60+ Best Free and Premium Fat Fonts

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Best Free and Premium Fat Fonts

When you’re after a more pronounced effect in your lettering, and you want to do it while coming across as friendly and casual, there’s no better place to look than our collection of fat fonts. All of a sudden, it’s not a challenge anymore, but an opportunity to have fun, playing with different chunky characters and designing some pretty adorable artworks.

These rounded condensed elements associate your words with a playful sort of solidity, but the playfulness thing mostly. The energetic fat fonts do make awesome logotype designs, especially for food and stationery brands. But posters, games, and apparel? It would be just the best thing ever! Don’t you think?

Best Fat Fonts

Now let’s get creative with some of the best free and premium fat fonts we’ve gathered here for you. Side note, if you want the same heavy style minus the cartoonish details, you’ll find bold fonts a much better fit. 


brice fat font

 How about a retro font? This funny fat font from the ’80s can be used for many food packaging and labels. Characters like R, K, P are very great and designed differently from other characters, and this feature makes it suitable for restaurant headlines and menus.

Price: Premium


chibold fat font

In the following, we will examine the font with a chubby style similar to the packaging of chips and snacks. This fat font shows the taste of delicious food in written form with rounded and smooth. Use these fonts in the design of T-shirts, menus, and logos of food brands.

Price: Free

Blogh Fat and Quirky Display

Blogh Fat and Quirky Display Font

Blogh Fat and Quirky Display font are one of the handmade and decorative fonts. Due to the fact that the letters are in the form of organic and retro designs, you can use them in comic books or personal diaries.

Price: Premium

Dingos Display Pack

dingos display pack fat font

You should not miss the font because, in addition to a simple design with characters, you will also benefit from four different types of fonts. These four styles are Stamp, Stamp Outline, Display & Display Outline, so try not to forget to design a t-shirt, packaging, or even birthday invitation cards.

Price: Premium


delicious fat font

Who can skip a delicious meal? This fat font is like a delicious snack that is enjoyable while watching a movie. This tasty font is best for designing snack labels, chips, and any delicious food.

Price: Free

STOUT Wide Vintage Modern Typeface

stout wide vintage modern typeface fat font

You can add a font at any stage of your design, but the best stage is when you have a wide, horizontal space. This font is the best fit. The shape of the characters is similar to edible mushrooms, and the first idea that comes to your mind may be the packaging of mushrooms and fast food products.

Price: Premium


fatcat fat font

It is a thick font designed in 2019. Design many food designs, animations, flyers, and restaurant brand logos with more than 100 characters with this font.

Price: Free

Dr. Slab

Dr. Slab Fat Font

Font Dr. Slab can be considered one of the vintage and fat fonts. If you like a book about sea creatures or comic books that you wrote about sea voyages as an interesting cover, download this font.

Price: Premium

Naguel 50 All

naguel all fat font

Obese font with a special design for children. With this font, you can do thousands of ideas in toy packaging, animation, baby food advertisements for children under three years old, and finally, have customer satisfaction on your lips.

Price: Premium

Family Guy

family guy fat font

Family Guy Font was created by jobanbal. It can be understood in detail that the child inside this artist is very tasteful, and in the letter i, two antennas are designed for television. This fat font can design children’s books, animal education, and many fancy T-shirt designs.

Price: Free

Hoagie Brush

hoagie brush fat font

It is a handmade font that everyone likes to have in their digital designs. With this font, you can design many brands and raw foods used to make pizza and have a great label.

Price: Premium

Pink Rocket

pink rocket fat font

Pink Rocket Font provided with a simple but thick design. In this font, the characters are rounded, and some, for example, E, R, have additional strokes that make them look very nice and different. Fast food design, we recommend donuts with this font.

Price: Free

Daisy Fun Bubbly Display

Daisy Fun Bubbly Display Font

Daisy Fun Bubbly Display font is one of the interesting fonts in the collection of fat fonts. This font is suitable for website headers, children’s magazine covers, and even comic books that need a fancy and funny design.

Price: Premium

Reisenberg 2.0

reisenberg fat font

Searching for fonts, thick and fat, is enough. This font has all these features. Besides, with 400+, it easily provides you with any design that you have in mind, from logo design for fast food brands to title design and animation posters.

Price: Free

Jaksel Bold Square Sans Serif

jaksel bold square sans serif fat font

Inspired by retro travel postcards. The street design of this vintage font is familiar and memorable for many designers of the ’90s. Now, decades later, welcome it for a new design.

Price: Premium

Chunky Town Demo

chunky town demo fat font

You can see the super chunky font like the chips and Dorito pieces in the picture above. Present many designs of foodstuffs, pastilles, marshmallows for business customers with this fat font and get the full 100 from them.

Price: Free


cryogenix fat font

Darrell Flood designed Cryogenix font. With this font, which is as delicious as edible pieces and can be used as pieces of adventure games, a new design was implemented. Just download this font and buy a license for advertising use.

