30+ Best Free and Premium VHS Fonts

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Best Free and Premium VHS Fonts

Recognizable for their distorted style, VHS fonts tick all the boxes for making your projects stick out with a techno flair. Long story short, when it comes to blending a digital concept with tinges of retro, no other font comes even close to the VHSs. Yet the technological vibes are so characteristic that their contemporary touch will be so easy to detect.

Since we’re dealing with such versatile fonts, it’s just not fair to limit their applications in any way. So, are they striking enough to land well on billboards and other commercials? Sure! And what about video games and album covers? You know it! Why not?

Best VHS Fonts

Covering the whole free and premium domain, our stunning selection of VHS fonts nails the modern look with retro details. Hard to miss the irony in that! To make your text even more remarkable, pair them with glitch fonts, and you’re all set!

Mokoto Glitch Typeface

mokoto glitch typeface vhs font

Mokoto Glitch Typeface by Drizy is a perfect multilayered VHS font with which you can create a digital glitching look. This font is inspired by modern typefaces and with it you get to design something compelling. This font comes with four font files and you are allowed to customize the different layers of the font. This is an ideal display to be used for web, posters, motion graphics, video game, cover CD Album, flyer, branding, packaging, etc.

Price: Premium


err0r vhs font

This old VHS font was created in 2016 by KineticPlasma Fonts. The error comes with a Glitch style and is free for your personal and commercial projects.

Price: Free

Havana Sunset

havana sunset vhs font

Havana Sunset Font Duo designed by Sam Parret allows you to create. This font comes with full set of characters and extra features. You will be provided with a variety of layout options. Havana Sunset is an all caps Sans Serif design that you can use for your stylish design projects.

Price: Premium


vcr osd mono vhs font

VCR OSD Mono designed by Riciery Leal is another cool font with upper and lower case characters that you can use freely for commercial and non-commercial projects. This VHS font also features numerals, punctuation, and symbols.

Price: Free

Zombie Punks The Retro Horror

Zombie Punks The Retro Horror VHS Font

Zombie Punks The Retro Horror font is a combination of eighties and grunge styles. If you like to use this font in scary themes and video games, it is unique for you.

Price: Premium


primetime vhs font

Primetime is designed by Herofonts. This basic Sans Serif font is an all caps bold typeface that you can use for your different designing projects.

Price: Free

Bergen Mono

bergen mono vhs font

Bergen Mono is an old VHS font with a distinctive personality. Bergen Sans and Bergen Text are the two predecessor of this font. You can use this typeface for different demanding tasks ranging from print to digital. Latin characters and Greek language are supported by Bergen Mono which is presented by Mind Burger studio.

Price: Premium

Alte Haas Grotesk

alte haas grotesk vhs font

Another Sans Serif font that I am going to introduce to you is Alte Haas Grotesk. This font is designed by yann le coroller and has two font files. Uppercase, lower case characters, numbers, and symbols are all provided by this bold typeface.

Price: Free

Young Sprime

young sprime vhs font

This italic and bold Sans Serif typeface contains 3 different styles; regular, Sans and outline. Young Sprime is a cool VHS font that is ideal to be used for logos, magazines, banner, T-shirt, headers, etc.

Price: Premium

Letrera Caps

letrera caps vhs font

Letrera Caps is a rounded type display font which is designed by deFharo. The letters of this font have inline style. You can use this font to design colorful signs. Letter Caps is only free for personal designs and for commercial use you need to get a license.

Price: Free

Instant Sinner

Instant Sinner VHS font

Instant Sinner font has a Halloween and scary style. Consider this font if you like to use a T-shirt design, logo design, and even poster design for horror and vampire movies.

Price: Premium


arissa vhs font

With Arissa typeface you can make an aesthetic handcrafted feel for your designs. this VHS font is created by Maulana Creative and you can use it for stationery, logos and even larger scale art works of yours.

Price: Premium


heavitas vhs font

Heavitas is designed by Deepak Dogra and it is only for personal usage. This Sans Serif old tape font has a bold style and features all caps characters.

Price: Free

Prospekt Typeface

prospekt typeface vhs font

Prospekt Typeface is a bold and amazing VHS tape font that can grab the attention of the audience. Regular, press and rocky are the three styles of this font. Uppercase multilingual letters, numerals and punctuation are provided by Prospekt.

Price: Premium


barcade vhs font

Barcade is a cool NHS font which is designed by Iconian Fonts. There are 18 font files available for this typeface.

Price: Free

No Signal

No Signal VHS font

No Signal font is for people who are interested in the eighties and TV shows. In this font, you can see that there is a horizontal line of noise mode, and you can use it to design nostalgic themes.

Price: Premium

TF Continental Display

tf continental display vhs font

This new VHS font is designed by Irfan Ulya. TF Continental comes with a vintage style and has a minimalistic feel to it. This font contains seven different layers that you can combine to get the best results. This display font is great for logos, advertising and any other kind of displays.

Price: Premium

Super Retro M54

super retro m54 vhs font

Super Retro M54 by justme54s has a super retro style that can create a vintage feel for your designs. This font is perfectly ideal for T-shirt designs and apparel.

Price: Free


bison vhs font

Bison is one of Powerful VHS fonts and is designed by Ellen Luff. This strong Sans Serif font is inspired by animals. This font has an uncompromising style and the letter forms are modern. Bison has smooth curves. Four weight are available for this Sans Serif font and extensive range of languages are supported.

Price: Premium

Breaking Mad

breaking mad vhs font

The next VHS font on our list will be a handmade font with a natural look; Breaking Mad. Different languages are supported by this typeface and you can use it for logo design, branding, posters, clothing and lettering.

Price: Premium

Riemann Theatre

riemann theatre vhs font

Riemann Theatre is another CHS font presented by Chequered Ink. This fancy design that features all caps and also numbers and has a bold style is only free of cost for personal projects.

Price: Free

Robinson Outline

robinson outline vhs font

Robinson Outline can help you to design an attractive and bold typeface which can be followed by smaller text. This font got inspired by the title of vintage newspapers and it will work great for magazines and posters. You can use this font for neon designs as well.

Price: Premium


rockout vhs font

Rockout is presented by Chequered Ink. This retro fancy VHS font is only for personal use. All caps letters, numbers and some symbols are featured by Rockout.

Price: Free


zeuty vhs font

Zeuty Font Collection can create a handcrafted feel for your design. You can use this collection for stationery, logos, website headers, book covers, packaging design, clothing, typography quote and more.

Price: Premium


turnpike vhs font

Turnpike with only one variation is created by Font Diner. You can use this retro all caps font freely for personal use. With Turnpike you will get numbers and punctuation.

Price: Free

Kindly Rewind

kindly rewind vhs font

Kindly rewind is a freeware font presented by Stuff On Your Thing. There is only one variation for this all caps font.

Price: Free

8 Bit Wonder

8 bit wonder vhs font

8 Bit Wonder by Joiro Hatgaya is a bold freeware font that features all cap letters and numbers.

Price: Free

M12 Match Biker

m12 match biker vhs font

M12 Match Biker by Miffies has only one variation. This font has a bold style and provides uppercase characters and numerals.

Price: Free


remarcle vhs font

Remarcle is free for personal and commercial use. This font is presented by Tup Wanders and includes 3 font files.

Price: Free


This was the list of VHS fonts we gathered for you. We hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any questions or any advice for us leave a comment. Also if you liked our post it would be great to share it with friends.

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