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What font is used in the Rolex logo?

I did a lot of research to find the font used in the Rolex logo. I didn’t find the exact font used in the logo. Most likely, this font has been personalized.

Anyway, I found two fonts that are very similar to the original logo font. The first is premium and the second is free. You can manipulate these fonts a bit to make them look like the desired font.

The first font is Egyptian 505 Regular and was designed by André Gürtler and published by Linotype. This font is Premium and you can buy it from the link below.

The second alternative font is Baskervald ADF Std and was designed by Arkandis Digital Foundry Fonts. You can use it in your personal projects. Click on the button below to download it.

About Rolex

Rolex is a Swiss brand that produces luxury watches in the world, headquartered in Geneva. The brand dates back to 1905 and founded a company called Wilsdorf and Davis in London. The Rolex brand was chosen in 1908 for the company’s products, and to this day, the same name is used for Swiss brand watches.

Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis are known as the founders of the Rolex brand. Rolex’s history is full of innovative products and products, some of which have set records such as the most expensive watches in history. The Rolex brand also has a large subsidiary called Montres Tudor, which works together to design, build, distribute, and repair wristwatches for both brands. Rolex is one of the few watch brands to be on Forbes’ list of 100 media brands.

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