Price: Free


rotor fat font

It is a geometric font in which each letter is composed of the main geometric shapes, namely, circle, rectangle, and triangle. Even some characters like R are made up of two shapes like a circle and a circle. This simplicity and creativity can be applied to many logo designs, posters, toy brands, and video games.

Price: Premium


rainclouds fat font

Hand-made and doodle fonts for designers who do children’s work. Characters painted with pencil lines show children’s sense of humor and handwriting. This font is suitable for designing pillows, wallpapers, and children’s rooms.

Price: Free

TOMO Joseph

tomo joseph fat font

The wood design for the chubby font is convenient. This fat font is great for menus of restaurants, cartoons, Western video games, and dinners. So you better think about creating new ideas today.

Price: Premium

Funk Machine

funk machine fat font

You see the geometric font and the hick. In this family, which consists of 15 fonts and more than 200 glyphs, the choices will be much more than you can imagine. We offer you the design of fast food themes, video games, animations.

Price: Free


Smashing Fat Font

Smashing font is in the form of three-dimensional letters, and each of these letters is in the form of a layer, and you can change each of the layers according to your needs in the design. This font is great for designing titles for animations and video games for children.

Price: Premium

Molheim Typeface

molheim typeface fat font

Molheim Typeface Font is a slab, fat with rough edges. With this font, which is available in almost all languages, including Darrell Flood, you can have a global brand and various restaurants and coffee shops.

Price: Premium

Force Majeure

force majeure fat font

Many remember Tall, fat, and 80s. With this font, many video games and postcards were released in the ’80s. But it can still be used in the design of mug t-shirts and many fancy designs.

Price: Free

AKOFAType Cabeza Grossa

akofatype cabeza grossa fat font

The next font is very different. Groovy style and characters that were designed to look like the mouth. This causes the appetite to increase and the audience to buy food products such as sausages and hot dogs.

Price: Premium


village fat font

Village font is tall and chubby. The lower part of the letters is drawn differently, and It is similar to pizza cheese that is poured on the pizza and has a lot of elasticity. So how much better to use for pizza cheese advertising.

Price: Free

Bloque Italic

bloque italic fat font

You are ready for a slap, inline, and shadow font. This font is great for many designs. If your priority is logo design or poster design, we suggest that you do not miss this font. Italian food packaging and restaurants can also be a great choice.

Price: Premium


diskopia fat font

Another search is enough! This fat font is one of the fattest and best options for food products and brands. Fancy, the round is a feature that is great for designing donuts, fast foods, snacks.

Price: Free

The Alpan

the alpan fat font

Vintage 6 font that displays certain forms of swashes. You can use this font in fantasy designs, snacks, food brands, and chocolates.

Price: Premium


skyzhi fat font

Måns Grebäck designed Skyzhi font. Star wars inspired this font. Supernatural and fantasy characters are the best choice for any designer to design animated posters, logos, flyers.

Price: Free

Mudhead Family Sports Display

mudhead family sports display fat font

Mudhead Family Sports Display font has more than 20 fonts with various designs. Each of these styles has 336 glyphs, which seems to be a complete set for designing food and restaurant brands.

Price: Premium

Groovy Smoothie

groovy smoothie fat font

Iconian fonts created groovy Smoothie font. The characters are like small, fat snacks, each of which conveys a special flavor. This font is best for packaging, labels, and food brands.

Price: Free


ding fat font

Ding is a font inspired by the Japanese alphabet. With this fat font, you can advertise Japanese food and restaurants. It can also be downloaded as extra characters and elements in this package.

Price: Premium

Maxi Marker

maxi marker fat font

It is a handmade and fat font that is suitable for many fancy designs. This font is a priority for designing the titles of sauce and spaghetti brands and many of your hot dishes.

Price: Free


container fat font

One of the popular fonts in this collection is the best fat fonts of this font. Characters are published in geometric and square blocks with minimal lines that distinguish each letter from the other. What better way to use restaurant and food brands.

Price: Premium


firm fat font

We present you with a fat, modern, and click font. With this font, you can design many brands. In a way, this font is universal, and you can use it for any theme, from personal and birthday themes to branding and firm themes.

Price: Premium

Bigfat Script

bigfat script fat font

If you are good with retro fonts and are a fan of them, you will definitely choose this font. Fat and fantasy characters with three-dimensional shadow are intended for you designers with more than 200 glyphs.

Price: Free

Stubby Rough

stubby rough fat font

Hand-letter and crafty fat font with rough edges. Carrot jam, marmalade, and many other brands are the best choices for designing glass jars.

Price: Premium


bronson fat font

Bronson Font is adventurous and bold. This all-caps font is suitable for many posters and animations as well as for kitchen utensils. So it is better to add to the group of fans and buyers of this font.

