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The Twilight Zone Font

What Font Was Used in The Twilight Zone Logo and Posters?

We have been searching for a while and we couldn’t find the exact font used in The Twilight Zone logo. Probably it’s a custom font, or maybe they customized another font in order to get this.

Anyway, we’ve found a font very similar font used in the series. This font designed by Oliver Conte Design. You can use the font in your personal projects. Simply download it from the link below.

About The Twilight Zone Series

This web television series is based on the original 1959 television series which was created by Rod Serling. The Twilight Zone was premiered on April 1, 2019, on CBS All Access and it was renewed for a second season on April 29, 2019. This series is developed by Simon Kinberg, Jordan Peele. On October 1, 2018, the principal photography for this series began and it was finished on March 20, 2019.

The filming was in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The first season includes 10 episodes that each is directed and written by different directors and screenwriters. The Twilight Zone was premiered on premiere on April 1, 2019, and a black and white version was released on May 30, 2019.

The first season of this TV series holds an approval rating of 74%, with an average rating of 7.53/10 based on the reviews it received on the Rotten Tomatoes website. The reviews for the series on Metacritic were generally positive and it was scored 61 out of 100.

Based on the critical consensus the strangeness of the modern world is explored in this series. Jordan Peele as the narrator was also praised in the reviews. Various tales of science fiction and horror and also mystery are featured in this classic anthology TV series.

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