55+ Best Free and Premium Architectural Fonts

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Best Free and Premium Architectural Fonts

Did somebody ask for an additional touch of style in their text? Then there’s no doubt these elegant architectural fonts can be of help. Once customized with any of them, your project is bound to come across as competent and meticulous. So a great match for when you want to gain recognition for your brands and companies, don’t you think?

The clear-cut outline flavored with creative details could only be the result of thinking outside the box. Much like how an architecturally-wired mind works, right? Its well-designed characters can suggest a notable modern trait for your business cards or logos in a classic manner. And that’s how captivating it can get, sophisticated in all its simplicity.

Best Architectural Fonts

The following list provides you with highly refined architectural fonts of both free and premium categories. To find a match to their neat structure, you might also want to check out these geometric fonts.

Architect sans serif

architect sans serif architectural font

Architect sans serif font presented by Magda is a minimalistic geometric typeface. This modern decorative font is one of the totally free architectural fonts. This is a great font for architectural advertisements and headers.

Price: Premium

Arqui – Blueprint

arqui blueprint architectural font

Arqui – Blueprint Font presented by DonMarciano is an old school font with a beautiful style that is designed to fulfill your designing needs. This beloved font comes with numbers and punctuation. Give it a try!

Price: Premium


arkhip architectural font

Another one of the amazing architectural fonts that I am going to introduce to you is Arkhip made by Studio Design Klimov.this is a free Sans Serif font that can create a modern look and is a good choice for headlines and logos. Get the font!

Price: Free

Fractul Font Family

Fractul Font Family architectural font

Fractul Font Family is a wide range of architectural fonts. There are 36 different types in this family, each with its own characteristics. To design the magazine cover, consider the logo and poster of this font.

Price: Premium

Grifter Architect Blueprint Writing

grifter architect blueprint writing architectural font

Grifter Architect Blueprint Writing is a modern typeface created by Haynie Design Co. This engineering font includes only capital letters with two different versions. Alternates and glyphs are provided by the font. Check out the font!

Price: Premium


sketchiqua architectural font

Sketchiqua Font designed by Manfred Klein is one of the practical architectural fonts with 4 different styles. This blueprint font family is allowed for personal designs only. Try it!

Price: Free

Geometric Maze

geometric maze architectural font

Geometric Maze presented by artway comes with a symmetrical design. This font is created with love and is exactly what your projects need. This is an all caps font with numbers and punctuation that will look great on architectural posters, monogram, banners, logos, and many more designs,

Price: Premium

Simple Maze

simple maze architectural font

Simple Maze created by artyway is one of the practical architectural fonts. This all caps font has an amazing style and it is a great choice for logos, monograms, flyers, banners, and more designs. Happy creation!

Price: Premium

BrightonTwo Sans NBP

brightontwo sans nbp architectural font

BrightonTwo Sans NBP is another one of the full-featured architectural fonts created by total FontGeek DTF, Ltd. 6 different styles are available for this versatile font family. Create a geometric look for your designs and enjoy it!

Price: Free

Wallnutt Corps Bold

Wallnutt Corps Bold architectural font

Wallnutt Corps Bold Font is one of the most modern fonts in the architecture font collection. This architectural font is great for cover design, mass advertising, and construction companies.

Price: Premium

Radio Corp – Display Typeface

radio corp – display typeface architectural font

Radio Corp is a perfect display typeface presented by Almanac Design. This is a custom typeface that can be used on a wide range of designs. Give it a try!

Price: Premium

Blueprint style

blueprint style architectural font

Blueprint style font on white is presented by BestPics. This is one of the architectural fonts with a blueprint style. This font will create a unique look for your designs; try it!

Price: Premium

Bauhaus Sketch

bauhaus sketch architectural font

Bauhaus Sketch Font by Typography in Decay is a constructional typeface. This is a free font for commercial and personal designs. This lovely font can surprise you, Try it!

Price: Free

Architects and Draftsmen

architects and draftsmen architectural font

Architects and Draftsmen presented by SouthpawMiller comes with three weights and two different styles. This handwritten typeface can cover a wide range of designs. The font features upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters. Check out this font!

Price: Premium


aclo architectural font

Aclo font is designed by Pedro Azedo and is an ideal font for banners and flyers. This font is inspired by Escher work and creates a good look!

Price: Premium


freezer architectural font

Freezer created by True Story Letterworks is a modern typeface. The font looks good in large size and is suitable for headlines, titles, flyers, and more display designs. OpenType features are supported by the font which makes the font very practical. This is one of the architectural fonts that I recommend you to check out!

Price: Premium


texgyreadventor architectural font

TeXGyreAdventor Font is presented by GUST e-foundry. This Sans Serif font has 4 styles and is allowed for commercial use. Check out this free geometric font!

