30+ Best Free and Premium Superhero Fonts

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Best Free and Premium Superhero Fonts

Don’t worry about adding an adventurous spark to your design anymore, cause starting today, you’ve got our exciting selection of superhero fonts to rely on. They all share thick and bold letterforms, some cartoonish to evoke a more nostalgic feel and some retaining a tougher appearance to indicate stability and strength.

Okay! Now we know what’s the deal with superhero fonts and their awe-inspiring vibes, right? They sure make a great match for comic books and stuff. But have you tried them on any gaming graphics of yours yet? Or all kinds of commercial and digital content? If not, do try them out for size. The result is uncanny!

Best Superhero Fonts

Let’s dig into some superb superhero fonts of both free and premium versions. Next time you need a specific font, waste not even a second looking here and there. Whatever it is, chances are Hyperpix already has its collection at hand.

CA Kometo

CA Kometo Superhero Font

 CA Kometo font is for those who have been interested in comic books since childhood. You can download this vintage font right now and take advantage of it.

Price: Premium

Atomic Wedgie

atomic wedgie superhero font

Atomic Wedgie by Comicraft Fonts includes different font files; Solid, Inline, Outline & Split. upper and lower case characters, also Western and Central European accents. Are all packed with this super hero font.

Price: Premium

Batman Forever

batman forever superhero font

The next typeface that I want to introduce you is a sci-fi font; Batman Forever that has 2 font files and is a shareware font.

Price: Free

CA Smut

CA Smut Superhero Font

The benefit of CA Smut is distressed and rustic style. One of its good features is that it can be seen in three dimensions with the shadows of each letter. For designing comic books and animations in the fantasy and childish genre, it is recommended that you buy and download.

Price: Premium

Avenger label typeface

avenger label typeface superhero font

Avenger label typeface by OlegVoznyy is a vintage looking typeface. this font is inspired by comic books and also comic movies. This font will look good on any design such as posters, labels, logos, etc.

Price: Premium


daredevil superhero font

Daredevil by Filmhimmel is one modern fonts. This Gothic all caps typeface is free of cost for personal use.

Price: Free

Clobberin Time

clobberin' time superhero font

This superhero font is designed by Richard Starkings and published by Comicraft Fonts. Just check it out you will love Clobberin’ Time!

Price: Premium


iron man of war superhero font

If you want to use IRON MAN OF WAR Font for commercial use you need to get a license.  This is one of the fabulous super hero fonts. Check it out; you won’t regret.

Price: Free

Gore Typeface

gore typeface superhero font

Gore Typeface by Tugcu Design Co. is from a violent font family. This display font is perfectly ideal to be used for titles. This Sans Serif font can be paired with other script fonts. Regular and rough are the two versions of this font. Multilingual uppercase letters, numerals and punctuation are provided by Gore Typeface.

Price: Premium

CA ElAmor

CA ElAmor Superhero Font

CA ElAmor font is another collection of superhero fonts that is available in two types, full and regular. You can use this font to design comic books, children’s magazines, children’s book covers.

Price: Premium

Captain Marvel

captainmarvel superhero font

Looking for an amazing superhero font? Check out CaptainMarvel Font by FontStudio LAB.

Price: Free


hodor superhero font

Hodor by TGIF.STD has been inspired by a character in Game of Thrones; Hodor! Trying to represent an old school, classic or retro feel? Try Hodor. This font is highly recommended for designing movie posters.

Price: Premium

Long Underwear

Long Underwear Superhero Font

Long Underwear font is for those who are interested in science fiction genres. This font was very popular in the fifties, and you can still use it in comic books and provide many memories for the children of today’s generation.

Price: Premium

American Captain

american captain superhero font

Another one of the fonts that we think you may enjoy using is American Captain Font. This freeware font was presented by the Fontry in 2011.

