20+ Best Free and Premium Fast Fonts

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Best Free and Premium Fast Fonts

Sure, you may leave your upcoming race car announcement, or car logos bland, typography-wise, and they might still manage to get some notice somehow. For someone unfamiliar with this art, selecting the right font might sound like the icing on the cake, but fast fonts are what immediately spring to professional minds.

That uninspiring logo or else we talked about can get far more impressive than you can imagine and achieve twice as much if you throw in a fast font and let it handle the business. They bank on motion lines or a sharp somewhat-distorted style for capturing a cool uplifting trendiness, and easy enough, that’ll do the trick.

Best Fast Fonts

Filled with energetic vibes, our collection of fast fonts, including free and premium ones, awaits you in the following section. Don’t pass up this wonderful chance and benefit from our special offer which goes really well with these racing fonts.


r o a d s t a r fast font

R O A D S T A R created by Vintage Voyage D.S. is a practical fast font. This vintage sans font is inspired by classic movie posters and also the race car culture. This font gives you the chance to create awesome rough and clear designs such as flyers, print designs, logos, and more. The font provides you graphic elements for your professional designs.

Price: Premium


storm fast font

storm Font presented by Fontmaker has a bold strong style. This is an awesome decorative font that can create an ideal of a windy image for your designs. This speedy font can be used for different designs such as YouTube thumbnails.

Price: Free

Reckless + Fabulous DropCaps

reckless + fabulous dropcaps fast font

Reckless is a classic vintage font created by Spencer & Sons Co. this geometric typeface can create a tattoo and also a blackletter feel for your designs, use the font in logos, banners, graphic designs, flyers, and more.

Price: Premium


speed fast font

Speed Font is a fast font with different versions created by CFONT. This is an outline decorative font loaded with glyphs and standard characters. Check out Speed font!

Price: Free


Hermes fast font

Hermes is one of the futuristic and modern styles. This fast font is italic that you can see shows the speed, so it is used for designs that need speed, for example, for posters and action video games.

Price: Premium

Quick Money

quick money fast font

Quick Money font gives a lot of speed to your design. Each character has horizontal parallel lines that even indicate the wind speed, which is very useful and great for designing flyers and posters of car and motorcycle races.

Price: Free

Fast Track – A Speedy Display

fast track a speedy display fast font

Fast Track is a speedy display font created by Build Interactive. This all caps font can create a distinctive appearance for your designs and it fits different designs and genres such as vintage designs, apparel designs, graphic designs, kid’s designs, and more.

Price: Premium

Auto Techno

auto techno fast font

Auto Techno is a techno fast font created by EyeCone. This all caps font with two font files is for personal use only. Get the font and create an outstanding look!

Price: Free

DRIVER • Retro action typeface

driver • retro action typeface fast font

DRIVER is a retro action typeface created by Vintage Voyage D.S. this hand-made vintage typeface is inspired by racing retro posters. I am sure you will enjoy using this typeface for your designs; try it!

Price: Premium


cyberdyne fast font

Cyberdyne is a versatile font family with 19 font files created by Iconian Fonts. This fast font family feature only uppercase letters and can cover a wide range of designs. Check out Cyberdyne, I am sure you will enjoy it!

Price: Free


robeck fast font

ROBECK presented by da_only_aan is an uppercase typeface that can be used in different designs such as t-shirt designs, posters, signs, logos, and more vintage designs.

Price: Premium


speedway fast font

Speedway Font is created by JLH Fonts. This Sans Serif display font can create an original look for your designs. Get the font and be professional!

Price: Free

Fast Forward

fast forward fast font

Fast Forward is a techno various font made by imagex. Note that the font features only uppercase letters and it includes a license for personal use.

Price: Free

Linear Beam

linear beam fast font

Linear Beam is a totally free techno font created by GemFonts. Linear Beam comes with upper and lower case letters and creates an expressive look!

Price: Free

Real Fast

real fast fast font

Real Fast is a fancy fast font presented by Xerographer Fonts. This eroded font contains upper and lower case letters and creates a bold look. Get the font and enjoy creation!

Price: Free


run! fast font

Run! Presented by The Branded Quotes is a fast font. This slanted Sans font is a perfect choice for your loud designs. Run! Font supports capital letters, numbers, and basic punctuation. You can use the font for logo designs, labels, branding, headers, and more.

Price: Free

Faster One

faster one fast font

Faster One designed by Eduardo Tunni is a Sans Serif font and it is an ideal font for creating headlines and titles. The font has horizontal and gradual lines so with it you can create an ideal of a windy image. Get the font and create an impressive look!

Price: Free


barbatrick fast font

Barbatrick is designed by Raymond Larabie and includes a license for commercial use. This speedy font can be used for different designs such as racing flyers, logos, headers, and more. With this fast font you can create a blurry look; give it a try!

Price: Free

Sabre Shark

sabre shark fast font

Sabre Shark created by Iconian Fonts is a versatile font family with 29 font files. This techno font family includes only uppercase letters and has a license for non-profit use. Sabre Shark can cover many different designs.

Price: Free

Ho Chi Minh City

ho chi minh city fast font

Ho Chi Minh City is a fancy font made by Woodcutter. This font includes only uppercase letters and is a good choice for making headlines, titles, flyers, and more display designs.

Price: Free

The Flast

the flast fast font

The Flast presented by Knackpack Studio is a fancy eroded font. This typeface has a distorted style and fits rustic grunge designs. This font is free of cost for personal use only.

Price: Free


We hope you have enjoyed this list of fast fonts and found the one unique font you were looking for. Share your thoughts and ideas with us in the comment section.

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