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What font is used in the Ferrari logo?

“Ferro Rosso” is the font used in the Ferrari logo. This font is designed by FontMesa. You can use the font in your personal and commercial projects. Simply download it from the link below.

The font of the Ferrari logo is one of those logos that have the image and text. The image used in this brand is very prominent, and the image of a horse is jumping, which is exactly the case for speeding cars. The text used as a brand founded in the 40s has a classic and graffiti style. You can use the image or text of this logo to create an old-style or even a match with cars or horses.

About Ferrari

It was the first time in 1947 that the first Ferrari racing car was produced. Founded by Enzo Ferrari, a racing car driver, the company has since been one of the world’s leading manufacturers of expensive sports cars.

Today you can buy Ferrari in a variety of colors including pale yellow, black and metallic gray and red.

Ferrari has become an international brand and a global symbol of wealth and prestige, and the value of the company and its logo has grown remarkably. Ferrari annually sells many nonprofit products worth $ 1.5 billion worldwide. Ferrari’s non-car products, designed and manufactured at 4 different offices around the world, include products such as apparel, watches, sunglasses, shoes, mobile covers and, of course, small models of the company’s products that are all imprinted on the Ferrari logo.

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