45+ Best Free and Premium Ocean Fonts

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Best Free and Premium Ocean Fonts

With cool ocean fonts featuring a lovely playfulness in style, easily give your text a friendly character that also seems inspiringly risk-taking. Isn’t it just charming? At the end of the day, the impeccable taste and striking visuals of your typography should do the trick in terms of drawing attention.

The exciting, adventurous vibes can hold any viewer spellbound and, meanwhile, promote what your text is supposed to promote in the most impactful fashion. Modern or retro, they all share a joyful touch you can borrow for designing artistic brand labels, posters, games, websites, or anything important you’re working on. These ocean fonts sure know what they’re doing after all!

Best Ocean Fonts

Have fun adding a refreshing look to your text with these free and premium ocean fonts. Furthermore, our other selections like the summer and beach fonts, sand fonts, or the one-of-a-kind nautical fonts are also along the same joyful theme.

Ocean Display

ocean display ocean font

Ocean Display font has an ornamental style, and its designer designed three types of grunge, regular, and inline. To make a great variety for poster enthusiasts, poster cards, invitation cards, and interior decoration brands, architecture, and seafood restaurants, just download this ocean font right away.

Price: Premium

Ocean View

ocean view ocean font

Ocean View font by Rick Mueller beautifully and accurately reflects the enchanting landscape of the ocean. So, the view includes long roaring waves and a retro halftone image of the sky. You can use this font with simple elements and images, or summer flyers in advertising designs.

Price: Free

Octo Handcrafted Octopus

octo handcrafted octopus ocean font

Octo Handcrafted Octopus Font speaks itself. The octopus body is beautifully designed and brings to life the feeling of being in the depths of the sea. This natural-style font can be used for many posters, seafood restaurant menus, and marine animal museums.

Price: Premium

Ocean Rush

ocean rush ocean font

When the waves of the sea roar, such position being in Ocean Rush font created are very forceful and violent. You can use this font for flyer and brand of surfing classes, beach sports, typography.

Price: Premium


anette ocean font

Anette font style is fun and curved. We recommend it for those who are looking to design a happy atmosphere with happier writing and promotional posters suitable for the summer season.

Price: Free

Ocean Beach

ocean beach five ocean font

Ocean Beach • Five Fonts inspires a sense of being on sandy beaches. This ocean font has a gothic and vintage style and is used for many sports brands such as beach volleyball, water polo, bike, beer, cafe brands and includes Fenway sans, Major, Minor, Major inline, Minor Vintage styles.

Price: Premium


alliance ocean font

When it comes to the sea and boating, Alliance font is a good example of illustrating posters and shipping brands. If you want to know more about these letters, I have to say that it has 301 characters and 283 glyphs.

Price: Free

California Palms

california palms ocean font

California Palms Fonts Graphics font designed by Nicky laatz and according to its water marker style, it is a good use for automatic brands, stationery, and invitation card design, and summer flyers.

Price: Premium

Pondok Ratu Intan

pondok ratu intan ocean font

The sea waves designed in a very impressive way in the letters of Pondok Ratu Intan font, which makes it exciting like surfing. The artist of this ocean font uses a handwritten style with delicate lines and makes this font selectable for many design projects such as advertising posters, restaurant menus, and birthday themes.

Price: Free

Fisherman Vintage Ocean

fisherman vintage ocean font

Fisherman Vintage Ocean font designed by Nurrehmet Studio. This font has Vintage and Retro styles. This functional font can be used to design posters for pirate movies, T-shirts, tattoos, packaging products such as coffee, and sea photography.

Price: Premium


oceania ocean font

With Oceania (Demo) font, you can give a sense of freshness and modernity to many marine designs, advertising posters, and brands that are somehow related to the sea and the ocean.

Price: Free

Ocean Six Brushed Rugged

ean six brushed rugged ocean font

Ocean Six Brushed Rugged .ttf font inspired by the way ships and boats sail across the ocean. You can use this ocean font to design T-shirts, posters, cruises.

Price: Premium


fisherman ocean font

You can safely add texts to dark or light images such as the sea during the day or night. Use different types of preparations that have been prepared in FISHERMAN font, such as hollow regular, inverse regular, regular.

Price: Free

Ocean Twelve

ocean twelve ocean font

Ocean Twelve Font Duo is a modern and handwritten font that is for advertising for many modern purposes such as photography, logo design, social media posts.

Price: Premium


spartwell ocean font

Riyadh Rahman made an interesting point by designing Spartwell font. Letters that are made of ocean water. To design the logo, typography, photography, this style decorate on the schemes like a piece of the sea.

Price: Free

Seaworthy Typeface Nautical Pack

seaworthy typeface nautical pack ocean font

Seaworthy Typeface Nautical Pack font conveys the sense of fish and creatures swimming in the sea to the audience. Along with this gothic-style font, you can place many fish such as whales, seahorses, octopuses, and have a beautiful poster.

Price: Premium

Chasing Embers

chasing embers ocean font

The watercolor and hand-lettered style for Chasing Embers font is like the feeling of being in the ocean and the waters that are blue up faraway. You can use this font for typography, t-shirt design, accessories, writing, and photography.

Price: Free

The Ocean

the ocean font

The Ocean font shows us well in an aquarium and seeing sea creatures such as octopuses, eels, turtles, dolphins, and many more. You can use this beautiful and natural font to design T-shirts, brands of seafood restaurants, aquariums.

Price: Premium

Anastasia Script

anastasia script ocean font

Anastasia Script font designed by Billy Argel. You can get a beautiful sea feeling with smooth waves and calm beaches with this ocean font. For posters, fantasy designs, birthday greetings, invitation cards, and navy themes, this font helps complete the project.