Price: Free


callista fat font

You will see the retro font with cursive lines below. Secure fonts for labeling foods such as chocolate, cookies, and cakes with all kinds of flavors will be great. Just try it.

Price: Premium


boldenvan fat font

The font is bold and bubble. This font is great for designing children’s work, such as animation, video games, gaming devices. But on the other hand, it is also used for restaurant brands, coffee, and menus.

Price: Free

Querino Script

querino script fat font

With script characters of this font, many fantasy designs can be created. Birthday invitations, holiday greetings, coffee shop menus, and coffee brands are some of the uses that can not be ignored.

Price: Free


seventies fat font

We recommend choosing this font for those who consider the 70s to be the most colorful design period. Smooth and cursive lines are great for food brands, coffee, restaurant menus, and coffee shops, as well as greeting cards.

Price: Premium

Sweet Treats

sweet treats fat font

Sweet Treats Font is fancy and thick. With this fat font, you will remember cartoons and animations that have always been looking for cheese. So, in addition to posters, you can use it for packaging food.

Price: Free

Fonseca Grande

fonseca grande fat font

Vintage font and related to travel postcards of the ’80s. This bold 3D font is great for restaurant menus, magazine magazines, and food brands. Enjoy buying 6 fonts in this collection.

Price: Premium

Dasher Deer

dasher deer fat font

The font is cute and tasty. This font can decorate many winter products such as ice cream, Christmas decorations, and New Year invitation cards.

Price: Free

Colombo Sans

colombo sans fat font

Colombo Sans Font designed by Salt & Pepper Designs. This chunky and summery font will be unique wherever you use it: summer flyers, fruit and beverage ads, and jam jar stickers.

Price: Premium


cheeseburga fat font

It is a fat font that is very tasty and edible with a cheese texture. If you are confused about branding cheese and butter for fast food ingredients, we recommend this font.

Price: Free

Hit and Run Fun Sans Serif

hit and run fun sans serif fat font

Hit and Run Fun Sans Serif font is adorable and bold. Its smooth edges are similar to snacks and chocolate bars. Happy designs such as animation, t-shirts, baby clothes, Hit, and Run Fun Sans Serif font packaging will make you very happy.

Price: Premium


yeyey fat font

For the work and art of animation, many people can not create a different design. This font solves the problem and is great in many video game posters and animations with chubby characters.

Price: Free


ziclets fat font

Ziclets font, which is inspired by the packaging of chewing gum and matches, is extraordinary if you like your design to be bubbly and fat, what better way than this amazing offer that we introduce to you.

Price: Premium


resotyg fat font

It is a simple and geometric font. Characters like t, s, and E are designed differently. Most importantly, 637 glyphs and 745 characters awaiting your ideas on digital screens.

Price: Free

Hula Hoop Girl

hula hoop girl fat font

Iconian Fonts created hula Hoop Girl font. This fat 80’s font is in the form of marshmallow bubble pieces. If you need a lot of searching for variety in logo and poster design and do not get results, try this font with 19 different styles.

Price: Free

Black Fox

black fox fat font

Black Fox font is a brush and hand-letter. With this outline font, cake-cream, chocolate, and coffee go for a special and user-friendly design.

Price: Free


numpty fat font

How beautiful and unique this font will depend on your vision. David Kerkhoff published this fancy and cute font for the logo, flyer, poster, and personal theme design. Now it’s your turn to come up with ideas.

Price: Free

Molly Sans

molly sans fat font

It is a bold font with a wooden texture. Each character is similar to a slab and can be used in modern designs. Black, bold, light, and 22 other styles are included in this package to make your design different.

Price: Free

Toy Box

toy box fat font

Toy Box Font is fancy and fat. If you pay attention to these fonts and characters, they look like game elements like X, O. Also, stores and factories of chocolates and donuts will have great ads with this fat font.

Price: Free

Extra Fruity

extra fruity fat font

Darrell Flood created this font to help other designers come up with ideas. This handwritten font is a priority for many casual designs of invitation cards, friends’ greetings, sauces, French fries, and spicy brands.

Price: Free

Contour of Duty

contour of duty fat font

In this collection, this font may be my best choice. Each character looks like a small chocolate bar with alphabetical shapes. Now imagine that the closed design with the contents inside looks like this font, wouldn’t it be great?

Price: Free


cipitillo fat font

Cipitillo is a Fat font with a crumbly texture similar to donuts and pieces of bread just coming out of the oven. This font is a symbol of the best designs in the donut, bread, and chocolate brands.

Price: Free

Katamari Serif

katamari serif fat font

Katamari Serif is a Western font and slab. With this tile font, magazines, logos, and chocolate packaging will be promoted many times, and many food brands and food industry products.

Price: Free


Fat fonts related to many foods are fattening and delicious that in today’s world, many people consume it regardless of the amount of calories. Now suppose how effective this font is in the packaging, and it can attract the audience’s attention and pay attention to these points. We have tried to point out different aspects of fat fonts best collection.

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