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What Font Was Used in Titanfall Logo?

“TITANFALL FRONTLINE” is the font used in the Titanfall logo. This font is designed by SpideRaY. You can use the font in your personal projects. Simply download it from the link below.

About Titanfall

Titanfall is a multiplayer shooter video game. This first-person video game is developed by Respawn Entertainment and it is published by Electronic Arts. The game was released for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One on March 11, 2014, also an Xbox 360 version ported was released April 8, 2014.

Titanfall was anticipated as the debut title from developers formerly behind the Call of Duty franchise. The development of this game began in 2011 with Steve Fukuda being the director. This project on which 65 people were working was inspired by Blade Runner, Star Wars, Abrams Battle Tank, and Masamune Shirow of Ghost in the Shell. In this game pilots and their mech-style Titans are controlled by players.

Players fight in six-on-six matches and the matches are set in the war-torn outer space colonies of the Frontier. In one single game, up to 50 characters can be activated. This game won so many awards at its E3 2013 reveal. This game also could win awards at Gamescom and the Tokyo Game Show.

The game received favorable reviews and it was mainly praised for its player mobility and balance and the multiplayer mode and the lack of community features were criticized. Titanfall 2 was the sequel to this game that was released in 2016.

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