Price: Free


monolisk architectural font

Monolisk is presented by Studio Buchanan. This font family includes five weights with stylistic variants. Monolisk has a rigid style and includes glyphs and other designing elements. With this font, you can create striking designs. A wide range of languages is supported by this font.

Price: Premium

Franks Pro

franks pro architectural font

Franks Pro designed by Philippe Moesch is a perfect font family that is based on arcs. This modern geometric font family includes bold, regular, and light versions. All European languages are supported by the font. check out Franks Pro!

Price: Premium


library 3 am architectural font

LIBRARY 3 AM Font is designed by Igor Kosinsky. This is a neon font family with 2 beautiful styles. Commercial use is allowed and this font family can be used on a wide range of designs such as architectural posters, headlines, media posts, and more.

Price: Free

Franz Family

franz family architectural font

Franz Family presented by mikewrogers includes three weights; light, regular, and bold. This font has an architectural style. Check out the font!

Price: Premium


metrica architectural font

Metrica Font is designed by Oliver Hardman. This is one of the geometric architectural fonts with three weights. This serif typeface has two styles and includes both stencil and regular options. The font includes the upper and lower case letters and works on architectural logos, flyers, advertisements, and more designs.

Price: Premium

Duerer Latin

duerer latin architectural font

Duerer Latin is an architect font created by l’Abécédarienne. Two styles are available for this font and it is free of cost for commercial and personal designs. The font will look great on titles, headlines, logos, both in large and small sizes!

Price: Free

Rancang Typeface

rancang typeface architectural font

Rancang Typeface created by ihsankl is an elegant geometric font. This Sans Serif display font has 4 different styles and with a semi-bold style works for different projects such as posters, banners, flyers, and more. This is one of the architectural fonts that you need to check out.

Price: Premium

Visby CF Geometric Sans

visbycf geometric sans architectural font

Visby CF Geometric Sans designed by Connary Fagen is an authoritative and sophisticated font. The font comes with sharp lines and has rounded edges. Eight weights are available for the font and different languages are supported.

Price: Premium


cityslicker architectural font

CitySlicker designed by Nick Curtis is a narrow tall font. This display font can create a retro vintage feel for your architectural designs. Give it a try and enjoy the font!

Price: Free

SEA SPRAY minimal logo

SEA SPRAY minimal logo architectural font

SEA SPRAY minimal logo Font is one of the simple fonts with a stroke with a gap. This modern font is suitable for use in magazines, fashion brands, and many architectural designs.

Price: Premium

Lastica – Geometric & Minimalistic

lastica geometric & minimalistic architectural font

Lastica is a geometric and minimalistic font designed by alberto fontense. This is a beautiful font including basic Latin character sets, numbers, and symbols. Try the font!

Price: Premium

KIONA – A Modern Sans Serif

kiona a modern sans serif architectural font

KIONA is a modern Sans Serif typeface presented by Ellen Luff. The font comes with crisp edges and includes upper case letters. Four weights with extensive language support are provided by the font.

Price: Premium


tracion architectural font

Tracion Font is created by Marcus Lien Gundersen and is inspired by the building and engineering industry. This fat Sans Serif font is a perfect choice for headers, titles, banners, and more architectural designs.

Price: Free

Filter CF Geometric Sans

filter cf geometric sans architectural font

Filter CF Geometric Sans Font is designed by Connary Fagen and is an experimental display font. The font has five weights and supports different languages. Add an elegant touch to your designs with this font.

Price: Premium


box architectural font

Box is a geometric display font presented by Superfried Type Emporium. This is a retro typeface that can create a bold look for your designs. The font has a wide range of glyphs and has four styles. Give it a try!

Price: Premium


the wireframe demo architectural font

THE WIREFRAME Demo Font is presented by StudioTypo. This is one of the caps only architectural fonts that can create a 3d look. This technical font is free for personal designs only unless you get a license.

Price: Free

Article – A Geometric Typeface

article a geometric typeface architectural font

Article designed by Cassandra Cappello is a geometric Typeface. This is a modern Sans Serif font that can create a personality for your designs. Six font files and four weights are available for this typeface. it includes special characters, numbers, and punctuation.

Price: Premium

Wavehaus Sans Typeface

wavehaus sans typeface architectural font

Wavehaus Sans Typeface is presented by grahampaterson. This is a Sans Serif font family with 6 weights. The font comes with upper and lower case characters, numeral, and other special characters. Give it a try!

Price: Premium

Architects Daughter

architects daughter architectural font

Architects Daughter Font is designed by Kimberly Geswein. This is a regular handwritten font that can create a natural feel for your designs. this is a neat font to be used for text and other display designs.

