30+ Best Free and Premium Wave Fonts

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Best Free and Premium Wave Fonts

Designed to imitate the ripples, the mesmerizing curves, and the natural flow of water, wave fonts are outright playful enough to land impeccably on apparel, or kids-related artwork. So by the same logic, they can end up as authentically pleasing labels, as well as artistic watermarks, you name it.

This diversity with wave fonts lies in their tasteful style, applying a cool fresh feel all across the design. And if you find that inspiring already, you should definitely see what their cheerful flavor does to your work. That’s not just a matter of contemporary appearance, but also the approachable characteristics they emphasize. It’s like having the whole package right there!

Best Wave Fonts

Long story short, the following list is the furthest point one can get in terms of wave fonts. And since both free and premium versions are included, you can forget about exploring other websites, and visit these surf fonts instead!

The Wave

The Wave Font

The Wave font is for those who like to use projects and designs that are the sea. We recommend this font for designing swimming, fishing, and sea and summer themes.

Price: Premium

Zilap Marine

zilap marine wave font

If doodles designs for beach projects have caught your eye, then characters with wavy lines are the best option for you. Especially when the number of glyphs is more than 300, and the number of characters is more than 500, it means a special and unlimited variety is waiting for you.

Price: Free

Coastal Fever

coastal fever wave font

This font is a must-have for any beach job. Now this job can be sailing training classes or seafood restaurants. This font has 3 different styles that you can add other elements, and your design will be more ready for posters, logos, and flyers.

Price: Premium

Ocean View

ocean view wave font

Ocean View font displays a beautiful view of the beach inside the characters. This font is like a polygon frame facing the sea. The waves and the sunset are unique with this frame. This font is great for designing snapshots, restaurants, t-shirts.

Price: Free

Bleach Sans Serif Typeface

bleach sans serif typeface wave font

Use Bleach Without Serif Typeface fonts anywhere that are related to the sea and waves. This font’s feature is a low and special wave that is not seen in many wave fonts. Dedicate summer holiday themes to your audience with this beach photo font.

Price: Premium


Oscilus Wave Font

Oscilus font is designed to be wavy and slow. This font can be used in summer and sea designs and in Halloween and scary designs.

Price: Premium

Plop Liquid

plop liquid wave font

It is a splashy font designed by Gleb Guralnyk. To have an attractive flyer and poster full of beach enthusiasm and energy, type your brand name in these capital letters.

Price: Premium


stiletto wave font

When the sea waves are roaring and moving towards the shore, they do not show a beautiful scene by rolling. This font brings such a scene. You can count on this wave font to design the logo and flyer of seafood restaurants, fish, and boating equipment.

Price: Free

Sixties Flashback Psychedelic

Sixties Flashback Psychedelic Wave Font

Sixties Flashback Psychedelic font is a very interesting and hippie font, and you can use this font to design adventurous animations, video games, T-shirts, and even cosmetics brands.

Price: Premium

The Wave Display

the wave display wave font

It is a vibrant font like the waves of the sea. With this hand-written font, you can easily touch the vastness of the sea. With this font, you can prepare many branding projects such as covers, business cards, and logos.

Price: Premium


wasser wave font

It is a font that shows the spread of water in a sea or pond due to a rock’s throwing. You can place this font on a blue background and beautifully create simple and different waves in posters, flyers, or mineral water ads.

Price: Free


nerves halloween horror wave font

Nerves font itself seems to be nervous. There are small waves in the strokes that show this clearly. Use your creativity and prepare your own marine design, website theme, and graphic image.

Price: Premium


wave font

Rick Mueller designed the font. This font with wavy lines and more than 200 characters has nothing to say. Lines that are very delicately designed deserve to decorate your design in the best way. And be one of the best.

Price: Free


waggle display wave font

If you are looking for a wavy font, why not choose this font. With this font, you can create any beach and sea design you have, and without worrying about what style and text to design from the beginning, it will allow you to save the most of your time.

Price: Premium


dolphin ocean wave font

Dolphin OCEAN WAVE font is inspired by the fish body and has a doodling mood. With this font, you can prepare many children’s books for teaching sea creatures, storybooks, shipping, and marine brands.

