Newspaper Mockups

What is the newspaper mockup?

These mockups present your designs in newspaper pages. The results will look so real that you will think your design is actually printed in a newspaper. Some of the newspapers mockups are a close up of a piece of newspaper that can display better details of your design. Some of them are created out of real pictures in the environment such as a man reading a newspaper.

If you are designing an advertisement banner that is meant to be in a newspaper the best way to test how your design will look like after being printed in a newspaper is using a newspaper Mockup.

Based on our experience, we tell you that when you test a design with its related mockups before finalizing it, it will have two advantages for you.

  • You will notice the mistakes you have made while designing. For example, you might think that you have chosen the right font size but when you drag your work into a mockup you will notice that the font sizes are not appropriate. Then you can do the edit.
  • When you present your design with a mockup, the chance of your designs being accepted will be very high. Experienced has shown that customers will be more satisfied if they get the design they have ordered in a realistic environment. Presenting the design in a Photoshop file is not a good choice!

What are the different types of newspaper mockups?

We can classify these mockups into two groups: Photo Realistic and 3D Render. Photo Realistic mockups are created out of real photos and 3D Render mockups are stimulating and created using 3D software.

What are newspaper mockups usually used for?

As mentioned earlier, the main use of the newspaper mockups is to present the design in a realistic manner. These mockups are used to present the design in the best way possible.

With a bit of creativity, you can use these mockups in different designs. For example, one of our customers has used the mockups for his company’s hiring Ads and has the Ads on his website and Sidebar. This way he could really draw attention to these Ads.

How are newspaper Mockup created?

Real photos are used for creating photorealistic mockups. The newspaper will be in a real environment or in someone’s hand and then the photos are taken of it. Then the photos will be dragged to Photoshop. Colors and lights will be modified and Smart Objects are used to create the Mockup. If the process is done by professional designers, the results will be more professional and natural-looking.

3D Render mockups are initially stimulated in 3D software such as 3ds max and cinema 3d. Then it is time to modify the lighting and the camera’s angle. In the next stage, the scene should be rendered and the rest can be done with Photoshop. One advantage that using these types of mockups have is that the output will be just perfect due to lighting and rendering being done with computers. The fact is they do not have the natural look of photorealistic.