Price: Free

Waverly CF

waverly cf art deco sans serif architectural font

Waverly CF is an art deco sans-serif font designed by Connary Fagen. The font has six weights and includes a wide range of alternate glyphs. The font has a modernized construction and can create a pleasant rhythm.

Price: Premium

NF Carta – Elegant Display Serif

nf carta elegant display serif architectural font

NF Carta presented by Narrators Studio is an elegant display font. This Serif typeface has a unique experimental style. Try this ultra-thin font!

Price: Premium


pwscratchedfont architectural font

PWScratchedfont Font is designed by Peax Webdesign. This is one of the Sans Serif architectural fonts. This font is scratched and scribbled. Give it a try!

Price: Free


konnect architectural font

Konnect Font Family presented by Adam Ladd comes with 18 fonts. This font family has a simple geometric form and classic proportions. This family is a mixture of classic and modern characteristics and can create an interesting visual rhythm. It comes with stylistic alternates and can enhance your typography!

Price: Premium

Typo Draft Demo

typo draft demo architectural font

Typo Draft Demo Font is presented by StudioTypo. This is one of the blueprint architectural fonts that are hand-sketched and is perfect for technical drawing. Try this font!

Price: Free

Edit Points

edit points architectural font

Edit Points Font Family presented by vladimirnikolic comes with rigid construction. This is a 3d font family that will create a great look at architectural posters. Give it a try!

Price: Free


essere architectural font

Essere presented by vladimirnikolic is a black linear font. the font supports a wide range of your designing needs, Get it!

Price: Free


jbetude architectural font

JBEtude Font is made by JBFoundry and is a regular sketched font. this is one of the semi-bold architectural fonts with which you get to create a unique look.

Price: Free


linerine architectural font

Linerine Font is created by vladimirnikolic. This is a bold linear font that can work on a wide range of designs especially posters. Give it a try and enjoy the font!

Price: Free

Engineer Hand

engineer hand architectural font

Engineer Hand is designed by Nick Matavka is a vintage regular font. This handwritten blueprint font has a formal engineering font. The font works for many designs such as flyers, banners, logos, and more designs.

Price: Free


krait architectural font

Krait Font Family is designed by Raymond Larabie. This is a geometric high-contrast font family with which you can create a modern artistic look. Check out this font family for your creative designs!

Price: Free


measurements architectural font

Measurements Font is created by vladimirnikolic. This is a grid bold display font for modern designs. Check out this regular techno font, you will enjoy creating with it!

Price: Free


r&c architectural font

R&C typeface created by JBFoundry is a circular display font. This geometric font is perfect for technical drawings. Check out this bold font before you started your next creative designing project!

Price: Free


rollandinemilie architectural font

RollandinEmilie Font is made by Archistico. This is a striped outlined font. you will love the pattern of this display font, check it out!

Price: Free


architext architectural font

Architext Font is designed by Grant Marshall. The font has a hand-lettering style and creates a handwritten look for your designs. Give it a try, Architect font will satisfy you!

Price: Free


max architectural font

Max Font Family is presented by K-Type. This is a light typeface that comes with solidity and has a delicacy of line. This narrow Sans Serif font is free of coat for personal designs. Try this font family!

Price: Free


archistico architectural font

Archistico Font is presented by Archistico and is a patterned display font. this is a striped serif typeface that will fit a wide range of designs. give it a try!

Price: Free

Bro 4D Demo

bro 4d demo architectural font

Bro 4D Demo Font is presented by StudioTypo and is a slab-serif hand-drawn typeface. This display font is allowed for commercial designs. Give it a try!

Price: Free


created architectural font

Created Font is made by vladimirnikolic. This is a multi-linear Sci-Fi font that fits a wide range of designs. get this display font for your next creative design!

Price: Free


bluprint architectural font

Bluprint Font is created by KC Fonts. This architect font supports a wide range of glyphs and is free for personal designs only. You can use Bluprint on a wide range of designs!

Price: Free


merkur architectural font

Merkur designed by Malwin Béla Hürkey is a beautiful triangle font free of cost for personal designs. This is a wonderful font that can create an original look. Give it a try!

Price: Free


abeatbykai architectural font

abeatbyKai Font made by KaiBuskirk is a full-featured beats font. this is a cute font for different designs but it needs a donation for commercial use.

Price: Free


broshk architectural font

BroshK Font is made by gluk. This color font is totally free and has a bold style. The font will look incredible on your designs, give it a try!

Price: Free

Above DEMO

above demo architectural font

Above DEMO Font is presented by Herofonts. This typeface is free for personal designs and is a perfect font for logos. Give it a try!

Price: Free


We hope you have enjoyed this hand-picked list of architectural fonts. Drop a line for us in the comment section and share your thoughts and ideas with us. It would be great to hear from you!

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