Price: Free

Espesor Olas

espesor olas wave font

Creative artist Måns Grebäck designed the font. This font is a symbol of the sea’s raging waves in the form of contour lines in the texture of the characters. Boat brands design and design restaurants with three types of wave font styles.

Price: Free


reptide family wave font

REPTIDE font was designed by Mymlan Shop. 7 different types of these fonts in different shapes, and the curvature of the waves in each is different. With this font, it has 3 rIght, 3 left, and regular. You can display weather posters that the wind is blowing in different directions each time.

Price: Premium

JLR Waves

jlr waves font

Pull the sails because we are going on a small cruise. The characters in this font are designed like small ships floating in the water. What could be more creative than this? It is enough that he had a different view of the sea and came up with  ​​sea designs with roaring waves.

Price: Free

Make Waves

make waves font

Hand-letter font that is selected for coastal and marine brands according to its name. With this font, you can present many exciting and happy beach themes, photos of beach images, and celebrations.

Price: Premium


waver wave font

The view of the sea under the moonlight resembles the characters of this font. In other words, the waves are very calm and bright at long distances. This beautiful description for this font can be used in romantic designs such as invitation cards, birthday greetings, and many poetic writings.

Price: Free


smokey wave font

With the characters’ zigzag design, it can also be placed in the group of wavy fonts. This font has inspired many designers to design logos, beach texts in photos, poster designs, and dozens of other ideas.

Price: Premium

Neon Cactus

neon cactus wave font

Neon Cactus Font is for those who like to do crazy things and get out of their system. Some characters have very smooth wavy edges, and some are like Cactus Sharp. With this wave font, you can advertise seafood, floristry, and greenhouses.

Price: Free

Saint Martin

saint martin wave font

Saint Martin Font is a beautiful and classic works. Many designs and ideas can be brought to life with characters moving on the waves of the sea. With this description, it is better to call the ship and the crew sooner and go on an adventurous voyage.

Price: Free


sea waves font

Seawave font has wavy characters and brings the texture of the characters and lines to the beach’s beauty and tranquility. These descriptions can be used for beach brands, family or loved one’s pictures, advertising swimming classes, and much more.

Price: Free

Sea Waves

seawave wave font

Each character in this font is a wave that moves freely and recklessly forward. The letter A is beautifully a high wave that surfers consider the best position to land. So now is your chance to make the most of it.

Price: Free

Zdyk Aquarius

zdyk aquarius wave font

In the following, we will introduce a font with a short letter style in a square format. With this font, many mysterious and maybe old writings similar to the pirate flag can be seen. Download this free font with 73 characters and put it in the download list.

Price: Free


channel wave font

Smooth ad cursive font is similar to a calm beach on a hot summer day. Meet this family of 4 fonts with more than 300 glyphs, and each can be used to design a marine theme and the liking of designers and audiences.

Price: Free


waved wave font

When you get lost in a stormy sea, something like the characters in this wave font comes to mind. Each of these letters is like a human lost in a storm, but you can make the most of them by using graphic art.

Price: Free

Heat Wave

heat wave font

Heat Wave is a Creative font with smooth waves in letter texture designed by Xerographer Fonts. With this bold font, you can design and enjoy large size billboards and posters on summer days.

Price: Free

Star Waves

star waves font

I always admire tasteful designers. With this submarine font, you can execute many artistic and fancy designs. Two bold and chrome styles for this wave font give even better ideas. Enjoy downloading it.

Price: Free

Astral Wave

astral wave font

Astral Wave font is very wavy with crazy wavy lines. This font shows you that even lines drawn casually are still a work of art from an artist’s point of view. So it is better to share your ideas.

Price: Free

Wishful Waves

wishful waves font

It is an outline and wavy font that is very smoothly designed. These letters are all-caps with numbers that are best used for billboards and field signs. What is your opinion?

Price: Free


The wavy and zigzag lines that run from the sun’s width to the shore are among the beauties of nature. These lines are designed in the best way in this collection, and we tried to search for their display variety and provide it to you.

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