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What font is used in the Deadwood logo?

“Day Roman” is the font used in the Deadwood logo. This font is designed by Apostrophic Labs. You can use the font in your personal and commercial projects. Simply download it from the link below.

When it comes to the Western and late-nineteenth-century American genres, the image of horse-riding cowboys with wide-brimmed hats and seven bows on their backs comes to mind. Theft of trains, large four-wheeled carriages, large herds of cattle and buffalo. This Deadwood logo font also evokes the same notions of civilization, and with a wooden effect, that’s exactly what many Western fans in movies are looking for in the Wild West Restaurant logo.

About Deadwood

In Deadwood, power is not determined by weapons, humans are cleverly revived. Deadwood is the story of a city that is unimaginable, a city that has existed and is with people whose history has written.

The adventures of the series Deadwood take place in a city of the same name, in the state of Dakota in the northern United States. The story of the series takes place from 1876 onwards, 10 years after the end of the Cold War in the United States. Deadwood is a small town that is not yet in the territory of the United States and is not governed by the laws of the country, it is full of criminals, fugitive killers, gold diggers and malicious women.

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