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A Quiet Place Font

What Font Was Used in A Quiet Place Logo and Posters?

Albertina is the font used in the movie A Quiet Place. This font is designed by Chris Brand and published by Monotype. You can purchase it from the link below.

A Quiet Place Font Free Alternatives

If you don’t feel like buying this font, It’s ok. We’ve gathered some free fonts similar to A Quiet Place font for you. Download for free and enjoy.

John Krasinski is the director of this American science fiction movie who also wrote the screenplay with Bryan Woods and Scott Beck. This 2018 post-apocalyptic horror movie stars Krasinski, Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmonds, and Noah Jupe. A Quiet Place was inspired by other films like Alien, No Country for Old Men that is a 2007 neo-western thriller film and In the Bedroom that is an independent crime film.

The filming location of this movie was in Upstate New York and it was premiered at South by Southwest on March 9, 2018. This science-fiction movie was released on April 6, 2018, by Paramount Pictures in the United States. The film was praised for its atmosphere, the direction, and sound effects and was a box office success grossing over 340 million dollars worldwide. A Quiet Place was one of the top 10 movies of 2018 and was nominated for several awards. The film could get an average rating of 8.17/10 on Rotten Tomatoes and On Metacritic, it got an average score of 82 out of 100.

A quiet place is the story of a family of four trying to survive in a world full of mysterious creatures and must navigate their lives in silence as these creatures hunt down every sound that they hear so if there is any sound that would be a threat for their lives. This family is hiding in silence but just one noise is all takes for everything to go wrong!

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