Price: Free

Maritime Champion Stencil

maritime-champion stencil ocean font

Maritime Champion Stencil font sketched by a very cool studio. If you are confident in your creativity, then be sure to download this stencil style for shipping and fishing equipment brands.

Price: Premium

Birds of Paradise

birds of paradise ocean font

The luxury and modern lines of Birds of Paradise font are used for special purposes such as celebrating in a small family boat or cruise ship tourism brands.

Price: Free

Summers Typeface BONUS vector

summers typeface bonus vector ocean font

Summers Typeface BONUS vector font is suitable for many photographic images or designed with graphic software. You can download vectors that come with this ocean font and use summer and sea doodles to create beautiful posters and flyers.

Price: Premium


ocean font

Ocean font touches the human soul with its wavy stroke. That’s why you can use this font in the spa, mineral water, and sports classes.

Price: Free

Gemini Brush

gemini brush ocean font

Ship Brush font is stylish and as smooth and relaxing as the seawater goes to the beach. This ocean font can be suitable for typography, the logo of restaurant brands, and stationery with sea images.

Price: Free

Wilde Rad Brush

wilde rad brush ocean font

Wilde Rad Brush font designed in a funky and hand-lettered style. Due to the suddenly designed lines, you can use swimming, surfing, t-shirt design, photography, and writing beautiful quotes for sports classes.

Price: Premium

Vegan Style

vegan style ocean font

Vegan Style font has 283 characters and also supports Latin languages. You can use this font for shipping, tourism, and cruise brands.

Price: Free

Costa Blanca textured

costa blanca textured ocean font

When beautiful lines like Costa Blanca textured font Extras are placed on an image of the sea, the ocean, or the logo of brands related to the sea. Tt is impossible not to convey the feeling of well-being by the sea. Download this font designed by IraDvilyuk so you can have a lot of variety for your designs.

Price: Premium


cinderela ocean font

The popularity of Cinderella font has become clear to many. For animated posters and fancy posts, use the pretty letters that this font displays. If you are interested in this type of font, see the best Wave fonts.

Price: Free

San Luis Script

san luis script ocean font

If you want to start a beautiful summer day, San Luis Script font will allow you to do so. The feminine and elegant style can be suitable in many nautical designs, photography, quoting text, and fantasy animations, for instance.

Price: Premium

Touch Of Nature

touch of nature ocean font

Nature has its own beauty, whether it is the sea, the mountains, or the forest. You can have these beauties. In Touch Of Nature font, small fish are moving inside the letters. Fancy animations, posters of advertising boat sales can be created with this ocean font, for example.

Price: Free

Oceania Display

oceania display ocean font

You can do the best dance of letters on graphic pages with Oceania Display font in the best way. However, the interesting thing is that you can get help from two types of regular and outline, designed by letterStuff Typefoundry and do the brand logos of the restaurant, coffee shop, or design on the mug.

Price: Premium

Quick Kiss

quick kiss ocean font

Quick Kiss font created by Billy Argel. You can use this smooth and handwritten style for summer holiday flyers.

Price: Free

Marmaris brush

marmaris brush ocean font

Calligraphy is a model that works well for many graphic designs. An example of which can be seen in Marmaris brush font extras, that is used for children’s storybooks, greeting cards or invitations.

Price: Premium

Clever Couple

clever couple ocean font

Beautiful interconnected lines are like the interconnection of sea waves on calm beaches. You can use Clever Couple font in beautiful coastal landscapes, summer t-shirt designs, promotional, and personal social media posts.

Price: Free

Asian Skyline Casual Summer

asian skyline casual summer ocean font

Being modern is true for everything. Asian Skyline Casual Summer font with a modern style could be used to design happy birthday themes, seafood logos, summer camp flyers.

Price: Premium

LMS She-Shells

lms she shells ocean font

Lovely Seashells with beautiful designs on their bodies are a constant element for LMS She-Shells font and found in all letters. Now just specify your purpose for designing projects related to the sea and the ocean, so that they can be quickly embellished with beautiful posters and logos.

Price: Free

Zdyk Aquarius

zdyk aquarius ocean font

Gentle winds in the oceans and along the shores inspire Zdyk Aquarius font. Viber style helps you to visualize the ocean space in images, advertising posters.

Price: Free


krinkes ocean font

The surprise of fancy and cheerful Krinkes font is that you can put the wavy lines under the letters as much as you like and get an interesting style to the logo of your project brands, which are related to fantasy posters, invitation cards, and birthday themes.

Price: Free

Retrow Mentho

retrow mentho ocean font

Retrow Mentho font designed by Kong Font. To spread positive and fresh energy that is present in many ocean and sea landscapes, with this ocean font, you can better express yourself in social posts.

Price: Free


heaters ocean font

Heaters font eliminates the feeling of speed and speed, like hitting sea waves on rocks, splashing a wave on a boat floating on the ocean. This ocean font is perfect for engraving the names of ships on the wooden or metal body. Also beautiful writings for the backgrounds of beautiful photos taken from the ocean, sea, lake.

Price: Free


thundergood ocean font

The sky of the ocean is not always blue and clear. Thundergood font shows the feeling of a dark sky with lightning. The font is widely use for ship, boat, and beach restaurant logos.

Price: Free


relieve ocean font

You can feel comfortable and relaxed after the project, such as finishing packing seafood, drinks brands with Relieve font designed by Godzillab.

Price: Free


The ultra-beautiful tranquility of the oceans has always fascinated many adventurers. This calmness has led many people to get involved and produce very special art fonts. Above, you introduced to the different types and designers who created the fonts. Now, It is the time to take a break from projects without the spirit, the freshness, and vibrancy of the waves and the sand of the beach.

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