Price: Free

Metal Plate

metal plate superhero font

Metal Plate is inspired by vintage label logo plates. If you are working on retro designs like shirts, logos, flyers, labels or any other designs this typeface is a perfect choice.

Price: Premium


guardians superhero font

Guardians is presented by Geronimo Font Studios. You do not need to get a license for the personal use of this techno font. This strong font is an all caps design.

Price: Free

Tight typeface

tight typeface superhero font

Another one of the vintage looking superhero fonts is Tight typeface. this font has four styles and will look perfect on any of your designs.

Price: Premium

Avengeance Heroic Avenger

avengeance heroic avenger superhero font

Avengeance Font created by the Fontry is only free for personal use. This is one of the fantastic superhero fonts that come with different weights to fulfill all your needs. Check out Avengeance; it can be used for a wide range of different designs.

Price: Free

Vanguard CF brilliant bold sans

vanguard cf superhero font

Vanguard CF is one of the brilliant and bold sans fonts. This font is presented by Connary Fagen. This elegant display font has eight weights. It is one of the perfectly powerful fonts that can work flawlessly for designing headlines, videos, printing on shirts, etc.

Price: Premium


aquawax superhero font

Aquawax is presented by Zetafonts. This Basic Sans serif font includes three font files. The letters of the font have sharp and balanced angles. More than 40 languages are covered by Aquawax as the font includes Latin alphabet, accents and diacritics.

Price: Free

Star Jedi

star jedi superhero font

Star Jedi is one of the 100%  free of cost fonts and it is presented by Boba Fonts. This all caps font includes seven font files. 

Price: Free

Justice League

justice league superhero font

Justice League by SpideRaYsfoNtS is a basic various typeface. this is one of the cool superhero fonts that you can use free of cost for personal use.

Price: Free

Thunder Lord

thunder lord superhero font

Thunder Lord is only a personal use font and for commercial use you need a license. This typeface by Sharkshock is an all caps design featuring numerals and punctuation. This is the font is you are tired of bold type fonts.

Price: Free

CGF Arch Reactor

cgf arch reactor superhero -font

CGF Arch Reactor is made by CGF Chris Garrett Fonts. This fancy typeface is 100 free and it is a bold all caps design.

Price: Free


homoarakhn superhero font

Homoarakhn Font is made by hmeneses and is made based on the Spider Man movie’s font. Just try this font; you will enjoy!

Price: Free


superheterodyne superhero font

Superheterodyne by Typodermic Fonts is another one of the amazing Techno super hero fonts. This octagon shaped font is packed with swashes. This superhero typeface is free of cost for both commercial and non-commercial designs.

Price: Free


bangers superhero font

Bangers Font that is made by Vernon Adams is a mid-20th century style superhero font. This thick display font is free for commercial use.

Price: Free

Star Trek Future

star trek future superhero font

Star Trek Future by Alphabet & Type is one of the beautiful and 100% free fonts. This sci-fi font has two font files. All caps , punctuation and numeral are provided by the font.

Price: Free

Transformers Movie

transformers movie superhero font

Transformers Movie by Alphabet & Type is another one of the techno sci-fi superhero fonts. This font is free for your commercial and personal designs.

Price: Free

Wolf’s Bane II

wolf's bane ii superhero font

Wolf’s Bane II by Iconian Fonts is another one of the fonts that free for personal use. This fancy retro typeface includes many different font files.

Price: Free

Modi Thorson

modi thorson superhero font

Modi Thorson is a various font presented by Iconian Fonts. 17 font files are available for this typeface so it can definitely fulfill your needs.

Price: Free

Ghost Rider Movie

ghost rider movie superhero font

Ghost Rider Movie by Alphabet & Type is a modern and Gothic typeface. this font is one of the freeware fonts. Ghost Rider is an all caps font.

Price: Free


We hope you enjoy the list of superhero fonts and can use them in your projects. This list will be completed over time and we will add more fonts to it. Bookmark this page in your browser to visit it again.

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