. multilingual support is provided by Cutlass Typeface and it includes upper and lower case letters, numerals and punctuation

Price: Premium


bonnycastle pirate font

Bonnycastle that is presented by Three Islands Press is one of the bold and italic style pirate fonts. This eye-catching typeface is a perfect choice to be used book covers, titles, flyers, branding, etc. alternate alphabets, ligatures, and cartographic ornaments are included in this font.

Price: Premium

Pirates by Unicode

pirates pirate font

The next one of the pirate fonts that I want to introduce you is a vintage typeface display; Pirates. This font that is presented by Unicode is can create a classic feel for your various projects. By the use of this font, you will get to create harmonic messages for your different range of designs such as invitations, greeting cards, headlines, titles, etc. this font is packed with 265 glyphs and also supports OpenType features such as swashes, alternates, and ligatures.

Price: Premium


booter pirate font

Booter Font comes with 9 different font files and you can use it for comics. This freeware Gothic various font is published by Apostrophic Lab in 2000.

Price: Free


inhumans pirate font

Inhumans ia made by EN86-21 and is a highly detailed and full-featured font that fits a wide range of designing projects, give it a try!

Price: Premium

Geographica Hand

geographica hand pirate font

This font is designed based on the hand-lettered texts that mostly had Serif style on the British maps of the 1700s. Geographica Hand is packed with map ornaments such as trees, churches, boars, etc. small caps, contextual ligatures, and discretionary ligatures, cartographic ornaments, and full Latin characters are supported by this font.

Price: Premium

Bold Riley

bold riley pirate font

Bold Riley is one of the handmade Serif fonts published by Itsmesimon. Characters of this can create a human touch as they are all drawn by hand. Bold Riley is a friendly font and can be used for many different designs that you want to create a human feel for.

Price: Premium

Pirates Gold

pirates gold pirate font

Pirates Gold Font by No Images is only for your personal use. This design is one of the fancy western pirate fonts featuring only uppercase letters.

Price: Free

Creator Campotype

creator campotype pirate font

Creator Campotype presented by Campotype is a perfect font with an ancient face in modernism. This display font gives you the chance to mix and match upper and lower case letters and create a great look. The font includes a full set of glyphs. Get it!

Price: Premium

Pirate Black Display

pirate black display pirate font

Pirate Black Display by pat_kos is one of the modern-looking fonts. The brush characteristics of this font are perfectly abstracted to mix the handcrafted feel with the digital world. Check out Pirate Black Display; you will enjoy it!

Price: Premium

Old Alfie

old alfie pirate font

Old Alfie is one of the vintage pirate fonts that come with ornaments and illustrations. The font has a Victorian vibe via a modern twist. Old Alfie will look great on logos, book covers, flyers, etc.

Price: Premium

Caribbean Caps

caribbean caps pirate font

This high-quality font is designed by Roulette Studios. Check out this freeware font; it can be useful for your different designing projects.

Price: Free


blaze pirate font

BLAZE presented by EN86-21 is inspired by pirate logos. The font comes with letters, numbers, and punctuation. Get the font and enjoy creation!

Price: Premium

Bandidas Typeface

bandidas typeface sale!!! pirate font

Bandidas font includes five styles and also an aged version. This vintage label font that is presented by OlegVoznyy is an ideal font for retro designs.

Price: Premium


ironpunch pirate font

Ironpunch is a black letter pirate font by PixelMoshpit. This font is designed and inspired by classic typefaces that were in black letters. Try this font!

Price: Premium

Captain’s Table

captain's table pirate font

Interested in freeware pirate fonts? Check out Captain’s Table Font that is presented by Roulette Studio.

Price: Free


saltpetre pirate font

Saltpetre by Magpie Paper Works is a rustic display font that includes different graphics and also punctuation, currency figures, and numerals. multi-lingual support is provided by Saltpetre that is a highly versatile typeface.

Price: Premium

Tortuga Hand Drawn

tortuga hand drawn pirate font

Tortuga hand-drawn that is one of the pirate fonts is presented by Vozzy. check out this unique font it can help you with your designs.

Price: Premium

Henry Morgan

henry morgan pirate font

Henry Morgan Font is a font that is created by Roulette Studios. This nice font is free for both commercial and personal usages.

Price: Free

Black Shepherd

black shepherd pirate font

Looking for a Halloween font? Black Shepherd by Chekart that comes with caps and lower characters, numerals, and punctuation and also provides support for international languages is the font for you.

Price: Premium


parapet pirate font

Parapet is an amazing blackletter typeface in four styles. This font is presented by Blue Line Design. it inspired by the Victorian era typefaces. The font comes with symbol glyphs.

