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What font is used in the Reebok logo?

“Mottek Normal” is the font used in the Reebok logo. You can use the font in your personal projects. Simply download it from the link below.

In the past, fonts of various logos were designed for Reebok brand, but in the recent design, three sides of the CrossFit Delta has been used in the brand’s logo on the right side of the word Reebok. This triangle represents physical, mental, and social changes. Due to the simple style used in the “Reebok” word font, it can easily be wrung out in many of your brands and surprise your audience.

About Reebok

Reebok brand was founded in 1958 by the two grandchildren, the founders of shoemaking, and was inspired by an African gazelle called Reebok, which was eventually merged with Foster & Sons. Joe and Jeff Foster found the name in a dictionary that Joe Foster won in a competition as a teenager.

In 1981, the total sales of the Reebok brand reached $ 5.1 million. The company’s turning point came when, a year later, the Reebok brand introduced the first women’s sneakers known as “freestyle” shoes. In 1986, sales unexpectedly tripled to $ 919 million. Sales rose to $ 4.1 billion in 1987 and $ 7.2 billion in 1991, and the Reebok brand became the world’s best and most innovative sports equipment manufacturer.

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