Price: Premium

Key West

key west pirate font

This is one of the freely available pirate fonts for personal and commercial use. Key West Font is a lovely design.

Price: Free


maika pirate font

Maika Font by Youhhou is one of the hand-drawn fonts which includes Latin and Cyrillic characters, and also punctuation and numbers. Maika can be used in designing shirts, flyers, logos, etc.

Price: Premium

Old Glory

old glory pirate font

This historical display font is presented by Fonthead Design. check out this font it is an ideal choice for many of your designs.

Price: Premium

Sketch Bones

sketch bones pirate font

This typeface is one of the cool and cute freeware fonts. this font is presented in 2005 by Character.

Price: Free

Terra Ignota

terra ignota pirate font

This pirate font is packed with small caps, ligatures, swashes, and numbers. Old style figures are also available for this font. Check out Terra Ignota, it is published by Three Islands Press.

Price: Premium

CS Rosalia

cs rosalia pirate font

This amazing pirate font has fur styles and you can use it for different designs. Just use your creativity and this font will give you the best results. Your project will look absolutely trendy and pretty with CS Rosalia.

Price: Premium

A Skeleton in Your Closet

a skeleton in your closet pirate font

This typeface is one of the cartoon fonts by Phantomhive Company. A skeleton in your closet Font is free for personal use.

Price: Free

Rover Typeface

rover typeface pirate font

Rover typeface by OlegVoznyy has different styles that all will look great on your designs. you will enjoy this font!

Price: Premium


southen brush pirate font

This one is one of the unique looking fonts with beautiful curves and edges. It is guaranteed that your designs such as packaging, quotes, social media posts, and other designs will be eye-catching with SOUTHEN Brush Font.

Price: Premium

Pirates Writers

pirates writers pirate font

This fancy various font is a design by Álvaro Thomáz. Pirates Writers includes upper and lower case, numerals and punctuation. This font is one of the personal use only fonts.

Price: Free


cervantes pirate font

Cervantes is one if the serif pirate fonts presented by Heroglyphs. This typeface is inspired by the comic characters. The classic and sharp characteristic of this font makes it perfect for designing titles, labels, logos, headlines, etc.

Price: Premium


blackbeard pirate font

This retro various font is presented by Roulette Studios. BlackBeard Font is one of the freeware fonts.

Price: Free

Inked Bones

inked bones pirate font

Inked Bones made by Mans Greback is a hand-painted typeface with a modern gothic style. Latin based European languages are supported by this font and it is suitable for pirate tattoo designs, graphic designs, printing, and more.

Price: Premium

Nugie Romantic

nugie romantic pirate font

This typeface is one of the fancy retro pirate fonts that are 100% free for personal and commercial use. Nugie Romantic has two font files and includes both small caps and capital letters.

Price: Free

Aye Matey

aye matey pirate font

Aye Matey is a friendly pirate typeface created by TheBundles. The font has four different styles and creates a cute look. Wanna talk pirate? Try this font!

Price: Premium

Gothic Ultra Trendy

gothic ultra trendy pirate font

You can use Gothic Ultra Trendy Font by Blue Vinyl freely for personal and commercial designs.

Price: Free

Arrr Matey BB

arrr matey bb pirate font

Arrr Matey BB Font is free for personal use. This is one of the gothic pirate fonts featuring both capital and small letters and it is presented by Blambot.

Price: Free


armadapirata pirate font

Armada Pirata is designed by Manfred Klein. You can freely download this various typeface for commercial and also personal projects.

Price: Free

Pirate Treasure

pirate treasure font

Pirate Treasure Font is created by CraftThings in 2009. This display font is a little scary and is licensed as a freeware font. Wanna create a sinister-looking design? Try this font!

Price: Free


piratesbay pirate font

PiratesBay Font is only free for personal use. This is a fancy eroded typeface presented by Xerographer Fonts.

Price: Free


brausepulver pirate font

Brausepulver by Peter Wiegel is a fancy font packed with upper and lower case letters, numerals and punctuation. There is only one variation for this font but you will enjoy that!

Price: Free

Spoonge Punk

spoonge punk pirate font

Spoonge Punk Font by Pastaza Type is one of the free of cost fonts for personal use. This grunge font has two font files.

Price: Free

Pirates pw

pirates pw pirate font

Check out Pirates PW that is one of the unique fonts and it is designed by Intellecta Design.

Price: Free

Black Sam’s Gold

black sam's gold pirate font

Black Sam’s Gold Font is another one of the pirate fonts that you can free of cost for commercial and non-commercial designs. both upper and lower case letters are provided by this high-quality font.

Price: Free


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